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    Long Birthstory
    GigiSage posted:
    Had contractions for most of the day Sunday which was a good thing, came to the hospital for my induction at 6pm. Got the cervical tape around 8 pm and proceeded to just hang out at the hospital. Around 3am started having more frequent and timable contractions and at 4am called my Doula and Dan to come to hospital because the contractions were getting to be about 10 minutes apart and intense (plus I knew it would take them abou a little while to get there). At about 6 am my contractions were close and somewhat irratic and intense so they took out the tape and checked me. I labored until 8am when the doctor checked me and decided it was time to break my water. Once my water broke my contractions were a lot more intense, after awhile (like around 4pm?! I think it was... that day is a big blur to me in a lot of ways) I finally got the fentinol which allowed me to take a small nap between contractions which was a big deal since I didn't sleep at all on Sunday night and didn't sleep a lot Saturday night. I ended up getting two doses of the fentinol a few hours apart which really helped both times. I highly recommend it for long labors. I mostly found that meditative breathing was my best friend and massage. My doula would massage my hips as I breathed during a contraction. I used the whirlpool a few times but it wasn't the best for me. It would work at first but since I couldn't stretch out it seemed to eventually make them worse. The only major issue I had through my unmedicated labor is that I had cluster contractions. I would have one and then about 4-5 minutes later I would have 3 or 4 contractions in a row. That wasn't fun but bearable.

    Well around 5pm or so Monday evening Dr Piehl decided it was time to start the pitocin. At this point I talked to my doula and my Dan about my contraction pattern and we agreed it would continue like that and that if I got the Epi I could probably take a MUCH needed nap before it was time to push. So I agreed to the epidural, got it done and it was weird. I could feel the pressure of each of them and so we were all glad since we felt that would help later when it was time to push. Unfortunately we never made it to that part. My epi failed an hour into it and the contractions were so strong and constant that I just couldnt handle it anu longer.I labored for four ours like that finally after my Dr came in and talked to me about getting a c-section because of how much distress and pain I was that I accepted it with some prodding from my Doula and husband. I labored for a total of 24 hours, 20 unmedicated and 4 technically medicated but with a failed epi. My nurses and OB kept tellin me how easy I made the first 20 hours look and that I should be proud of myself. Elizabeth was never in distress though she was a trooper through it all. So they took me in for a c-section right away and since the epi failed they then did the spinal block on me and it never felt so good to not feel my body! Soon after Elizabeth was born and Dan could hardly talk, he didn't want to give her up when it was time for Grandparents to meet her. She actually started bawling when MIL finally took her from him. No one stayed late and my parents had been visibly worried about me, my mom wept she was so happy I was ok afterwards.

    Post op everything was great until last night. I developed a fever. So they took blood cultures and I have to keep getting antibiotics for it. Other then that I am doing well just really sore and tired. I should know tomorrow afternoon if I actually get to go home or not. It all depends on my bloodwork.

    She is such a champ though! She latched literally right away and has had very few issues with eating. She is perfectly fine and while I have had a lot of issues I rather it be me then her. If you would like to see pictures go here .
    Qs_mommy responded:
    Congratulations! I'm sorry your labor was difficult, but I'm very happy that you two are ok and doing well! I just saw her pics, what a cutie-pie!!!

    Congrats again on your beautiful baby girl!
    Jess92483 replied to Qs_mommy's response:
    Aww shes adorable...and you should be proud of yourself, you are very strong!
    mrswelchiswaiting responded:
    what a trooper you are! i'm tempted to take my dr up on the offer to induce on the 19th but i'm worried about it causing a long labor... anyways... she is so cute! i love the chubby little cheeks :)
    casperkawa responded:
    So beautiful,,, Congrats!!!!
    smileysmom responded:
    Beautiful pictures! Congrats and hope you get to go home soon! I had a very similar birth story w/my DD so I completely understand how frustrating it is to labor so long w/o the result you wanted. But, your DD looks wonderful and healthy and that's all that matters! Kudos to you for sticking it out so long!!
    amyswartwood responded:
    Congrats! She is just beautiful! I had a similar experience with my first daughter. At the end of the day, there is no prize for women who deliver one way vs. the other. The important thing is that she is here and healthy. Take care of yourself and your little girl.
    hipk427 responded:
    congrats Gigi! you stayed very tough throughout that...sorry it ended in a c-section
    Jennax907 responded:
    Congrats! My Epidural failed too! I was in labor for 39 hours. It was excruciating! I can't believe how painful labor can be.
    tabby62010 replied to Jennax907's response:
    You did great! She is adorable and she's a big baby! I'm glad you are both doing ok.

    I had the same thing with my son - long labor and ended up with C-section. Even with epi, I still felt every single contraction, though it did take the edge off.
    DevaD responded:
    Congrats Gigi!! After all the pain of labor and c-section, you can always marvel at the little bundle of joy and forget about everything else. Enjoy with Elizabeth!!

    BTW, my birth story is little similar to yours and I was induced on Sat night instead, the baby was born on Sunday at 6pm after more than 2 hours of vigorous pushing. I will post my long birth story in the next post.
    TakarahsMommy replied to DevaD's response:
    An_216596 replied to TakarahsMommy's response:
    I want to say congratulations and glad that everything turned out well.
    However I hope this experience opens your eyes so that you're no so judgemental in the future of others who use pain medications for their delivery. All your research on pain management didn't seem to make a difference and now that you've been through it, you can see how difficult it really is. And you ended up with a c-section because you couldn't handle the pain, not because baby was in any distress. You spent so much time lecturing others and trying to make them feel bad for their choices and then you basically lay the blame on your DH and doula for choosing to get an epi and on your doctor for the c-section so that you didn't feel like you should feel bad about those choices and it just irks me.
    Now there is no shame in having chosen these things and I'm not trying to make you feel like there is. I've read numerous posts by you in the past and just hope that your attitude changes in the future though based on how you worded your birth story I don't know that is has or ever will.
    Again, congratulations on your DD and I wish you a speedy recovery.
    janessas1 replied to An_216596's response:
    I just wanted to say that I think this post it totally unwarranted and rude. If you are proud of what you are saying to her, why post your reply anonymously? I just think that this is one the happiest times in her life, and not the time for you to tear her down. Sorry Gigi
    katebrooks replied to An_216596's response:
    i agree with PP- this was awfully rude. sounds like you've had some pent up problems with Gigi's opinions for some time and chose now, right after her difficult labor and birth, to slam her for her personal choices. if you don't like someone's opinions or ideas, no one is forcing you to read them or consider them for yourself. you could just maturely acknowledge that you have a difference of opinion and go your own way, instead of attacking someone for their beliefs.
    things rarely turn out the way they are planned, and everyone will have their own experience with labor and birth, no doubt. but for you to criticize someone especially right after they have gone through a difficult medical process (which I'm sure was made even harder by the fact that it didn't go the way Gigi had hoped) just speaks volumes about you as a person.
    Save this sort of criticism for private conversation or a more appropriate time- and maybe you should consider being kinder and a little more open minded too.

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