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    birth story
    lovineveryminoflife posted:
    noah james was born at 9 23 pm on sun evening and wieghed 9lbs 11 oz, 14 and a half in head and 22 in long

    so i started feeling more of the crampy feeling i had had for like 6 weeks on sun morning when i got up but i figured it wasnt anything and that it would stop in a few hours, but it never really did so i called the midwife about 1 30 and explained what i was feeling and she said to come in and get checked out, now we had been to the hospital 5 times before already so i was very relucant to call or even go in, so i called my mom and she came and watched my kids for me thinking we will probly be back in a few hours, i got to the hospital at about 3 30 and the contractions were still not painful lol, got checked in and wheeled upstairs, got put on the moniters and was having them every 3 to 5 mins so i was thinking oko were going to go home for sure, the midwife came in and said everything looks great on the moniters and lets check you, so she checked me and said your at about a 6, and were going to have a baby today, i was like wow and yayyyyy, i was estatic about not having to go home and knowing he would be here soon, so they told me to get up and walk around since i went all natural and having a water birth we got up and moved all our stuff to the water birth room, then walked around for awhile meanwhile not really feeling any pain at all, so i got back to the room at about 5 00 and she checked me again and i was at a 8!! she said just keep walking and asked if i wanted to have my water broke at that time, i asked my husband what he thought and we decided we wanted to try to deliver without breaking the water, so i got up and walked around somemore and joked around with the nurses and chatted away like i wasnt even in labor it was the crazyiest labor i have ever had, and i have three other kids, so at 6 30 she checked me again and said i was still at a good 8 and about 90 percent effaced but he was still really high like -2 station, i supect it was because he was so big, so any ways we agreed at 7 30 if i wasnt dilated more we would break it cuz labor had stalled, so walked around a bunch more and at 7 30 we broke my water and lol labor still was a breeze, they filled the tub and i got in it, by then i started feeling some of the contractions but only for about 30 secs and i would relax during them and the pain would go away, so about 9 00 i started really feeling them and told dh that hes coming get the nurse, so the nurse and midwife came in and she checked me i was it a about a 9 a half and she said if i did mini pushes when having the contractions it would be ok, so i did and he came down the rest of the way and i started really pushing, i only pushed for about 15 and then he was born underwater, it was an awsome experiance and i want every one to know that even if your not sure to call your ob/midwife just in case, i wouldnt have called if dh hadnt insisted and probly woulda ended up having the baby at home or in the car on the way to the hospital as easy as it was going, i didnt really feel any pain until pushing and then that was only when i wasnt pushing, well i hope everyone has a awsome day, oh and it was the full moon that night too so it worked for me i guess
    lovineveryminoflife responded:
    jamie 25 dh 34, ds#1, 5 ds#2 3, dd 2 and noah james born at 9 23 on feb 28 10, wieghing 9lbs 11 oz
    lovineveryminoflife replied to lovineveryminoflife's response:
    lol i forgot to add his due date was march 7 i was 39 weeks exactly
    ChristinaTT responded:
    Yeah for the full moon! Congrats on your baby boy! How great that he was as big as he was and you were so comfortable!
    Jess92483 replied to ChristinaTT's response:
    Congrats on your new LO!! Its encouraging to read a natural birth story that went so well...very inspiring!
    Kristy1019 responded:
    Wow Jamie!! That's an amazing birth story!! I can't imagine not feeling anything necessarily painful and dilating to 8!!!! That's amazing :) I'm so glad you had such a wonderful labor and delivery, and that you made it to the hospital in time, lol. Congratulations!
    mommabear3502 responded:
    Great birth story! Congrats! I hope my delivery is as pleasant as yours!
    blackab replied to mommabear3502's response:
    thats awesome congrats!!
    Jill_en responded:
    NewLO responded:
    That was a fantastic birth story!! I'm so happy it went so well for you.... gives me hope ;) Congratulations on the birth of your son.

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