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    Monkeys_momma posted:
    I had a gush about palm sized and clear unlike the usual quarter size white discharge (sorry for the details, truly) could my water have broken?? I haven't felt anything else yet but am due in 8 days so this could be it!!! I', not sure how much fluid comes out with a water breaking! THANKS!!!

    Ty (31) Gena (29) Big brother Orion (11) Charlie Mae (EDD 10/31) it's a girl!!!

    Jalynnsmommy responded:
    it could def. be your water I had this delima this mornig and still waiting on dr to call me but..with your due date being so close I go to labor and delivery and be checked out ...with my first I just had a small tear in my "waters" and it was just a small dripping and I had her 11 hours later. im was 9 days early with her.
    For ever women its differnt.
    Monkeys_momma replied to Jalynnsmommy's response:
    Thanks!! I know time will tell, I'm just so dang excited!! Good luck to you!!
    breezy_83255 responded:
    I had a small tear and just kept having little gushes. I thought that was probably it, but didn't really "know." It did really break a few hours later, so then there was no question! I was 9 days early.

    I'd go get checked out. Good luck!!!
    Heather (29), Josh (30), DD1 (3 1/2), DD2 (1 1/2), Baby boy EDD Feb 1st!!!!
    Jalynnsmommy replied to Monkeys_momma's response:
    thanks good luck to you I said atleast call the doctor because I had my first at 9 days early I only knew I was in labor because my water leaked lol not completly broke just leaked lol..and I didnt feel my conntractions untill i was 6 cm....So better safe than sorry if you go too long with your water broke it can cause infection so no sex nothing lol untill your know!
    CJ7860 responded:
    Try laying down for a few minutes, and then get back up and see if it happens again? I've heard the baby's head can kind of plug a small tear.

    Good luck!
    Melissa (32) dh (34) dd (5) Due Dec 4th with a little boy!
    Jalynnsmommy replied to CJ7860's response:
    yeah that what im going threw now but they said since shes so large it wont make a difference if I lay down because I have a hind tear where the tear is behind the babys head and only leaks when she moves enough for it to leak.
    CJ7860 replied to Jalynnsmommy's response:
    Oh, so you know there is a tear. Okay, I thought you were trying to figure out if you had a small tear or leaking something else.
    Melissa (32) dh (34) dd (5) Due Dec 4th with a little boy!
    Jalynnsmommy replied to CJ7860's response:
    I know that I have a tear but I believe the the other women is trying to figure out if her water had broke and I explained to her that it could be a tear that gets pluged by the babys head and the best bet is to go and have it checked.

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