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    Comments that drive me Nuts!
    KatieS83 posted:
    So over the duration of this pregnancy and the one with son, i've heard tons of comments, and have been asked tons of annoying questions. Coming near the end of this pregnancy, i've just about had it with them. Some of my favorites include:

    1) Wow, youre still pregnant?
    2) How are you feeling (as i'm dragging myself through the house)
    3)Wow look how big you are
    4)What are you gonna do after the baby is born with a toddler as well?

    Theres a bunch of others, feel free to add your comments that drive you crazy!
    ReneeErin responded:
    The most annoying for me is:

    You have less than 3 months to go?! You don't even look pregnant! (keep in mind my waist is 10 inches bigger than normal and I've gained 22 pounds!!!)
    KatieS83 replied to ReneeErin's response:
    my DH had a great one last night... "You ONLY have 3 weeks and youre done" I asked him if he was willing to switch places with me for 2 1/2 of those 3 weeks LOL naturally he said no
    tamliz08 responded:
    I'm sick of people even asking when I'm due...

    Yes, I know that 3 months is a long time and I am already huge. I don't need you to comment on how big I am already and that I probably won't make it that long. No, I'm not having freaking twins. Yeah, I know it's going to be a hot summer. Yep, my belly button is sticking out. Yes, I am eating again.

    Thank you strangers for always pointing out the obvious and making me feel like a fat-ass.
    DD - 11/19/08 - DS - EDD 9/1/10
    BabyDems responded:
    "when is the baby due? wow...sure there is only one in their?"

    "your daughter is due a few weeks before you and she ain't THAT big" (found out her daughter is a foot taller than me, I swear some peoples intentions are just to make you feel bad about yourself )

    "wow, your due when? You still have a long ways to go!"

    "your eating again"....(yes, a bagel is not gonna hold me over for my ten hour shift! WTF!)

    The last time a customer said I was really big, I said yeah, I should probably break out some large shirts instead of my medium ones...(she probably was wearing an XL and she was not pregnant!)

    My patients for people have gone out the window! LOL. Working with the public is awful when your pregos.
    Me (30) DH (31) EDD 9/9/10 Our First
    Kethomas87 replied to BabyDems's response:
    UGH i hate when ppl tell me how big i am. i just want to say YES I KNOW!Im 8 months prego whats your excuse!! Do they think its ok to say your huge just because we are prego? UGH! haha
    Me (23) DH (25) DD (2 1/2 ) DS July 23, 2010
    KatieS83 replied to BabyDems's response:
    Oh yeah and people saying "Have the baby on this day, its my 5th cousins, brothers, aunts, moms birthday"
    Lani30 responded:
    I was at a wedding the other day, and this woman I didn't even know saw me in the ladies room and asked me when I was due. When I told her the end of August, she was laughing, and saying, Oh my gosh- 3 more months???I can't believe it, you look like you're due any day!" My mom was with me and we both just kinda smiled along, not wanting to make a scene, but later we were like, what is wrong with people??!! Why can't they keep those comments to themselves? I know I'm huge, I'm very self-conscious and they're not helping!! This was not the first time I've gotten comments like this, it happens all the time! It's so aggravating already!!!!
    MommyLuvs02 responded:
    "Oh, wow! I forgot you were pregnant!! you look huge!"

    "Wow, you got big!" (I smiled because i was looking at my son, thinking they were talking about him... look up and their eyes are on the belly... ugh!)

    "When's your due date again? Oh you'll prolly go over." (gee, thanks for the support!!"

    "You're hungry again? we just ate 3 hours ago." (well that tends to happen when there is another living being who gets first dibs on anything that enters your mouth.)

    "Are you pregnant?" (starting around like 7, 8 months with a big belly.... uh, lets go with no .. I just ate a flippin watermelon seed and it grew. Here's your sign.)

    and my all time favorite to hate (got it with both pregnancies)...

    "You sure there's just one in there???"
    Me(19) Daddy(21) Big Bro Hunter Terrance (20m) EDD 6/24/2010 Austin Michael or Austin Matthew. All very very excited. :)
    AltMomma replied to Lani30's response:
    Well, i get really mad when people tell me
    "Its gonna be hard with two kids, you know, good luck!" i cant do it or something.
    The worst one came from my friend (who i fail to talk to now)
    I was telling her about how broke i feel, and she just says
    "Sorry, i wouldnt want to be like you and have a food stamp baby!" (I'm on food stamps) "I'm gonna plan and not just get pregnant with no money".
    It was probably the biggest insult ever. A lot of women i know are on WIC or FoodStamps..or something..even though they aren't dirt poor (and neither am i).
    I wanted to punch her.
    Otherwise, yeah im sick of people asking when I'm due, or ask how I'm feeling. Its got to be pretty obvious. I FEEL HORRIBLE!
    I jsut dont understand some people. I'll go the doctor,a nd people in the elevator will ask me if i'm having twins, or comment on how close my kids are going to be in age (I have a 14 month old). Mind your own buisness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KatieS83 replied to AltMomma's response:
    Wow that is rude to say to anyone! Like its a bad thing to want to take care of your family, we all need a boost now and then. I would be lost without FS right now, my son has crazy food allergies, and his diet runs me $75 /week on top of everything else the rest of us eat. I actually had to pull my son out of WIC cuz just about everything they offer, hes allergic to, and i didnt see the point, especially since they wanted to put him back on formula at 18months old.
    I heard the twin comment with my son. My sister in law, said to my best friend when she was pregnant (she was maybe 5-6months along) You look like your having twins. Without missing a beat i looked at my sister in law (who wasnt pregnant) and said "you look like your having triplets, see how rude that is?" she learned her lesson real quick.
    ttrishh replied to KatieS83's response:
    The thing that has been getting to me even though I know it is meant to be a compliment is... "wow you look so much better than last time". yes this time I am all baby, after gaining over 60 lbs with my first pregnancy I learned my lesson and am working very hard this time to make sure that doesn't happen. When people say it like that it makes me realize how much people noticed how big I got last time.

    Not that is compares to what some of you ladies have dealt with with the food stamp comment, how rude! everyone needs some kind of help in their lives, it is nothing to feel bad about.
    amndsant1 responded:
    My favorite is any comment on how warm the weather is.
    "Gee, how are you handling the heat?"
    "Isn't it horrible how hot it's been?"
    "Wow, you've got to make it through the whole hot summer?"
    Yes, I know it's hot, thank you for pointing that out. Because the sweat constantly dripping off me isn't enough of a reminder! And yes, I realize August is the hottest month, and that yes, it's only going to get worse. I know. Thanks for the forcast!
    AltMomma replied to ttrishh's response:
    I know, and she tried to justify the comment by saying that you should always have your finances in order before you have kids. While thats fine and dandy, even people that do that end up needing assistance because its very expensive just for diapers and things that ARENT covered by WIC of Foodstamps.
    The biggest problem i have with it, is that she is a lesbian (which i dont have a problem with), but is with a woman that doesnt want kids, and lets just say these two dont even know how to take care of themselves. No adoption agency would give them a kid. She has the audasity to tell me how broke i am, and i should have planned better, but she doesnt even have the option to have kids. Its pretty infuriating.
    casperkawa responded:
    I love when people ask me if this is my first and I tell them no it is my fifth, the looks and oh my's I get. Also when I am out with all of them and people ask if they are all mine. Like that is impossible or
    Me(36)DH(39) DS(16)DS(15)DS(12)DD(9) Due July 9,But will be induced by July 2. Pregnant after tubal, our miracle baby..

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    Me (32) DH (35) DSD (16) DS (4) New baby boy due May 24th!

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