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    PLEASE HELP!!!! Breastfeeding issues.
    jmarsh81 posted:
    I tried BFing in the hospital, but it didn't work due to the size of my breast, and I felt like I was suffocating my LO. So we started the bottle. After coming home, and feeling more comfortable, I decided to pump and bottle feed. We are doing formula and breast milk. I have two questions. 1. Why does LO get hungry so much quicker with breast milk than with formula? If she drinks breast milk she wants to eat every hour. If she drinks formula she will go at least 3 hrs. Which leads to question 2. Is it ok to mix the two, or better to just alternate with each feeding? I had thought if it was ok to mix them, trying that. If not, I think I am just going to stick with formula. Any and all advice please.
    jessica5289 responded:
    Breast milk is easier for lo to digest so they get hungry more often. I have mixed the 2 different milks before. I wouldn't think it would hurt anything. I hope I was able to help a little.
    JessHeath responded:
    Its fine to mix them, I used to do it all the time. Make sure if you use the breast milk you pump long enought that you are getting enough of the hind milk, the first stuff is really watery and then it gets thicker. Just wondering if you tried a nipple shield to see if she can breastfeed better. My daughter was very little and her mouth was tiny and she was a little bit tongue tied (where that thing that holds your tongue down holds it too tightly) so latching was hard for her and I was "too big" for her but the nipple shield helped and then when she got bigger she had no trouble with it.
    breezy_83255 responded:
    It's ok to mix them. Just remember, it has to be treated like a formula bottle: you can't save a partial bottle to finish later. I mixed all the time with DD1. DD2 preferred un-mixed, so we alternated with her when we had to supplement. Whatever works for you and your baby is what you should do!

    I have a large chest with very large nipples (TMI), but I did manage with both girls. The football hold is all that worked for me in the beginning. It seemed to keep their little noses uncovered better than the regular cross hold.
    Heather (29), Josh (30), DD1 (3 1/2), DD2 (1 1/2), Baby boy EDD Feb 1st!!!!
    jmarsh81 responded:
    Thanks so much for the replies. I think we are going to continue to try alternating the milk for a little while and see how she does. I really wanted to breastfeed, not just for her, but for me to, to help with the weight loss and all, lol. Your advice is greatly appreciated. I never got the chance to breastfeed my boys, so all this is very new to me.
    jmarsh81 replied to JessHeath's response:
    You were talking about the hind milk. I was reading about that last night. I pump until nothing is coming out, plus some to make sure my breast are empty. How else can I tell if I am getting it all out. When I put the milk in the fridge, and go to use it, it has a thick film around the top of it. I guess like fresh cows milk would. Is this any indication that I am getting the fatty stuff out like I am suppose to? Thanks again for your advice.
    abbygailsmom1 responded:
    You are getting the fatty part of the milk (hind milk) out if you are seeing the more watery layer and the thicker layer.

    I too am very large chested with large nipples and have nursed both of my girls for a long time. The first was for 10 months and she was a tiny baby, under 5 lbs and the second for 16-17 months.

    I would suggest a nipple shield too and using the football hold which is putting baby's body up under your arm pit. Kind of confusing to explain but try googling it to see the position. It helped quite a bit so they could breathe better.
    Me (30) DH (28) DD1 (5) DD2 (2) Baby boy Korbin expected via c-section early Jan 2011
    Monkeys_momma responded:
    Thank you for asking this question and all the great responses. I too am in the same boat having my daughter 3 days ago and am pumping to feed after having latching/goofing around/eat for 3 min and fall asleep problems. I bought a hand pump and can now get her to eat 1.5 oz per feeding, still not enough but am pumping and storing about 12 oz every 6 hours, after worrying about getting all the good stuff by just expressing. ANY more info/ideas are greatly appreciated. THANKS!!

    Ty, mom to Charlotte "Charlie" born 11/05
    abbygailsmom1 replied to Monkeys_momma's response:
    The nipple shield are kind of like bottle nipples so they are easy to latch on to. I HIGHLY suggest them if you are having latching issues.

    Monkeys_momma-My girls didn't eat for the first 4 days or so. At least not much. Just keep offering her the breast or bottle and she will eat.

    Congrats on your babies.
    Me (30) DH (28) DD1 (5) DD2 (2) Baby boy Korbin expected via c-section early Jan 2011
    phoenix31674 replied to Monkeys_momma's response:
    DD was a lazy eater, constantly falling asleep for the first couple of weeks. She then perked up and started eating more, but I'd still have to pat her to keep her awake. DS (now 4 weeks) is less lazy, but he only feeds on one side. Though he slept through the night last night after a somewhat lazy evening of more fussing than feeding and I pumped 6 oz from the one breast in the middle of the night. I'm guessing he normally gets about 4 oz at a time, but early on, he wasn't eating that much. i've read it's about 1 oz per feeding per week of age until I forget what point. I haven't paid much attention to it since he's exclusively on the breast and just let him eat until he's done.

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