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    PPD before you actually give birth?
    GigglingSoul posted:
    Can you have PPD/PPA before you even actually have the hormonal drop after giving birth?

    I've found myself strangely irritated, angry, frustrated, sad, crying uncontrollably (to the point of hyperventalation), can't sleep.... and all only since I learned I will be giving birth by Saturday.

    DD1 has been very trying these last few days- won't listen, shouts at me, tells me "no", crying at the drop of a hat... I wonder if I'm triggering her or if maybe I'm feeling like if I can't handle HER then what makes me think I can handle TWO?

    Is it PPD kicking in early because I know the end of the PG is in sight, or is this something else?

    I'm on 25mg Zoloft, but I'm thinking I need a larger dosage. I think I was on 100mg after DD1.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
    Kimberly(28), DH(38), DD(3), DD(EDD 06.19.11)
    Gestational Hypertension, Thyroid issues, Bed Rest @ 30wks
    Alleeson responded:
    That describes me for the past few months, so yes!
    I've been thinking that DD's behavior is a result of my anxieties. I really think they sense it and the only way they know how to deal with their own fears is to act out.

    I am starting my Zoloft tomorrow. Originally dr said 25 mg, but he wants me on it 2x's a day. I literally unloaded today on him and he was like, yeah, you NEED to start taking it. I'm still not completely comfortable, but I'm gonna do it.

    You are not alone and I understand exactly with the emotions of crying to a point of hyperventilation. It happens at least 3 or 4x's a week.

    Hugs and keep your chin up! It's going to be fine! We'll get through this!
    JennyTRoss replied to Alleeson's response:
    It makes me feel so at ease to know that I am not alone. I have severe panic and anxiety issues. I have a 5 year old and am soon due with another. Prior to pregnancy this time, I was taking 25mg of Prozac daily to avoid hyperventilation from panic attacks that would occur without warning, sometimes more than once a day. I have had to be without medication this entire pregnancy which has been very difficult for me. I don't think there is really ever a point of readjustment, so far anyway. I have awful mood swings, days of crying on end and days of anger that I cannot control absolutely. You don't realize how much better you were just because of medication until you don't have it to help control you. Whatever was causing my attacks is still there, I'm having to try with all my might everyday just to control my attacks until this pregnancy is over.

    I feel like it has taken most of my joy of this pregnancy away, and am in total fear of PPD. What can I do to prepare myself? If anything? I would rather face it head on and look for it then it blindside me....or am I already facing symptoms?

    Thanks for sharing your stories and giving me courage to share mine!

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