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    If I hear, are you having twins, one more time......
    ssteinbuch0048 posted:
    Ok, so they say that you get bigger with every pregnancy, but this is ridiculous! I am 27 weeks 6 days today. This is my 6th pregnancy, but actually the 3rd pregnancy that decided to stick with us. I am carrying my first boy (YAY) and it has been almost 11 years since I carried a baby to term. I have gained around 14 pounds, and I am pretty sure it is all belly because I can still get my prepregnancy pants above my hips, and buttoned below my huge belly. Anyway, I seem to be carrying mostly in the front with this little guy. I feel massive, and I constantly hear how big I am. Do people, especially women, not understand how this makes us feel? Does anyone else seem to be/feel "big" for how far along you are? I am starting to feel like a freak of nature with all of the nasty comments I have been getting from complete strangers. UGGGHHH. I am going to try to post my first picture, do I really look that huge?

    ssteinbuch0048 responded:
    Guess it didn't work.... Here's the link.
    MsMollyMac responded:
    You don't look that big at all! I wish people would keep comments to themselves. I am hearing the opposite, all I ever hear is about how small I am and how people think I should have gained more weight, blah blah blah... My OB told me to just ignore everyone else's comments and as long as he says the baby is growing appropriately that's all that matter. So as long as your dr said everything is good with the baby, just ignore everyone else! Easier said than done though, I know!
    Me- 26, DH-30, DD-3, New little one due 1-3-11
    bgabert responded:
    I'm right there with you Stacey! It's sooo rude.
    I am measuring small, as I did with my last pregnancy, so when people ask me if I'm having twins or mention how "huge" I am, I tell them that! "Actually, I'm measuring small." That usually shuts 'em up.

    Maybe you could start telling them that? LOL

    I honestly think most women that say it out of spite. They are jealous that you aren't a huge whale when pregnant (like they probably were, haha)!

    You honestly do NOT look huge! And it is totally all belly. You don't have several chins or a huge butt. I think everyone is just jealous you look so great when pregnant!
    Bri (24), Jarrod (28), DD Emery, (6/15/2009), Baby 2 - EDD (2/13/2011) Go BLUE Team!!
    StarryGrrl responded:
    You don't look big at all to me! I think you have a super cute baby bump!

    I know what you mean about people being rude. I saw my aunt last weekend and she asked me how big my baby is now. I told her that she is probably around 2.5 lbs and then she says, "I bet she's 3.5 or 4 lbs by looking at how big your belly is!". I couldn't believe she said that!!! Why do people think it's okay to tell a woman how big she is when she's pregnant when it's not okay any other time?
    TeacherBeck responded:
    I get the same comments from some ladies at work. Finally I said "I think you just forget how big you were when you were pregnant" I mean REALLY, people!
    I am 37 wks and I have gained right at 20-22 pounds and I get so sick of certain people saying how huge I look. I try not to care but it bothers me!

    I agree, why do they think that's OK when you are pg when they would never say it any other time?

    Other comments, yes the stupid twins comment, does your family have big babies, do you think you will make it to your due date, oh and last week a really sweet lady at work sympathetically said she'd "gained 40 with her first," which I took to imply that she must think I have gained a lot.... aaaargh! LOL They drive me nuts!
    Your pic looked great Just a sweet baby bump. I wish people would keep their thoughts in their heads instead of on the tip of their tongue!
    kay_kay75 replied to TeacherBeck's response:
    I have recently started to get these comments, I am 33 weeks, I have gained 11 pounds and it is all in my belly. Doctor says the baby and I are doing great, no worries there. I just don't understand why people have to make mean comments. I think the worst was my sister telling me I looked like poop one day, I finally said to her well we will talk when you are 28 weeks pregnant and haven't slept in 3 weeks through the night. She was not happy with me at all!
    MRSKuhns replied to ssteinbuch0048's response:
    You don't look big to me, if thats any comfort !
    I do understand though i get the same comments and have been since about 25 weeks. Even my mom was like you look huge! I hate that...but oh well.
    Sarah (me 22), Hubby (25), EDD 1/19/11 Cody Benjamin! :D
    ShanunC responded:
    if it makes you feel any better you make me feel like a porpoise.. im 30 weeks and im carrying a boy as well.. I was 30lbs overweight to start this prego and Ive only gained 8lbs and its alllll belly... all I hear is about how big I am and how I have 9 weeks to go.. how much bigger can you get and blah blah blah.. its like ya know what.. SHUT UP.. i thought I looked good.. with DD i just blew up EVERYWHERE.. everything was huge my face, hands butt everything... this time its just my boobs and belly.. you def dont look huge to me at all.. like ppster said you have a cute bump going on.. for the sake of making u feel better Ill post a pic of my tell people to mind there own business and if they were growing a human being they wouldnt want to hear how big they look... tell em to stick it..
    ok like yours thats not gonna work.. ill just send the link...!/photo.php?fbid=1702669095366&set=t.1503648372
    ME-27/DH-29/DD-3 on feb 9th.. lil Jack Owen coming Via c section to an operating room near you 2/10/2011... Bipolar Stay at home mom.. Love my lil MJ and cant wait for baby number 2..
    ssteinbuch0048 replied to ShanunC's response:
    Thanks to all the pp. for the nice comments about my Buddha. I haven't done my 28 week pic yet, but I feel bigger since the last one I posted. I am really trying not to let rude comments get to me, but it's getting hard. I am sure that my preggo hormones are gonna take control soon and I will snap on someone. Oh well, if they can dish it they are gonna have to take it.

    On a lighter note, my oldest DD told us the funniest thing at the dinner table this eve. Her and a bunch of kids at school were doing your momma jokes and some boy turned to her and said, "Your momma's so fat....." and she looked him in the eye and said, " My mom's pregnant you jerk!' and he freaked out appologizing. She said she started laughing, and told him it was ok.....She has quite the sense of humor. I couldn't stop laughing!

    ShanunC, I can't get your link to work, but I am sure you look beautiful! I think pregnant women always look amazing!

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