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    Postpartum Depression APO 2nd Tri
    sarah0323 posted:
    Hi Ladies,
    I'm lurking on this board, but have a question that you might be able to help me with. I have had PPD with all of my pregnancies and for me it usually starts even before I deliver. I am 24w6d today and for the last several weeks I just haven't been my self. I just can't seem to do anything or make a decision. I cry all the time for no reason and I'm starting to resent the baby and even my kids. I am so moody that it isn't even funny. There's more but I think you get the idea. I know that PG hormones can play a part but this seems so much different to me. Does anyone know if PPD can start this early? I have put a call into my Dr. but so far I haven't gotten a call back. Thanks for any help.
    ReneeErin responded:
    I have no idea, but I hope you get a good answer from your doctor!!
    1st baby finally on the way after 11 failed cycles! Due September 12th. It's a GIRL!!!!
    mommy_a responded:
    I am so sorry you are going through this.

    Actually I did read about this in one of my books, I am so sorry again that I cannot remember the name or any more info about it, but I do know that depression can start at this time as well. Either ways I think you definitely need to speak to your Doctor about it.

    Hormones are definitely playing havoc with us throughout our pregnancies and it's worse for some of us.

    I hope your Doc calls you back and you get the help you need and that you have a support system to help you through this time.

    Good luck
    bcfrost816 replied to mommy_a's response:
    Yes, PPD can start prior to having your baby, especially if you have a h/o PPD with previous pregnancies. I too went through PPD when my first DD was born, and I know how difficult it can be!!

    My OB told me that if I start seeing signs of it creeping back during this pregnancy, she'd start me on the meds before the baby is born. She said its more important for me to feel better and not be depressed, which out weighs any risk to baby, which is minimal with meds like Prozac. So far, I haven't had any feelings of depression or anxiety yet (I'm almost 33 weeks), however, I plan on starting Prozac as soon as this LO is born so that I do not have to go through PPD again. Since once you have it, you are much more likely to have it again.

    I am also a counselor, and I see alot of women with PPD. I don't know what kind of treatment you'e had in the past, but counseling can be very effective, as well as support groups for women with PPD. Good luck!!
    Courtney (28) DH (30) DD Peyton 19 months; baby girl 2 EDD 9/26/10
    sarah0323 replied to bcfrost816's response:
    Thank you. I have a call into my therapist as well as my ob I still haven't heard anything back yet. I've taken Lexapro before and it usually works ok along with therapy. It just seemed to have started so early this time.

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