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    Symptoms before going into labor?
    Anon_136237 posted:
    I am at 37 weeks but my doc keeps telling us that I am measuring a week farther along, so I am looking like I am right about 38 weeks. She says our little lady can come any day now safely and gave me some tips on how to start labor.

    What I was wondering is if anybody had any weird symptoms prior to their labor starting? For example; any dizziness, feeling nauseau, extra bowel movements, baby feeling extra heavy or tons of pressure? Or maybe any small tinge of pains down there?

    I'm just curious because I have been feeling really odd over the last few days and want to know if there is anything I could look out for that might be a sign?
    earleyml1012 responded:
    I did feel more pressure with DD b/c they start to get into position to come out. Other than that I can't say I had any signs. Trust me once the contractions start, you'll know. People told me that and I was like are you sure?!? YES!!! It's true, there will be no doubt in your mind that you are in labor. My OB suggested waiting until they were 2 mins apart for an hour to two hours before calling or going to the hospital. Good luck on a speedy and healthy birth!
    Katya1985 responded:
    With my son before my contractions started I could not eat anything for a day and a half and when my husband forced me to eat a yogurt I vomited. So look for signs of nausea, broken or leaking water, no appetite, diarrhea for couple days and of course contraction. The last one you will not miss for sure.

    P.S. Can you share the tips from your doc on how to start labor. I am 38 weeks now and cannot wait any more ( too much pain, swelling). Thanks.
    Me(26),husby(30) Our first son-Stanislav is 3(08/17/08) and now expecting a girl Galina. EDD 09/02/2011
    kfadak responded:
    I agree with loss of appetite! About 24 hrs. before my labor started.GL!
    Anon_136237 replied to Katya1985's response:
    The doc told me to drink Red Raspberry leaf tea (not the fruit kind, the actual leaf tea) because it strengthens your uterus and makes for more effective contractions.

    She also said to take black and blue Cohosh, which are labor stimulants that can be found at most health food stores and she said maybe Coscto as well.

    The other things she mentioned were all pretty common like sex, nipple stimulation, and lots of walking.

    Hope this helps... I am just starting the tea and cohosh this week and I am 37.5 weeks so I will let you know how it goes.
    Katya1985 replied to Anon_136237's response:
    Thanks, I will start it too. According to my Doc I will be having this baby after my due date, so disappointing!
    Me(26),husby(30) Our first son-Stanislav is 3(08/17/08) and now expecting a girl Galina. EDD 09/02/2011
    noelle1225 replied to Katya1985's response:
    You have to get the "whole leaf" tea and it takes alot! like 8 to 10 8oz glasses a day or something like that. It's supposed to really work though. They even suggest you limit it in early pg to avoid MC.

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