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    Elective C-Sections Anyone??
    Brianna914 posted:
    Ok......I've been hearing alot about elective C-secs lately in the media. WebMD even had a special report anout the increase in them. Has anyone heard of a regular Jane, so to speak, getting one of these?

    I am not too seriously considering this, however, the thought has crossed my mind several times. It would be nice to have a set date for the birth. As well as being able to plan my time off work, family to have off work, and most importantly to know that my son will be taken care of during the procedure. I worry so much that I'll go into intense labor out of nowhere and be home alone with him. I work midnights and my husband wors evenings so I am home with my son alone most of the day. I don't want to scare him!!

    Anyway, just thought I'd get some advice.....TIA

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    smileysmom responded:
    Having had a (non-elective) c-section I can te(ll you that they are not fun... outside of the fact that it is major abdominal surgery, the recovery time is longer and more painful. Most insurance plans will not cover elective c's because they cost much more money as well... I have always been a "quick healer" and have a high tolerance for pain and the c kicked my butt. I was up and showering within about 12 hours (which is unusual) but I had a very hard time moving around afterwards and there's other inconveniences that you might want to keep in mind... like no going in water (swimming) for 6-8 weeks after, the fact that you may need subsequent c-sections, an ugly scar - mine gets irritated when my pants rub on it and now that I am pregnant again, it is fairly painful, I could go on but you get the point. I would not recommend it at all for a bit of convenience... it is more stressful on you and the baby during delivery. Honestly, I would be concerned if your doctor ok'd it unless there was a VERY good reason (like your DH is leaving for a tour in Iraq for a year kind of reason)...
    Brianna914 replied to smileysmom's response:
    Thank you, for replying. I completely understand where your coming from. I really doubt I would seriously just have one because I can. It seems silly to put yourself thru extra pain and recovery because of convenience of delivery. I'm just SOOO scared of pain. It's ridiculous! I certainly hope this time goes as s,oothly as the last and I don't have to worry about all this nonsense! Thanks again!

    Brianna (29) DH (27) DS (6 1/2) EDD #2 Anya Celeste 5/27/10
    GigiSage replied to Brianna914's response:
    Ok a few things I want to touch on for you.

    -Unless you have a medical reason for a c-section your insurance will most likely deny your claim and you will end up paying for it yourself. C-sections are usually at least $2000 more then a vaginal birth.
    -It is major surgery. Ok here is a comparison. You need your gallbladder out, you are recommended to get the laproscopic surgery since you can get it as an outpatient and go home the same day. Instead you demand the old way, you want the 7 inch incision on your side and to be hospitalized for a week. That doesn't make much sense does it? That is the difference between vaginal birth and elective c-sections.

    There are definately times that you should have a c-section and times it makes sense even if you do not have a medical reason. Such as a woman who is having exploratory surgery or getting tumor removed. It would make sense for her to have a c-section so that the doctor is already there and can take care of that.

    There is also the issue of your next child (if you choose to have one), lets say after you have a c-section that was elective and you now want to have a vaginal birth because you didn't like the experience of a c-section. What if you can't find a doctor to do a VBAC? Then you are stuck with another c-section.

    Those are all things you should think about it. Needing a c-section for medical reasons is one thing, but there is hardly anything conveinant about it despite what the attitude of some people have in this society. If you are worried about having someone take care of your son you could always talk to your doctor about setting an induction date or have someone that is willing to be on standby when you are near your due date. I am sure one of your friends or neighbors would be willing to watch him for a short time until a grandparent could get him. When my mom went into labor with my middle brother in the middle of the day she called my Dad and a neighbor that had my oldest brother come over until my Grandpa could come and get him.
    Jill_en replied to GigiSage's response:
    I love how the media (even web-md) over dramatizes these things. When you talk to your doc or go to actual websites with real medical statistics, or news outlets that have conducted studies on these things, the rates of c-sections are down right now. After a peak in the nineties. And its not so much the big bad doctors that are responsible for them, its patients that google and research and feel they know what is best and what's safest that start these trends and push their docs to do it...because we are supposed to be our own advocates right? And docs are so afraid of getting sued because god forbid they actually tell the PATIENT what they SHOULD do and now they open themselves up to all kinds of legal progblems.

