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    Updates 5-21-12
    jlynnpaine posted:
    I hope to God this is my last update post

    Jodi and Baby Girl


    w/g: Lots

    s/c: Swollen feet and a real lack of patience for this little girl to make her debut

    other: Had my 40 week appointment on Friday. Still no more progress and no signs of anything to come. On a positive note, my new doctors are great and are still optimistic that I have a chance at a vbac and haven't asked me to schedule a c-section yet.

    Next d/a: 5/23 for NST and u/s to check fluid, then meet with my doctor and discuss my options.
    sarahann1978 responded:
    Good luck Jodi, I hope you get your VBAC and all goes well SOON!

    So excited to join the third trimester for my first update here!

    Sarah and Pink Team Baby

    28w 2d

    w/g: 20#

    s/c: I have been having a lot of problems with my hips, but after a month of physical therapy and propping myself with more pillows at night it is doing much better! My heartburn is in full force, but I am still able to manage it with Tums and Pepcid.

    other: I was finally able to set up a registry last week and it was fun to pick out all things pink.

    Next d/a: June 6
    sumis replied to sarahann1978's response:
    Good Luck Jodi .Hope you have a successful VBAC

    Sumi and baby tejas team blue

    33 w and 5 days

    w/g 20lbs

    sugar levels are fluctuating so i many need to start insulin .Dr switched me to weekly appts and NSts

    next d/a : May 25
    capriciousangel31 responded:
    Good luck I hope you get your VBAC

    Megan and team yellow
    28w 2d[br>[br>w/g: 10#[br>[br>s/c: I had a pulled muscle on my right side last week so I am still taking it easy and trying not to annoy it. Other then that my only issues are having to pee what seems like every 45 mins and lightning crotch.[br>other: Had my ultrasound on the 18th my LO in measuring 8 days ahead and weighs 2 lbs 14 oz already[br>
    Next d/a: May 24th [br>
    mommyin2011 responded:
    Saundra and Baby Girl Natalie Rose


    w/g: about 12lbs

    s/c: Very sore 'down there'...she likes to push an hit my bladder all day, so I am constantly going to the restroom in fear of having an accident.

    other: Get light headed at home more often now. Very tired ( I have a 9 1/2 month old son at home to take care of after working all day ). Just had my baby shower and we are all ready for my daughers arrival! All-n-all, I feel good. Just ready to hold my baby girl!

    Next d/a: 5/31 - Every 2 wks now.
    Me (29) DH (30) 3 fur babies - DS 7/31/11 - 2nd baby due 7/20/12!! PINK TEAM :)
    BekahS responded:
    Just realized I forgot to do this!

    Rebekah and Baby Boy

    35w (today)

    w/g: 20

    s/c: heartburn everyday after lunch and dinner. It's getting a bit old. I am starting to feel huge.

    other: finally started thinking about getting the room ready. We seem to be procrastinating this time around. Its not the "first baby" feeling where you have to have everything ready 3 months in advance. Haha. And I don't have my shower until next weekend so I'm waiting for a bunch of it anyways. Lets just hope this little man doesn't make too early of an appearance!

    next d/a: Friday 6/1. GBST and an exam if I want it. Then every friday until the end...
    Me (Bekah) 25, DF (Shane) 25, DD (Avery) 4
    Expecting our second bundle of joy 6/28/2012. Team Blue!
    nickibeach responded:
    Nicki Pink Team

    27w 5d

    weight 30lbs yikes

    heart burn, pain in pelvis and back

    next appointment: June 6th

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    me, DH, DD (9/25/08), DS 9/24/10-but will be here via c-section before.

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