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    Too much amniotic fluid??
    ingramsept posted:
    At my 34 week appt I measured big (41 weeks), so at my 36 week appt I had and ultra sound and the baby's estimated weight is 8lbs 1oz but they also said I had excessive amniotic fluid. Now I have to have Dr. appts 2 times a week with Non stress tests and ultrasounds, and I have to meet with a high risk ob. They say everything is fine and just want to keep a close eye on Max and I, but I am a bit concerned with the quick turn of events. Does anyone know what they are concerned with? I have never really heard much about too much fluid. Thanks for any input.
    September 33, Ryan 35 and Max edd 10/2
    Kay_And responded:
    My sister had too much amniotic fluid with her first born. She got really huge. They told her that the fact that she had too much amniotic fluid and that her baby was already over 8lbs at 36 weeks that it could be a sign of gestational diabetes that they had missed when they did the glucose testing earlier.

    They did all that stuff with her too....non-stress tests and ultrasounds. They want to be sure the baby is not too big, growing correctly, and that the baby is not under stress.

    They ended up inducing her at 36-37 weeks bc the baby was getting so big. She pushed and pushed and the baby would not pass into the birth canal so she ended up with a c-section and an 8lb 10oz baby girl delivered a month early.

    Other than that there were no other complications or problems.
    ingramsept replied to Kay_And's response:
    that is reassuring. Thank you for the feedback.
    September 33, Ryan 35 and Max edd 10/2
    eden51671 replied to ingramsept's response:
    Too much fluid...AKA..polyhydramnios is usually nothing. 98% of the time it is of unknown cause. Alot of other structural things it could be would have been pickedup at your 20 week sono. then there are a couple of things that cant be diagnosed by ultrasound. But the vast vast vast majority of the time, it isnt related to anything. Did they give you a number for your fluid amount? (im an OB/GYN sonogrampher by the way ) : )
    ingramsept replied to eden51671's response:
    Hi Eden, my fluid index is 36....I am sure that means more to you than me. lol.
    September 33, Ryan 35 and Max edd 10/2
    eden51671 replied to ingramsept's response:
    MAN! I had some serious type-os in that last post. sorry. : )

    36....thas quite a bit, certainly enough to make you uncomfortable. Upper Limits of normal at your stage is about 25 thas what I use anyway.

    You better have some golashes when your water breaks! : )) Or they may do it in a controlled enviroment (induction) The biggest way it can complicate labor is if the cord floats above the head. You dont want the cord coming first. That isnt very likely to happen, BUT that would be a reason they would want to start your labor in the hospital. We have done it both ways in your practice. In fact, just a few weeks ago I had a patient that ruptured on her own at term with 40 cm of fluid. It was a mess, but we got a good laugh out of it. She was terrified that her water was going to break at WalMart. I joked with her and said that was going to be a SERIOUS clean up on aisle 12.

    Im sure its fine. Its just going to make you MISERABLE.
    ingramsept replied to eden51671's response:
    LOL, I had multiple nurses comment on how messy it will be when my water breaks. I also got the impression that they will probably induce me. Thank you for the info, it makes me feel better to know other people have had the same thing and were fine.
    September 33, Ryan 35 and Max edd 10/2
    terricody responded:
    I too was told that i have plenty of fluid and have nst and u/s 2x aweek due to AMA and G/D basically just want to make sure plenty of fluids and that it doesn't get low and also to make sure of baby's progress and or size..

    with my last ds i was 36wk6day when i was induce cuz of his size and he weighed 9lb 4oz

    with this one so far @36.6weeks she is weighing 6lbs 11oz
    Terri- expecting a baby girl..taking progesterone shots,dx with GD and on metformin 2,000 mg aday,on bedrest lifted..making progress she is coming very soon

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