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    ? Monday updates. (2/6)
    hgreenwood7058 posted:
    I moved up to the 3rd tri two is weeks ago and in both the ttc after loss, 1st tri, 2nd tri and PAL board they all do Monday updates which is really nice because then we all know how each other are doing and how things are progressing. I was wondering if we could do it here as well. If so I will start it until I deliver or whoever has the time to start it. I really enjoyed it. Makes it feel more like family and encouraging. So if its okay. I will start with this one.

    Heather and Carson

    29w6d (10 weeks and counting as of tomorrow yay!)

    w/g: 20.5lb as of two weeks ago. I will find out on wed what it is now (bleh..atleast its all in my belly)

    s/c: The usual hip pain and SOB has picked up again. And I have a lot of trouble sleeping because whenever I have to turn to my other side in bed (50pt turn at that) not only does my hips hurt but it makes my side hurt and makes my heart race and SOB for a few minutes. Bleh. Newest thing for me though is off and on dizzy spells. It feels like being dehydrated constantly but I drink tons of water and other fluids througout the day. Not sure if maybe the anemia got worse (it was just slightly low on my labs 2 weeks ago and I started a low dose iron supplement) but I almost passed out in walmart yesterday evening and freaked out my cousin.

    other: Almost all my invitations are out for the family baby shower and all the invites but maybe 3 to the friend/coworker one is out at well. (large family so thats why there are two showers). I am on call for work this week and weekend as well as having my 3rd cert test for work again. And my OB appt so its going to be a busy week.

    Next d/a: 2/8 OB appt
    Lysana responded:
    LOL, Heather. I really think you should explain "SOB" before just putting it out there. Or is it just me? Is it??

    Here's my update:

    Kelly & Samuel


    w/g: 25 lbs

    symptoms: Pretty much the same as it has been - heartburn, BHC, some nerve pain (like sciatica), etc. The heart palpitations have continued...actually have increased some today. Baby moves all over the place and really beats me up! He's running out of room, but he loves to s-t-r-e-t-c-h his legs, so I often have feet sticking out of one side (usually my mid-left) and a butt sticking out of the other (usually my upper-right).

    other: I had an awful migraine Saturday evening, and ended up pretty dehydrated - couldn't stand to drink anything. Went to bed around 9:00, then woke up around 10:30 with my head still pounding - and contractions started. Slept a little more, then woke around 2:30 with most of the headache gone, and contractions picked up again. They were mild, but building, and really close together. It was crazy! I knew I wasn't in labor, but it was a little disconcerting, knowing I needed to let my mom know...but not knowing whether I should, since I was pretty sure it wasn't labor (but...who knows, right?) They stopped when I woke up in the morning, so obviously not labor, but it was pretty interesting!

    Also, at my d/a Friday, for the second appt in a row, I measured small (32.5 at 35 weeks, and 33 at 37 weeks). I have an ultrasound Thursday to make sure little guy is growing properly. I think it's his position, though, and my midwife thinks that as well. (If she didn't, I'm sure she'd have done the u/s right away.) She said he felt like he was about 6 lbs, which is normal for one of my babies. I think everything is fine.

    Next d/a: Thursday for prenatal and u/s.
    Kelly (32) ~~ Craig (36) ~~ Eliana (5) ~~ Joshua (3.5) ~~ Rebekah (1.5) ~~ Samuel John (EDD 2/24/2012) ~~ ^i^ Pumpkin (March 2011) ~~ ^i^ (Jan 2006) ~~ Siamese Kittybabies Waller and Lessa (9)
    tdawntaylor responded:
    I'll play

    Taylor & Bryson

    30w2d (as of last u/s)

    w/g: 2 lbs. as of 1 week ago - I usually weigh in at home too, but I can't see the scale anymore

    symptoms: Still throwing up every night -thank you hypermesis. Also been having really really bad back pain the last few days. Probably because I spent all weekend bent over the sewing machine making some adorable sleepers and pacifier clips. The usual back pain is there too. Kind of feels like my spine and tailbone aren't coming together quite right. Bryson spent a straight 12 hours moving Friday night, from 11pm to 11 am on Saturday. I don't know if he stopped for more than about five minutes at a time.

    other: I found some websites i really love, if any of you other moms love to DIY. I think my favorite is , but has some really adorable baby tutorials (especially if you're having a girl, but her sleepers template rocks for any baby)

    Next d/a: 2/21 prenatal
    Taylor-21 Nick-25
    Angel Baby Lost 6/20/11 Bryson Scott Due 4/21/12
    hgreenwood7058 replied to tdawntaylor's response:
    lol Kelly. yes shortness of breath though sometimes I want to use the other term for SOB for other things lol.

