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    Birth Story
    Lisa_F posted:


    Tierney Ema was born 01/22/11 @ 7:05am. 7lb 60z 20 3/4 inches

    On Friday we decided to go to Disneyland to see if we could get things going with a lot of walking. Around 7pm I decided to time my contractions which were more like Braxton hicks. The first couple were 10 min apart and for the rest of the hour they were about 7 min apart. I let Dh know but said I didn't want to leave because I was worried if we stopped moving they would just go away completely. We stayed and watched fantasmic and while standing for the show they were 3 to 4 min apart but still no pain what so ever. After the show we headed back to the car. During the tram ride I only had 1 and in the car on the ride home they were back to 6 to 7 min apart.
    We got home and I put dd in bed and took a shower and sat down to time them some more. They were about 7 and a half min a part with some closer ones thrown in. At 1am I decided I wanted to sleep and try again Saturday to really get things going. Tierney was moving like crazy and I was having a hard time sleeping; than around 2:30 I started cramping a little. Dh and I decided to stay down stairs that way we were less likely to wake Dd up. I was actually able to sleep on the couch and timed some of my contractions here and there, they were 10 to 15 min apart but I kept thinking that I did not remember them hurting that bad with Dd and I wondered how I was going to handle it when active labor started and they were close together.
    At 5:45 dd woke up so I went upstairs and had her lay in bed with me. I decided to stay awake and time them I thought maybe I was having milder contractions that were not waking me up and more was happening than I realized. I had a contraction at 5:50, 6:05, and 6:20. At that time I thought I was feeling pretty rested and wanted to get things going and decided to work a pressure point to see if that did anything and if not maybe around 7 see about going for a walk. As soon as I started working the pressure point I had a contraction after 2 min, than 4 min, than 2 min and they were so intense and close together that I had to stop and get out of bed. I ran downstairs and thought maybe if I went to the bathroom they would ease up a little in intensity.
    While I was in the bathroom the next couple were about 5 min apart and I was thinking maybe we'd leave at 7. I got up and was going to go let Dh know what was happening but than I had to sit back down because I thought I needed to go again. I sent Dh a text at 6:46 asking him to get Dd's stroller and bag out of the truck and put the hospital bags in. He did not respond and during the next contraction I got the urge to push and started to panic. I started to try and clean myself but I didn't realize my mucus plug was coming out and the more I tried to get clean the more of a mess I felt like it was making. During the next contraction I stood up and tried to move so that I would not push and it seemed to work. I sat down again still trying to get clean, the next contraction came I stood up and still ended up pushing I really started to panic at this point and than I called out to Dh who came running. I told him I was pushing and I couldn't get clean he told me to forget about that and just get dressed and lets go.
    DH (31) Me (27) DD - Keelin (21 months) DD Tierney due 1/15/11
    Lisa_F responded:
    When I was in labor with dd I spent a lot of time in the bathroom and at some point I realized the pressure I was feeling was not from having to go to the bathroom but from her coming down and Dh thought that was the feeling I was referring to not that my body was actually trying to push her out already. My next contraction standing at the door was ok and I didn't push, and the first one in the car I didn't really have to push either. Dh was trying to keep me clam telling me that we would make it because I hadn't even lost my mucus plug yet (he didn't know that was what I was trying to clean up in the bathroom) and my water hadn't broke and as he said that my water started to leak. I didn't hear a pop and it wasn't a big gush just a steady stream. During the next contraction I started pushing again, and with the next one I felt her head coming out and I lifted my butt up so I would not sit on her and told Dh her head was coming out. Dh said lets see and started to help me get my pants down, her head had gone back in so at first look there was nothing there but when he looked over again as I was pushing and there was the top of her head and my bag of waters which never fully broke. The light turned green and we pulled into the first parking lot he ran around opened my door helped me get my pants off the rest of the way as I pushed her head out and than the rest of her body. He handed her to me and grabbed her blanket to cover her. I started to rub her back and asking her to breath and when Dh didn't hear anything from her he followed her cord up and saw that it was around her neck, he got her untangled and she started to cry. He shut the door and jumped back in the car and finished the last half of our 10 min drive to the hospital.
    We called to let them know what had happened and they said to just go to ER. Dh went inside and told the receptionist that I had just had a baby in the car, she looked at him confused and set a couple of nurses out to me with a wheel chair. When they opened the door and saw me holding the baby they were very surprised and said "oh you've already had her" and went back and got me a gurney. We spent 10 or 15 min in the ER and than they took us up to Labor and delivery and got us set up in a room. Tierney latched right away and has had no trouble nursing. The post delivery contraction were super intense the first couple of days, but things seem to be returning to pre-baby status rather quickly and I've had very minimal bleeding which has been nice.
    Because I was gbs positive I had planned on getting to the hospital early this time and never expected that my contractions would go from 15 min apart to pushing in less than an hour. Also, because I was gbs positive they did blood work on Tierney which showed signs of an infection and Sunday morning they started her on 48 hours of continues IV and 6 doses of antibiotics. Nothing ever grew on the blood culture and I'm still confused as to weather or not she had any infection at all. Spending the extra time in the hospital was no fun, but we are home now and it is definitely an experience we will never forget.
    Her birth certificate will have the address of the shopping center as place of birth and Dh's signature under delivering physician.
    DH (31) Me (27) DD - Keelin (21 months) DD Tierney due 1/15/11
    bgabert replied to Lisa_F's response:
    Holy smokes! What a story Lisa!!

