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    36 weeks Braxton hicks vs. Real contractions...
    Mollysmama1980 posted:
    Hello I am 36 weeks in with girl #2, and can not wait for this all to be over! Such a difference this time around! I completely remember what real contractions felt like when I had my first baby, so I hope I don't sound too crazy when I say its really hard to tell the difference this time. I have such immense pelvic pressure and shocks when her head hits pelvis, and my Braxton hicks contractions are so much more intense than I remember them last time. I know I will know for sure if my water breaks, or if the contractions get progressively worse, I am just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me. It is nearly impossible to sleep due to so much movement as well, argh! After chasing my toddler all day I just wanna sleep while I have the chance! Any feedback would be appreciated.
    Allaya9 responded:
    Oh yes I feel your pain, I'm 39 weeks and the braxton hicks are getting quite painful. Like you I'm so ready for him to be born. Feels like he's right in between my legs and the pelvic pressure is so bad that it's hard to turn at night plus the hip pain. I do notice when I lay down he's moving a good bit.
    Me(36) DH(37) EDD 9/10/11 Blue Team! Our first! Lochlan Sidney
    Rodamey responded:
    I know what you are going through. I am 30 weeks pregnant and am already feeling the contractions. I spent the whole night at the hospital this labor day weekend. I have 3 boys and this is the girl, but I never experienced what I am going thru before. I am so worried I am going to have a premie baby. Baby's movement is a good sign, though. At least you are 36 weeks; the baby is almost at term. Good luck and hang in there.
    RanchMommy1533 responded:
    Oh my goodness i'm not the only one!! I went in on my 30 week appointment breathing through what I thought were contractions but I wasn't sure! This is my second girl and I remember what the contractions felt like from our first daughter felt like but I'm with you! These ones are very very different! Its a super tense tight feeling where it feels like her head is just slamming against my pelvis. I've been woken up in the middle of the night because of these darn things and been having to breathe through braxton hicks! My dr. has been checking me at my appointments because my first DD was two weeks early. It doesn't help that my 18 month old hasn't given me a break since i've been pregnant. My midwife told me if they start up while she's awake to sit down and read a book to her so I can rest while they're going on. Maybe that will help you out a little bit, it's helped me!
    Emily 22, DH 21, Sarah 1 1/2, Charlotte due Oct 27th.
    loonikans responded:
    My BH are so much more painful this time around. I would like to think I would know what real labor feels like, but im not too sure. I had one BH that was so bad it made throw up. So i feel your pain. And sleeping, for me, is impossible without a good dose of Tylenol PM. My hips feel like they are pinching every nerve possible. It sucks. But my lil guy doesnt move much once I've fallen asleep. The first 30 min though he moves like crazy. I chase 24 kindergarteners around all day and then come to chase my 2yo son around. So i guess I feel your pain again haha. So my suggestions, if ur sensitive to benadryl like me, then take it with some tylenol and get some sleep!! Otherwise the usual, the things that dont help me lol, warm bath or shower.
    Me(23) Dh(24) Ds(2) Lil Boy Bump(9/26/11)
    Mollysmama1980 replied to loonikans's response:
    Thank You so much!! It makes me feel better that some body else understands...not that it makes it easier on any of us!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancies girls!!!

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