    Sorry that you still dealing with hyperemesis. Sounds like you had lots of fun making things though minus the back pain of course. I am illiterate when it comes to making things lol. I tried making mittens in high school and lets just say it didn't end well lol.
    cjl0510 responded:
    <giggle> I know, SOB is a term used in the healthcare field alot.. my favorite is when an order comes in that says F/U SOB. HAHA.. which of course means *follow up shortness of breath* but still.. makes me laugh everytime

    Christy & Tyler

    30w 2d

    w/g: 24lbs as of today - But I keep getting comments that it looks like I just have a basketball under my shirt, so apparently I have no idea where it's all hiding!

    s/c: Heartburn has gotten better since we raised the head of our bed a little bit. Crazy dizziness.. but my doctor thinks it's still because I am a little bit anemic and my resting heart rate was 104 today. Back pain a little bit.. helps when I float around in a pool though! - And I have found I have painful varicose veins... and NOT in a place I am happy about. They sure are painful - OUCH.

    other: Had an U/S today. Baby boy's measuring 2 full weeks ahead! Yay for big babies! And I scheduled my C-section date.. it is now set for April 9th, 2012. My doctor wants me to meet with an anathesiologist before hand though.. considering my epidural didn't work last time and I had to be intubated .But one thing I realized today... I will be awfully close to my due date on April fools day ~ That might be kinda fun! haha!

    Next d/a: 2/23 OB appt
    akagirl1999 responded:
    Caron - Yellow Team
    30weeks tomorrow
    w/g - too much .

    Yay 6/10 weeks left on bedrest. My doctor may allow me to move around a little once I clear 34/36weeks.

    Six progesterone shots left! So excited, I'm on the home stretch!

    Peri visit today, cervix and baby doing great. OB appointment tomorrow, I'm now on biweekly visits to OB and Peri.

    Problems sleeping, baby is very active I keep turning side to side all night. I'm not sure if it's because I've been on bedrest since September. Or because of all the baby movements but I haven't had a good nights rest in awhile. I'm planning on asking my OB for something to sleep tmr. Got to get some sleep before the little one is here.

    Hubby and I still can't decide on names. I'm starting to feel a little stressed about not having names yet.

    OB and Peri visit 2/20
    Lactation class
    brokenlove responded:
    Veronica and Lexi

    26w3d (moved up a little early) My family and SO keeps saying i look like i swallowed a watermelon lol, didn't get big with my son but this one i got a nice round tummy.

    w/g more like a loss of 15 lbs (lost 25 with first)

    s/c siatic nerve pain, occasionally will be walking and my right leg gets a sharp pain and feels as if it won't hold me. I am also constantly tired but i figure its due to lack of sleep since i can't get comfortable any more.

    other: Making guest list for baby shower, have court on wed to suspend visitaion rights between my son and his dad, due to safety concerns.

    Next d/a: 2/16 OB visit will find out GTT results and iron levels, hopefully im not anemic.
    KBratt responded:
    Katie & Riley


    W/G: 4lbs

    S/C: Lots of pressure, feeling "stuffed" like he has no room! Heartburn, back aches, hip pain, swollen hands/feet, sciatica, RLP, ECP, can barely sleep!!

    Other: I had my last progesterone shot last week @35wks, so far everything is in place- although I have felt so horrible I went into L&D to be checked 3times in the past month! lol, that is aside from my OBGYN visits! I don't go this week, but starting next week I go every week...I am SOOOO ready to be done! Got our room ready for baby (clothes washed & organized in a shelving thingy and pack n play set up). Got his car seat & installed it, ordered the crib today. The rest of this week I am trying to take care of the first half month worth of bills, catching up on laundry & cleaning the house so we can be ready whenever Mr. Riley is- which hopefully is sooner rather then later!!

    Next D/A: 2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/6- c-sec scheduled 3/9!
    Katie 24; DH-Ryan 23; DD-Kelsey 7/4/10; DS Riley Wayne EDD 3/6/12
    mam546 responded:
    Melissa and Baby Boy

    28w 5d

    w/g - too much

    s/c - I have been feeling pretty good other than being sick with what feels like a head cold mostly. Just all stuffy and can barely breath/talk sometimes. Doesn't help when I'm on the phone most of the day for work.

    Have some lightheaded moments but nothing horrible. OB has me doing kick counts already (never had to do them with DS) and it's funny cause I can get them done within the hour of waking up, plus more LOL he's an active little one.

    Other: Still can't decide on a name for LO. We have gone through a few but nothing fits. We have a girl name just in case but the boy name is just not coming to us.

    DH is working on getting a new career and everything is happening really fast, might have to move and change everything within a couple of months. It's nerve wracking but a little exciting.

