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    High heels cause miscarriage?
    alwayssmile posted:
    Ok, my aunt is driving me nuts! 2 weeks ago she comes up to me and tells me: did you know when I was pregnant doctors told us not to wear heels because we can have a miscarriage? I was like I wear high heels to the doctors office and she never tells me anything about them. So then I tell her I know the reason why it could potentially be unsafe to wear heels. Like balance in not as stable, etc. So then she tells me it's your choice.

    So this past Saturday was my sister's wedding so I wore boots with heels. And she comes up to me and tells me. I talked to this one nurse and she told me that it's true that you can have a miscarriage from heels. I'm like, I know many many many woman who have worn heels while pregnant and didn't get a miscarriage.

    Why is she being so stubborn about this topic. I know she cares and loves me. I mean she is my favorite aunt. And has always been like my mom. Since I grew up without a mom. But is she going to tell me this every time she sees me? I'm going to go crazy. Thankfully I only have 10 weeks to go!

    So my question: Is it true that heels may cause a miscarriage? I have done some minimal research on the internet and did not find one single article about heels causing miscarriage.

    Thank you!
    mamafeb11 responded:
    Sounds to me like it's an old wives tale. How the heck could high heels cause m/c? I love high heels and have 2 healthy kids and one on the way! I say ignore that statement!
    andprice responded:
    Other than falling down and hurting the baby, like you mentioned, I doubt there is any other risk to the baby from wearing heels. It sounds rediculous.

    However, I think I might just sidestep the whole problem by wearing flats every time I know she'll be around...heels can't be comfortable at 7 months pregnant anyway. lol That way I wouldn't end up saying something crabby to her...

    MAOtto responded:
    shes nuts. i say if youre able to rock heels, do it! i wish i could, but 1. balance has been an issue and 2. my feet have grown about a size so none of mine fit even if i wanted to.
    beeba3 responded:
    think its just OWT from the "old school " my mom, who i love very dearly, told me i was not allowed to put my hands up above my head ever b/c the umbilical cord will strangle the baby....jeez, thanks mom. this is of course, not true.
    ang_30 responded:
    I wear high heels ALL THE TIME and I am on my 3rd pregnancy with no history of miscarriages. The only problem is balance which I have so I say go for it and strut your toes!!
    staceyj0709 responded:

    I would love to see the proposed correlation between high heel wearing and miscarriages. That's too funny.
    Lovin_my_babies responded:
    LOL.. never heard of that! Although I do get the, "WOW, you are very brave" every time I step out of the house in my stilettos! LOL.. must be an old wives tale, although i have never heard that one! maybe you should pack some flip flops or flats for whenever you are going to be around her, just to not hear her say it!
    hzsqjc responded:
    I disagree with wearing flats when your around her but then again I've become slightly vindictive in my 3rd tri

    I'd buy some "hooker" heels just to spite her... But seriously, I am 31 weeks and balance hasn't been an issue, I still rock my stilletos from time to time when I want to feel "sexy". Just wear them and prove her wrong when your lo comes out perfectly healthy.
    ljpextra responded:
    am just so happy i can wear them again! for most of my 2nd trimester i couldnt due to swelling, but now that she has shifted i dont swell much anymore and i am rockin' them again.
    LonsKrys responded:
    I'd have to say I too got the "wow, you're brave" comments during my pregnancy for rocking my heels as well. Of course because of balance issues I keep DH by my side when I do wear the especially high stilettos out (6" or better). I'm 37w and I haven't had any problems with wearing heels and LO is perfectly healthy. My dr.'s laugh about it because they said most pg women don't wear heels and they don't know how I've been able to rock them the whole time. I'm also a weird case since I'm a gastric bypass patient and continue to lose weight everywhere but the belly. (I've lost about 40 lbs in the pregnancy, but only 15 lbs shows on the scale because baby took the other 25 lbs and used it for fluids and all). My sister tried to tell me the same thing and told me it wasn't good for my back. But actually, since I'm used to my heels, they are more comfortable to me than flip flops or flats which tend to hurt my back due to a spine deformity from birth that causes me to get a sciatic nerve. So I say ignore the aunt and know she probably means well and keep rocking your heels if that's what you're comfortable in! As far as balance, they've even said it would take a major fall to hurt LO because of all the "Cushion" they have. It would have to be a fall bad enough to require hospitalizatioin before it would be considered harmful to LO. HTH! Good luck
    staceyj0709 responded:
    I'm with you! I would wear extra high-heels just to get under her skin a little.
    lrsixpregnancies responded:
    There are no studies that prove high heels result in a greater probability of a miscarriage. It's complete baloney. I get really angry with this sort of scaremongering - as if pregnant women don't have enough on their minds!
    tlkittycat1968 replied to lrsixpregnancies's response:
    Um, you do realize this post is at least 6 years old? I'm pretty sure the OP has had the baby by now.

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