    All that being said, I didn't want a c-section the first time around but had to have one. this time I am not a candidate for a VBAC so we are doing another section, I am not thrilled but honestly the bigger my tummy keeps getting I am quite glad that baby isn't coming out the other way :)
    j9ween2 responded:
    I am doing everything in my power to avoid it. With my condition 99.999% go c/s. I am having extra tests done to see if LO's platelets are in a safe range to deliver vag. I did this w/ DD too
    GigiSage replied to Jill_en's response:
    There are many valid medical reasons for a c-section and those should never be doubted. There seems to be a weird stigma in our culture that if medicine doesn't go 100% our way then it is all the doctors fault. There are times it is... Doctors are humans and do make mistakes but the majority of time medicine just can't solve every problem. Medicine isn't a one size fits all either and any reservations you have about a procedure or treatment plan should be talked about with your doctor and you should ask intelligent questions. Even just asking your doctor for resources about your treatment plan can educate you. It can also help you catch medical mistakes. Everyone is human and they do make mistakes, go into the wrong room or misread orders.

    I really do feel sorry for doctors, they are many times put into a tough position. Do what they feel best or protect themselves from lawsuits. I was reading about the cost of malpractice insurance the other day and for OB's it is so ridiculous! They have all this pressure from the insurance company to do things in a certain way or they risk not being covered. How can a doctor give you the best care possible when faced with the possibility of not being insured? One of the many things that is wrong with our health care culture in the US.
    Qs_mommy responded:
    I wouldn't elect for one, but I more than likely will have to have one, due to my baby's size. He's a biiiiig boy. I don't have gestational diabetes, it's just genetics. His dad is 6"2, 265 (not fat), and I'm 5"7 with a thick frame. Thet are giving me ultrasounds every 2 weeks to check on his weight. His dad was over 11 pounds when he was born! Once he shows to be in the 10 pound range, they're probably gonna schedule me for a c-section.

    And yeah, that sucks. But I want my baby out safely. I waited to long for him. And I can't wait!!!!
    smileysmom replied to Brianna914's response:
    I actually went through a total of about 20 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing before I had to have mine so I know a little bit about both ways... honestly when things get going your adrenaline kicks in and you just start to focus on making sure that things go smoothly. You will be amazed at how well you keep your composure and how in control you actually will be. Yes, it is painful but it is not unbearable... and remember, there are always pain meds and other ways of alleviating the pain that are much safer and easier than a c-section. I was worried about the pain (still am!) but you mind just goes to another place while you are in labor and although you feel it, it's probably not going to be like whatever it is your are imagining. You feel the contractions coming on and you can brace yourself for them - it's not like in the movies where someone just instantly doubles over. It may come on quick, but so many of those scenes are very misleading.... you'll do just fine! Don't stress about it, just know that your body was built to do it and your body knows what to do....
    GigiSage replied to Qs_mommy's response:
    I was told I could have one if I wanted it but I have elected to be induced instead. I want to give it a chance... plus my cousin who just gave birth a few weeks ago was told she was going to have a 9 lbs baby and her baby was barely over 7 lbs when she was born. That give me an ounce of hope that they estimation for me is off.
    Qs_mommy replied to GigiSage's response:
    How much are they expecting your baby to weigh, Gigi? Unless you're giving birth as we speak, lol....then I'll wait for your answer, heehee.
    mkdawn06 responded:
    Lurking from 2nd trimester....I dont know if ur doc will or will not but ask him if he can induce u. That way u can still do natural and have a planned date to go in and have baby. My doctor has always given me the option that if by 38 weeks i am atleast 3 cm dialated he would induce me. I was induced with both my children at 38 to 39 weeks. It was convient to have a date set that way me and dh have the scheduled time off and my family can make the trip here. Just a thought. Good luck!

    Dh 25, dh 26, Makayla 3, Jordin passed 09/03/2009. And baby boy adyn to arrive edd july 6th
    Briarrose31 replied to mkdawn06's response:
    I guess you could request a Cesarean from your doctor but if it isn't necessary you would have to pay out of pocket for it.

    I wouldn't elect for one if I didn't have to.

    If you are scared of pain request an epidural. They can give you a continuous drip and you can just keep pushing that button. Also, if you would like a "scheduled" birth you could always opt for induction.

    Good luck!
    amyswartwood responded:
    Having had an emergency c/s the first time and a scheduled one the 2nd time, I would never voluntary have one. While I'm scheduled for the 3rd one in 12 days and it is nice to know when it will be for planning purposes, I would give anything to experience a 'regular' delivery. The recovery is slow and painful and if it is unecessary, I wouldn't do it. Just my opinion.
    TakarahsMommy responded:
    NO THANK YOU!! After seeing that video in birthing class of the dr ripping aparat the abdomen muscles... nope!!! Going to do whatever I can to NOT have a c section!!!

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