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    36 week ultrasound and 10th percentile for weight - worried
    sweetbaby82 posted:
    So I just got back from the doctor and LO is only measuring in the 10th percentile. I know that weight is not measured 100% accurate with ultrasounds but I am so worried now. They estimated that he will only be 6 pounds at birth. To top it off everyone has been telling me this whole pregnancy how small my stomach is and how the baby must be small, and to find out they are right makes me so mad/sad. The doctor said everything else looks ok and that sometimes the placenta stop nourishing the baby well around this time and that if thats the case he will be delivered at 38 weeks (2 weeks from now). Til then I have to go in twice a week for an NST. Anyone been through this or familiar with it? I just cant help but worrying ;(
    First Baby, Baby Boy EDD 9/18/10!!
    ReneeErin responded:
    a 6 pound baby isn't that unusual. Hope it all goes well!
    1st baby finally on the way after 11 failed cycles! Due September 12th. It's a GIRL!!!!
    SunConure responded:
    Try not to worry to much many babies are born 6-7 pounds and come out perfectly healthy! I am on the other end from you, my LO was in the 77th percentile for weight at my 34 week ultrasound, so now depending on what she weighs at this 38 week ultrasound I may have to have a c-section, plus her head is measuring 3 weeks ahead! So at my 34 week ultrasound her head was at 37 weeks!
    Terra(24)Jeff(25), BFP 01/06 Rylee Lynn is due 09/13 our first! Induction at 39 weeks, only 3 weeks to go :)
    Jacque72903 responded:
    My ds was born at 37 wks and was 5 lbs 7 oz. He is about to turn 3 and is perfectly fine. His apgars at birth were 9/10. And don't let the NST get to you, I had to take one becaause of ds being so small, it doesn't take long and is not hard. If you are ffeeling movement it will come out okay. I wish they would leave out the percentile thing, they use it after baby is born too. Just makes you think you are doing something wrong when you aren't The truth is that everyone is different and grows differently. If you know you are doing all the right stuff then don't worry too muh.
    phoenix31674 responded:
    The size of the baby can be the result of a lot of things. If small babies run on either side, it could be genetic and your kiddo is just predisposed to being small. percentiles are just based on averages - which means kids fall on both sides. as long as the doc's happy with the cord blood flow and the baby is still growing, i wouldn't worry. and you are almost at 'term'. Sounds like your doc is going to keep close track of the baby, so i wouldn't worry much. mine's been measuring below average, though not that far (which I'm ok with given DD was well off the chart and still is)
    phoenix31674 replied to SunConure's response:
    SunConure, I feel your dilemma. I only had one US during my first pregnancy until my due date. They commented how big she was then, but they don't like to induce since odds are you induce to a c-section - which i ended up having anyway, so it probably wouldn't have mattered. DD's head has been off the chart since the beginning - which has made dressing her fun since necks of many shirts aren't large enough. LOL
    terricody responded:
    6 lbs isn't really all that small and i have weekly u/s and nst for this pg and last pg and for my last pg i was told i was having a small baby but ended up having a big baby..those u/s isn't always 100% accurrate
    Terri- expecting a baby girl..taking progesterone shots,dx with GD and on metformin 2,000 mg aday,on bedrest
    bap528 responded:
    I understand your concern. My daughter was in the 20th percentile at 35 weeks. She delivered last Wednesday at 36 weeks 6 days and he weighed 5lb 14oz (just under 6 lbs) He came out crying like a champion. He is a peanut but I don't think he will be for long. He has big feet and he was 20 1/4 inches long. So don't worry, they will watch you and know what is best. I just want you to know you are not alone and when you are pregnant, everything worries you. Good luck, I'll be watching for your birth story.
    sweetbaby82 replied to bap528's response:
    Thanks everyone...its not really the weight I am worried about, its the possibility that LO may not be growing. I dont want him not getting enough nutrients, but I know that this may not be the case and that they are watching for it. Plus its just odd because DH is 6'4" and I am 5'8" so I kinda expected the opposite. Hopefully LO is just getting a late start.
    First Baby, Baby Boy EDD 9/18/10!!
    Rfirstlilone26 responded:
    So don't worry..Everything will go just fine at least he will be over 5lbs because if they are under 5 he might have to the NICU and you dont really what that. So i'm 38 weeks and 3days now and doesnt look like my LO wants to come out anytime soon..So look at it this way you get to meet your LO soon.I also have 2 weeks until my due date maybe will be have are LO around the same time.Good luck with everything.
    KP1985 responded:
    My kids were 5pounds, 10 & 13 ounces and they were fine! Don't worry about size too much.
    Me (25), DH (25), m/c 2007, DS (2), DD (1), 34 wks along. :) So blessed.
    supriya replied to sweetbaby82's response:
    I am in the exact same situation. Can you please tell me if the U/S and doctors were right about the baby's weight?

    If so, did you have any problems with your babies initially? I am freaking out as me and my husband are also very tall (5.8 and 5.11) and there is not reason for the baby to be small!! Please let me know.

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