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    I'm going to whine here.
    tdawntaylor posted:
    I'm sure you probably don't want to read this, but I am going to start whining now. Gotta get it out somewhere.
    I am SO tired of being pregnant. (Please don't mistake that for me meaning I regret it or don't want this baby). I got pregnant last March, had a miscarriage in June, and got pregnant again in July, and I am SO thrilled it stuck this time and everything is good. But now I have been pregnant 11 months, and have two months left to go. And I have hypermesis and have been sick every single day. Since last Wednesday -when I lost my plug- I have not just thrown up every day, i have thrown up every thing that has gone into my mouth, including water. I am so sick I can't sleep at night, then I come to work every day and deal with idiots all day long (Yes, I really love my job) I can't see straight, think straight, or walk straight anymore, and I'm just tired.
    I went to the hospital when I lost my plug, and was dilated about 1cm, but they didn't seem too concerned. I called yesterday to let them know how sick I've been since then, and that my Zofran and Phenergan aren't working AT ALL anymore. Neither are Tums. I just throw them up. The nurse told me to try eating some crackers or cheerios when I feel sick. I wanted to choke her through the phone. I am 8 months pregnant, this isn't morning sickness and I've dealt with it alright until now. But I've lost ten pounds in the last week, and you're telling me to eat crackers like I'm a three year old with a tummy ache. GRRRR.

    Sorry, really just needed to vent ladies.
    Taylor-21 Nick-25
    Angel Baby Lost 6/20/11 Bryson Scott Due 4/21/12
    hgreenwood7058 responded:
    I am sorry hugs. I don't know how you feel about injections or not but you could ask for a phenergan or zofran injectable that you could do at home (or your hubby could do for you). This would avoid the mouth route completely. I am suprised they didn't tell you to go to the hospital atleast for some IV fluids since you have got to be very dehydrated if you can't even keep water down. Also they could also consider injectable B12 which helps some women as well. Have you had your BP checked recently? If you are losing that much weight then something definately needs to be done. It would be different if you were in the 1st or even early 2nd trimester but in the 3rd you should be gaining or atleast maintaining but because youc can't eat or drink that can have issues in itself. When do you have your next appointment with your OB? If its not too far away I would suggest telling him including the amount of weight you have lost and that you can't keep water down. If its a ways away I would consider just popping into the ER or L&D (is more than likely where they would send you) and they will likely do some IV fluids and give you something via IV to see if that will help. Hugs and hope you get some relief soon.
    AAgradillas responded:
    I COMPLETELY understand! I was not as miserable the 1st or even 2nd time around! I too got preggo in March, but my miscarriage was the end of May, and I was pregnant again the very next cycle... SO, I haven't been preggo for QUITE as long, but didn't realize the total amount of time I've been preggo! Geez!
    Im sorry you have to deal with all of the stomach problems too on top of it!! Hopefully your last trimester flies by quickly and its not too hard on you! Hang in there!!!
    Amanda 27, DH Freddy 27, Madison DD 10/07/06, Parker DS 01/12/09, EDD 03/01/12 Csection Scheduled 02/22/12 for Baby Boy, Brayden!!!
    SchmidtFamily2011 responded:
    I understand !! I'm sorry your sick though! I'm just sick of being pregnant!!

    I wonder why they can't just induce you? I know your early.. but still... you clearly can't hold anything down, which can't be good for the baby! And all that pressure from throwing up can't be that good on the baby, esp without your mucus plug! Not saying that you lost your plug and it's like unplugging a drain! But still...

    And the fact that you are still working is even crazier! I feel like with you being sick and the state you are in, you should just be resting!

    Well, I feel you on the sick of being pregnant thing!

    And I really understand you wanting to choke people! I'm right there with ya! This pregnancy is making me angry!!!! hahah!

    Good luck and I hope you get to feel better soon and hold your little baby!!!
    Nothing will ever compare to being pregnant and bringing a child into this world. Being a parent is a reward from the time you conceive. ~Marie AKA TJ's MOM~
    tdawntaylor responded:
    Thanks guys.

    I've literally broke down crying at my desk about four times today. And since all my employees except one are men, they have been steering clear of me all day.

    I've considered just gonig up to the hospital, but honestly I hate going, because I feel like sometimes they think you're over-reacting or being a baby. I didn't know about the injectable B12 or anything else, that might actually do some good. I cant even keep the Phenergan down because I have to drink water to swallow it, so it always comes right back up. My grandma has a home BP thing, so I will check it tonight and if it's low I'll probably go in. My next appointment isn't until Tuesday, and I can't live like this until then.

    Thanks for listening. I don't like to be such a whiney baby, I just want to feel better!!
    Taylor-21 Nick-25
    Angel Baby Lost 6/20/11 Bryson Scott Due 4/21/12
    ReneeErin replied to tdawntaylor's response:
    I think you better head in for fluids at least. That can't be good for either of you. Hopefully your meds start working again. I can not imagine being so sick on top of being this far along. I'm miserable without being ill!!!!

    Hope you get some answers soon
    Lillian Ruth arrived 9/9/10- 3 days early!!
    oboingo76 replied to tdawntaylor's response:
    Taylor - does your job have a disability plan or do you work in a state that has one? It seems reasonable to me that you be taken out of work a little early with everything you have going on. I'm not sure if it's that your Dr just hasn't taken you out or if it's the fact that your employer doesn't have a plan.
    tdawntaylor responded:
    I kept my dinner down last night! It was just a glass of milk, but it stayed in me!

    I'm going to go in over the weekend to get an IV to hopefully be able to recover.

    My work does have a short-term diasbility plan. Problem is when I was in my first trimester I quit for a while because I was so sick I couldn't work - I didn't plan on going back to work until after I had Bryson, and I didn't plan on coming back to work here. But then my husband (who works construction) wasn't working a lot of days and we needed the income, so I came back, and now I don't qualify because you have to have been employed here for a year. Gah. DH is looking for a new job so that I can go ahead and take off, but until he finds something more stable, we can't rely on his income alone.
    Taylor-21 Nick-25
    Angel Baby Lost 6/20/11 Bryson Scott Due 4/21/12
    hgreenwood7058 replied to tdawntaylor's response:
    Yay for getting a little something in you atleast. As far as the injectable B12 as being an option this was something my Ob had mentioned to me if I couldn't keep down the phenergan. I also had injectable phenergan in the event I needed it as well but usually would just deal with the oral phenergan. The injectable B12 is an arm shot which is nice verses the other which is a tushie shot. Hopefully when you do go in they can give you enough fluids to get you back up to where you need to be. Dehydration tends to make everything worse too including sickness because after a while unless you try taking in some water you have nothing to vomit up except maybe bile and its horrible. The name of the B12 you would get is Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) I believe. Once they get the dehydration stabalized you may be able to start keeping your meds down possibly too. But definately mention to them that you haven't been able to keep anything down including water and that you have lost a lot of weight. Best wishes.
    tdawntaylor responded:
    Just to update everyone, I spent most of the day Saturday and Sunday morning in the hospital on an IV, getting something in me. Since coming home, I have just felt drained. i can barely pick my head up. It's laying on my desk at work as I'm typing (I also brought a pillow and blanket with me, I'm so exhausted.) I still haven't been able to keep anything down since then. Went to my o/b appt. yesterday, and they basically said "Sorry you're so sick, nothing we can do." Didn't check anything, really made me mad. My OB told me that I'm probably just not responding to the Zofran and Phenergan anymore since I have been on them for almost 8 months. My body has just built a tolerance to them.
    Taylor-21 Nick-25
    Angel Baby Lost 6/20/11 Bryson Scott Due 4/21/12

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