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    Vitamin question
    danajen posted:
    I'm takin the Nature Valley prenatal pill currently. I noticed that they don't have enough Calcium or Omega-3 (fish oil) in them.
    What does everyone think about taking a fish oil pill along with the prenatal? Also, what about taking a calcium pill along with prenatal?

    Also was wondering, if it is a bad idea on switching prenatals at anytime??? Going from Nature Valley to One a Day prenatal.

    Anyone suggest a certain kind or is Nature Valley just fine?
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    figgie0905 responded:
    I take the one a day, those have the DHA pills seprerate- I talked to my midwife about the fish oil suppliment- You have to make sure you take the DHA ones as some fish oil suppliments have by products from fish that is high in mercury (or at least thats what she told me). As far as calcium, I have to be careful how much I take as I'm prone to kidney stones, so I apologize that I don't have an answer to that for you. I take my prenatal's every other day due to the calcium issue, but everyday I take 2-4 juice plus suppliments. This has all the veggies and fruits I need- though I do tend to crave fruits in this pregnancy. I would think it wouldn't be a big deal to change prenatals during pregnancy. HTH, good luck!
    cmm2132 responded:
    Cant hurt you- switch if you want.. I take the One a day prenatal...but it actually has two bottles and two pills..but one pill has the DHA and such in- which a lot of formula has it in now a days!
    tamliz08 responded:
    I don't think it would hurt at all to switch. BUT, I think a better alternative would be to take a separate DHA supplement, like Expectra, and up your calcium intake through food, such as drinking more milk. Pretty much any vitamin is just fine though.
    ash1eyc replied to tamliz08's response:
    i take a prenatal, fish oil, and calcium. I take the calcium and fish oil twice a day one in the morning and one in the evening.
    mcle478 responded:
    I actually take a liquid vitamin called 'Alive'... it has everything and more than what a Prenatal vitamin has. Plus, liquid vitamins absorbed entirely in your system, whereas with pill vitamins, you're only getting 1/2 the nutrients
    megbrubaker responded:
    I had to take extra stuff when I took an OTC prenatal for my son. I had to take Flaxseed (has DHA in it, but not the high mecury content from the fish or somethign like that). And I took extra folic acid too.

    But now I take a Rx prenatal, but I also take 1200 mg of calcium on top of that too.
    peachyisthelife responded:
    Totally fine to take an additional fish oil pill, I do every day and my ob says it's fine-and good to do. You can switch prenatal brands any time, that's not a big deal at all.
    tabby62010 replied to peachyisthelife's response:
    I asked my doc about them, and she said they are good to take. I took ONE A DAY prenatals with DHA liquid capsules. UGH! Every time I'd open the bottle, I smelled the fish smell. I quit taking them, and got some normal prenatals. I just couldn't handle the smell and with my constant m/s, it was overwhelming.

    Now, I'm just taking Nature Made Multi Prenatal vitamins.No fishy smell!
    imreddy responded:
    I don't know about the Omega-3, but while it's good to take a prenatal vitamin, it's better to get the nutrients through food. I think I read somewhere that you only actually use about 50% of the minerals in vitamins. You get a significantly higher percentage from minerals in food. Milk and cheese are good sources of calcium, as are TUMS (and they help with the acid reflux issue). Try researching omega-3s to see what foods other than bottom-feeder fish are high in the vitamin, and try increasing how much you eat of those foods.
    KityKatK8 responded:
    I use the prenatals my midwife prescribed, but I don't think it would be a problem to switch brands, as long as you are taking them daily.

    I do believe that the reason the prenatal doesn't have a lot of calcium in it is that the calcium blocks the absorbtion of the other vitamins. So I try and take my prenatal several hours after/before I have any calcium rich foods. I also spread out the consumption of the rest of my calcium as I have heard that your body can only absorb so much at any time.

    I agree with the PP that getting vitamins from food is the best way to get them, but we need so much, a supliment helps.

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