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    6/25 Monday Update
    Zaysmama posted:
    Blue Team - Zakiyah


    W/g: 12lb, went down 1lb as of last appt

    S/c: have been having cramping in lower stomach as well as dizziness and lack of breathing room. Very uncomfortable right now, but the glucose test was done last week and noone called about the results so I am guessing they are good.

    Other: Well we were hoping to have the nursery done by the end of the month but it doesnt look like that is going to happen. So I am just going to be happy if it is done before the shower at the end of next month so that I have a place to put all of LO's things!

    Next appt: reg ob 7/3
    sarahann1978 responded:
    Sarah and Pink Team Baby Kaitlan "Katy" Grace

    33w 2d

    w/g: 30#

    s/c: Hearburn is very strong. My sinuses have been so stuffed up it's been hard to breath. I had some minor swelling last week when it was really hot. It's hard to bend over to tie my shoes now.

    other: I had a D/A last week and everything is looking good. We also went to an all day childbirth class on Saturday and I am so excited about the hospital we are delivering at this time. They said they have one of the lowest c-section rates in the country which is fabulous in my opinion. I am also excited because they have laboring tubs in some of the rooms and I think that sounds like a great way to pass the time while laboring.

    Next d/a: July 3, every two weeks now
    Sarah (33) DH (31) DS Austin (Jan 2009) Team Pink Baby Kaitlan (Aug 2012)
    hoping101 responded:
    Melinda and Gavin


    W/G: 17lbs

    S/C: ECP times a million! Heartburn is in full force. Not comfortable at all. Medication seems to have a hold of the contractions. Hoping it stays that way.

    Other: Had my baby shower yesterday. Time to get the Nursery together since the doctor thinks I am having an early baby!

    Next Appt: 6/28
    capriciousangel31 responded:
    Megan Team Yellow

    33 weeks 3 days

    w/g: well last week I was at 11lbs but then I went to my Doctor appointment on the 21st and I had put on 10lbs in a week putting me at 21lbs, however we believe it was mainly water weight and I have lost 3lbs so far so I guess I am at 18lbs?

    s/c: had slight swelling last week due to being on my feet and outside most of the week, also having lots of loose bm ( sorry tmi ) and alto of pelvic pain when going from sitting to standing

    Other: Finally got the crib, stroller and carseat, now just to work on the baby's room, Hoping to having it done by July 10th.

    Next d/a: July 5th

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    Me (32) DH (35) DSD (16) DS (4) New baby boy due May 24th!

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