    I'm excited today, DS just turned 3. We are going to get his yearly pictures. I can't wait to compare the picture to his previous ones. He's getting so big.

    Next d/a : 2/14 OB visit
    Princess88388 responded:
    Heather and Sophia!
    W/G 26lbs
    37wks 3dys

    I am ready for this to be over!

    Baby girl has measured big since about 29 weeks. Last d/a she (I was 36wks) was measuring 40 weeks. Had a u/s done at 36wks 2dys and she weighed in then at 6lbs 13ounces... Dr said she is going to be a big baby! I believe it too as there is no more room in there for her haha! Her daddy and I both were over 8lbs so we shall see here shortly. Go back to Dr today (Tuesday) maybe she will say well lets get that baby out of there! Shes head down and boy can I feel it.... Pressure is unbearable sometimes and I feel like my pelvic bones are going to split in half at any moment. Been having contractions for about a week now but no consitent and sometimes they do stop me in my tracks... Good Luck to everyone!
    oboingo76 responded:
    Christina & Lilia

    37w 2d

    Pregnancy and baby-wise things are going well. Was having palpitations for about 10 days straight (history of SVT) a few weeks ago but they subsided and I have been palpitation free for about a week and a half now. I now have a HORRIBLE cold and was diagnosed with bronchitis yesterday so I've been put on amoxicillin. They told me I can take Robitussin DM but I'm a nervous person with meds and the baby so I'm trying to go without it. Coughing and sneezing are very painful without all my abdominal muscles in place as normal. I began having contractions last night - not labor - just contracting from all the coughing and sneezing. At this point I'm just waiting for this cold to subside and for the antibiotics to kick in so I can get ready to delivery my baby girl.

    She loves to kick out with her feet on my left and stick her butt out on my right and not going to lie - it hurts! But I love it.
    oboingo76 replied to oboingo76's response:
    Forgot w/g - 24 lbs so far.
    ReneeErin responded:
    Erin and Owen

    31 weeks 4 days

    w/g: I think 20 pounds, but I was 15 pounds heavier at the start than I should have been.....

    s/c: Baby moves a lot and LOVES to punch the inside of my hip while kicking me ribs. It actually hurts some of the time. Some painful contractions and lots of painless contractions, some spotting, exhaustion, dizziness while sitting, very very sore nipples, trouble picking up my toddler, lots of RLP. Dilated to 2 cm but baby is still high.

    Just had a FFN test done and it was negative YAY!

    Next appt is 2/20.
    Lillian Ruth arrived 9/9/10- 3 days early!!
    AAgradillas responded:
    Awww this is fun! I love it and I loved reading everyone's updates! I didn't realize how many ladies here in the 3rd tri are SO close!!!

    Amanda and Baby Brayden
    37 weeks today!
    w/g: between 16-20 lbs, I keep fluctuating up and back down...

    Even though I have DD and DS, I have never been in so much pain while preggo! Holy cow! EVP, terrible pressure, heartburn like no other and the worst back pain! I'm definitely not sleeping these days and just trying to muscle through my last 8 days of work! Brayden loves kicking my ribs, and constantly reminds me throughout the day that he is doing OK in there. As of my 36 week appt I was not dilated or anything exciting at all, and since I'm a csection, they won't be checking me anymore... boo... it's kind of exciting

    next d/a: I have my last two appts on 2/10 and 2/17 then my csection on 2/21 yay!!!
    Amanda 27, DH Freddy 27, Madison DD 10/07/06, Parker DS 01/12/09, EDD 03/01/12 Csection Scheduled 02/22/12 for Baby Boy, Brayden!!!
    AmyLynnCampbell responded:
    Amy and Zane (not completely decided on the name for sure, but fairly certian, middle name yet. Would love suggestions.

    34 weeks

    25-28 lb. weighrt gain so far. OB is expecting another large son. Ugg. At least it's a planned C-section this time. Date is set for 3-14-12 if I make it until then. I have a feeling he's coming early, but we'll see.

    I'm feeling normal uncomforts of pregnancy. Aches and pains. Bad back pain this time likely due to hauling around my 33 lb. 21-month old boy. Har dtime sleeping. In the restroom peeing all day at work it seems. Have a horrible cold htat I can't seem to shake.

    other: I feel so not ready this time. Still need to decorate the room. Zane will be sharing a room with his brother. My shower isn't until Feb. 18th and I just found out work is doing one on Feb. 27th also. So, not much time to put stuf together after that. Ugg. The family shower invites are out now though. Next asppt. is thur. Feb. 9th. So busy this time having a hard time anjoying the pregnancy. Still need to pack a hospital bag at some point also and a bag for my son.

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