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    Brianna914 posted:
    So, as it turns out no matter how hard I try to avoid it, I end up with Pitted edema! My last pregnancy I walked around feeling like the State Puff Marshmellow Man, I was so incredibly swollen by the end. Already I am starting with the pitted edema. I work at a hospital and i have access to compression stockings so I've put on a pair and already I FEEL the relief. BUT I'm worried about Pre-Eclampsia. I didn't have with my first eventhough I did swell ridiculously. I wasn't working before with my son and now I am working fulltime! TOTALLY different pregnancy experience BY FAR! I'm just so uncomfortable and I'm only 30 1/2 weeks.

    Anyone know why this happens?? Anyone know how to alleviate symptoms??? TIA!

    Brianna (29) DH (27) DS (6 1/2) #2 EDD 5/27/10 Anya Celeste

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    JENEGIRL responded:
    I have pitted edema very bad this time....and last time. I think it is just the way my body deals w/ pregnancy. I did not have pre-E w/ my first pregnancy and so far this pregnancy my B/P is perfect. Last time I gained a ton of weight so I thought that might have been the reason but this time I have gained next to nothing and Im still swelling. Last time, after I gave birth, the week my swelling went down I lost 16 pounds! HA! That is a LOT of water weight!

    I have found NOTHING works for me....I elevate my legs at work, cut sodium WAY down etc. I haven't tried the compression stockings though. Can I you have to have a perscription for the compression stockings? I would love a little relief!
    fsuchick1976 replied to JENEGIRL's response:
    Lurking - With both my pregnancies, I've had problems with varicose veins in my legs. This time around, I had to go the compression stockings route. You don't need a prescription. I got my first pair from a local pharmacy. It was the Jobst brand and they were about $100. Then I found . They have a maternity pair, style 34 for only $19.95 a pair. They are wonderful. I'm a teacher, so I'm on my feet a lot. They really gave me relief. They also lasted quite a while.

    A bit of advice - take your shower at night b/c you need to put the stockings on before you get out of bed. If you wait until after you've been standing up and the blood is pooling in your legs, they won't work as well.
    Briarrose31 replied to fsuchick1976's response:
    Do you stand a lot? I know if I stand for any length of time my legs and hands swell. It can be quite uncomfortable.

    It is normal to swell especially if you are standing a lot. You are carrying a lot of weight around!!

    Have you been checking your bp?
    Brianna914 replied to JENEGIRL's response:
    No you do not need a presciption for them. I have not done this since I can get them at work, But I have heard that they sell them at just about any pharmacy.....good luck!
    Brianna914 replied to Briarrose31's response:
    Most of the time I swell the most over night. (Or during the day for me since i am a night shift worker) Also, if I get up and start moving around to the point of getting warm enough to sweat a little. I have a labourous job lifting heavier things at times. Although since i do work midnights I get ALOT of free time so I may be sitting too much too huh? Would that cause it too? My husbands got me all worried about pre-e! I don't check my BP unless I'm at the Dr. office. I have my next visit tomorrow actually so I'll be talking to her a bit about this. My blood pressure has always been good. In my last pregnancy, my blood pressure was fine until I went into labor. THen they had me on my left side until I could deliver. I guess it stayed that way becaue eventhe day I was supposed to go home I had to stay a litttle longer and RELAX because pressure was still too high.

    I dunno....I just hope things are ok! LO doesn't seem to be moving as much today now and it freaks me out even more! I'm almost 31 wks. I should feel her alot right? I usually do, but not today and I a little scared!

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