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    Tight belly??
    EMB2006 posted:
    I have a question-I'm more curious than concerned. I'm 31 wks 4 days and for the past week whenever I've been really busy like walking or moving around a lot the top of my belly seems tight/tense and is that way until I lay down and relax. That's also where my baby seems to have moved right now and is pulling/pushing a lot. I figure that's why it feels this way but I was curious to see if anyone else is feeling/experiencing this? Also I've been having bad back pain more in the middle than anything-guess it's because he's moved up-anyone feeling pain in the middle of their back more than the lower part?? One more thing-the past few nights I've been having aches in the lower part of my back/belly. I know my belly aches have been rlp per my doctor. I forgot to mention my back pain. Anyone else feeling this much discomfort at night? It's like I feel ok during the day but when I lay down it's useless trying to get comfy and get any sleep-even when I take Tylenol PM. Tylenol does nothing for me anymore :(

    I have my next doctor's appointment June 1 so I figure if nothing gets worse I'll mention to her then. Any input/advice would be appreciated.
    peachyisthelife responded:
    I'm 31w tomorrow and I've been feeling the same things. When I do a lot, I get the tightening which are braxton hicks contractions. My belly has also been aching and I've been having back pain as well. I do notice that I get some back pain sometimes when I'm laying down. Don't really know why. In fact last night, I was surprised how much my belly ached while i was sleeping, no clue why. It's pretty much end of pregnancy pains! No harm in asking the doc for any tips for helping alleviate-share them if you do!
    EMB2006 responded:
    I did have a better night last night. I was able to relax on my right side and sleep decently for a change. I still woke up several times during the night but that's also b/c we have our sick dog inside and I would wake up when I heard him get up. We're definitely getting our practice in with the middle of the night calls lol!! My little man has now moved so far up that it's straining my hernia and my stomach. Oh the things we go through for our LOs lol!! He's worth it though!! I can't wait to meet him in July!!
    OhBabyTaylor responded:
    My belly has been doing the same thing, it feels like a fully inflated basketball because it's so hard. I just chalk it up to Braxton back only starts hurting in the evenings after I've been walking around a lot, and I'm still getting a few mid/lower belly pains, nothing completely ubearable..I think it's just my body telling me that I need to rest...we're getting towards the end now and our bodys our tiring out easier!!
    EMB2006 replied to OhBabyTaylor's response:
    Glad I'm not the only one feeling this. My doctor pretty much says it's all normal and will get worse as time goes on and I get near the end. I really didn't thing it was Braxton-Hicks b/c those are supposed to only last a few seconds but this tight/tense feeling lasts anywhere from several minutes to over an hour. Guess I need to rest a lot more than I have been....thanks for the responses-it helps a lot!!
    Debaroonie replied to OhBabyTaylor's response:
    yes I have been having this off and on since 25 weeks. I had BH for a few hours yesterday and now today when I move my stomach turns instantly hard.
    OhBabyTaylor replied to EMB2006's response:
    E- Not sure if little Lucas is in the correct position...but Brayden is still breech and the doctor said I would be having them more frequently to help him turn his little butt around. I just try to drink as much water as possible, try not to touch my stomach (that will make it harden even more), and also lay down as much as possible!
    Mathis24 replied to OhBabyTaylor's response:
    I have tried all that. My LO is breeched and just flipped this week at 36 weeks to breech. They told me that I have to have a c-section.

    So for you I hope that your LO turns in the correct postion.
    EMB2006 replied to Mathis24's response:
    Every ultrasound we've had so far has shown him head down so I'm hoping he's still that way. I think he's just wiggled his butt up to the top and his legs are stretched out to the right side of my belly & his feet are in my ribs. I've thought about him possibly being breech but so far the doctor says he's in the right position. Guess we'll soon see lol.
    OhBabyTaylor replied to Mathis24's response:
    Oh goodness Mathis...that doctor isn't too worried about it right now because I'm only I'm praying he turns his butt around.

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