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    wilburlbh posted:
    my lil princess was born April 9, 2010. she was 6lbs 9oz & 19in.

    i was sitting on the couch watching morning cartoons with my 2 year old son & he decided to stank up on the couch & run across. loosing his footing i strained to reach for him & as i caught him some of my water broke! i went to the bathroom to go clean up & as i pulled my pants down to wipe more water came out! so called my sis in law to come get my son & called hubby to get to the hossy.

    we arrived at 12 exactly there were 2 pregnant ladies in the er waiting to go up before me. got up there monitored me & wasnt having regular contractions so they started pitocin & oh boy did they get stronger. i got my epideral a half hour later. when i went in i was 5cm & nine hours later i was only 6 so doc decided to break the rest of my water that didnt break that morning.

    5 mins later i had hubby rush to get nurse because i needed to pus REALLY BAD! she took one look & called in doc & ten mins later my lil miss was born! :)

    we have been home for three days now & are doing great. baby girl is feeding well & we are very much enjoying our complete family! our son is having some trouble adjusting to baby girl but we are doing the best we can trying to make him feel better!

    THANKS SO MUCH LADIES for all of your advice & comfort! LABOR VIBES TO ALL WHO NEED THEM!

    wilburlbh responded:
    she was born @ 10:pm exactly! & i meant stand up not stank up LOL
    tabby62010 responded:
    Congratulations! I'm so glad that you had a smooth labor and the little one is doing well.

    Your son will grow to love his little sister, he just needs some time to adjust to him not being the baby anymore! :)
    casperkawa responded:
    congrats!!! Sounds like everyone is doing great/
    hipk427 responded:
    congrats! i am really happy for you!
    jgarner719 responded:
    Lol, i was wondering why you said STANK up the couch lol! I m glad you had a normal birth! enjoy your baby!!
    megbrubaker responded:
    aww congrats!!! enjoy your little miss!!!!
    mommy2_3_monsters responded:
    Congratulations! You are so lucky to have your little one in your arms.
    ttrishh replied to mommy2_3_monsters's response:
    Congratulations, sounds like everything went great! It took me a minute to figure the whole stank thing up too! I am sure that your son will come around, I have a 2 year old too, and I am a little concerned about how the begining will be.

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