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    It's the little things....
    Jacque72903 posted:
    I have found that it is the little things with ds that I cherrish the most, those little moments that catch you off guard. Like when he is going crazy and running around like a crazy person about to get on my last nerve and then suddenly stops and asks for a hug. I try to think of little things that I can do as a mom to show I really care. Like in the winter I throw his towel in the dryer before he gets out of the bath so it is warm for him, or giving him a special little snack before bed. And I always sing him to sleep.

    What little things do you remember your mom doing for you, or do you plan to do for your lo's? Or if you are a mom already what do you already do? I am being pregnant and emotional today can you tell?! LOL
    eliguns841984 responded:
    ooh, this is a fun post :)

    DS enjoys little things too. He loves to watch the popcorn fly around in the air popper, so sometimes in the evening I let him watch the popcorn and I let him have his very own little bowl of it to eat at the table, or he sits in his daddy's lap and shares with him out of a BIG bowl, which he thinks is fun too. I get all of the stuff to make chocolate chip cookies measured out and let him dump stuff in and "help" me stir, then he gets a cookie or two with a little glass of milk before bed (not too often of course!). DH and I sit together with him every night and read bedtime stories, or at least one of us does if the other isn't home. And every night one or both of us tucks him in and sits on the floor by his toddler bed and talks to him for just a minute or two about how his day was before he goes to sleep. I especially like this tradition, because he really takes that time to settle down and tell us all kinds of things that he wouldn't take the time from playing to tell us otherwise. At only 2 years old, we are often surprised about the things that go on in his day while we're at work that we didn't know about! Also, DH and I hate that we are both away from him at work the whole week, so on the weekends we try to come up with new experiences for him so that he has memories to cherish with us besides sitting at home on the weekends. We are ALWAYS going online to see what kid-friendly events there are to do around the area or taking him to the zoo or something.
    lestersgirls responded:
    Oh, this post brings back a lot of memories!
    When I was about 6, we lived in an apartment complex. I noticed that one of the neighbors had thrown away some AVON books. For some reason, I wanted those books so bad!! I was trying to use two batons to get the books out and another neighbor came out and was screaming at me to get out of the dumpster.
    I ran home crying and my mom marched out to the dumpster and climbed in and dug around for the books, all the while, the neighbor lady was screaming at her! My mom never wavered though and for some reason, I will never forget that.
    She sends me "my own" AVON books to this day. She says she is getting too old to dumpster dive.
    Fast forward about 20 years and I was at a loss for a mother's day gift for her. For about a week, I kept this jar on my dresser and everytime I had a good memory about my mom, I wrote it on a little piece of paper and put it in the jar. After I filled the jar, I gave it to her with instructions to read one a day. She still says that is the best gift she has ever gotten!!
    Gosh, you're making me tear up with this post!
    Steffanie (37),Lester (30), DD1 (8-14-03), DD2 (4-12-05), Angel Baby @6 weeks (6-17-08), Baby Boy Kellan Lester Due 10-12-10!

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