    Sooooo happy to hear that everything seems to be okay now! Definitely not something you will forget!!!

    Enjoy your new little bundle :)
    Bri (24), Jarrod (28), DD Emery, (6/15/2009), Baby 2 - EDD (2/13/2011) Go BLUE Team!!
    ElanaK replied to Lisa_F's response:
    You are a warrior woman!!! :) Just amazing...
    Elana (27), DH (41); DD / DS (IVF twins) 3/18/09; DD (miracle natural pregnancy) 12/30/10
    ssteinbuch0048 replied to Lisa_F's response:
    Wow!!! Congratulations!
    Stacy 31, DF 32, DD(Paige Aspen)13, DD(Pearl Madison)10, New LO - Alexander Gregory - Due March 1, 2011 YAY BLUE TEAM!!!
    Jhawkchick responded:
    Oh my gosh...I thought those things only happened in the movies! I'm so happy everything turned out well for you all. That is such a great and amazing story...especially the part about DH being listed as the delivering physician on the birth certificate. Congratulations and enjoy your new baby!! :)
    Me (30), DH (30), Fur Baby: Nugget(Shih-tzu/poodle, 1), EDD 3/30/2011--Pink Team!
    StarryGrrl replied to Lisa_F's response:
    Wow! What a story you have to tell her when she's older! I'm glad everything turned out great for you. Congratulations!
    Lainey_WebMD_Staff replied to Lisa_F's response:

    Oh my goodness Lisa, I am so happy your daughter is okay!
    krazykatt707 replied to Lisa_F's response:
    That is quite a story! I'm glad that everything turned out ok though. Congrats!
    Rachel(26),Scott(27),Jon Roland(4),EDD for Kira Elizabeth 2-6-11
    rosecole replied to Lisa_F's response:
    OMG!!! As scary as that may have been it was a great birth story! I'm glad you and baby are doing well.

    I had to laugh about the place and "delivering physician" on the birth Cert! DH can live that one up for a long time!! :)

    Nicole(30) DH Nate(29) DS1 Luke(4) DS2 Alex(2) 3 EDD 3-21-11 One Boston Terrier Furbaby Jack(5) Yellow Team!!!
    brewbaby responded:
    Oh my heck!! That's a crazy birth story for sure! Congrats!
    Me(23), Hubby(23), First baby, Oliver Due 1/26/11.
    camnfaithsmom responded:
    Oh my gosh!!! I cried reading your story!! That is absolutely amazing!!! Congratulations and best wishes. What a miracle!!!!
    Me(28),SO(29),Cameron(10),Faith(3),Serenity(1),Melody Rayne due April 10, 2011~Go Pink Team (again!)
    Wendy12345678 replied to Lisa_F's response:
    Awesome, she should get some sort of life time discount at that store!
    DDK2005 responded:
    OMG - I cried & laughed out loud with your story...amazing abosolutely amazing!!! That's one for the books!!!! CONGRATS & ENJOY!!
    Me: Dee (36), DH: Ken (36), DD: 3/26/09 Ava, Baby 2: EDD 4/2/11. From NYC. Go YELLOW Team!

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