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    Feels like longest labor yet...
    Harely posted:
    For the last 2 weeks I have been in labor. The contractions have not been long enough or strong enough to do anything. But just the last few days they have been getting more regular, and stronger. Last nite they were 3 to 4 mins apart for more then 6 hours, so waited, labored through it. Got up this morning, and they had stopped! Starting back up a little bit, more of a dull aching pain on the right side. I am 33 weeks and 4 days. Very tired, and starting to wear out. Just ready to do this and hold my little girl in my arms.
    Zaysmama responded:
    Have you had your little one yet?...
    hope you are getting some relief and feeling better soon!
    Harely replied to Zaysmama's response:
    No! No baby yet, had an appt this morning they checked me, was not even dialated to 1 yet, am getting softer! I cried all the way home. Have been having contraction, and lots of pressure. They have not been consistant enough to do anything, but stress me out! Kids start school a week from today, and I will lose my helper's. I have just been very frustrated, the last couple of weeks, and am ready to be done! Guess it's in God's hands, and I know he will take care of all I need. How are you doing?
    Zaysmama replied to Harely's response:
    having similar experience. This is only baby number 2 for me but this pregnancy is completely different from my last. With DS1 i never felt BH or had early labor pains, I knew I was in labor when my water broke. With this LO I have had BH and back labor pains and lots of pressure. I went to the dr this morning hoping to hear some good news that we are close, but I am only 50% effaced and not dilated at all... I kinda felt the same way! He said that I will continue to have the back labor pains until the baby is in the proper position and even then it could still be a few weeks! And at the appt today he is measuring me at less than 37 weeks which is what I was supposed to be as of yesterday. I didnt ask about that but geez this better be over soon or I'm going to scream!

    Not having the kids in the house could be a nice change tho! You may get a bit more peace and quiet and when they get home I am sure they will jump right back into mommy's helpers! I'm glad theya re so supportive and can only hope that my 3year old is accepting of the LO and I don't have to deal with a jealous preschooler trying to bully or be babied!
    Zaysmama replied to Zaysmama's response:
    Hey how are you holding up?... saw you posted a few days ago giving megan a congrats, but nothing since then... Hopefully your lil bun is still in the oven getting big & strong, but things are better for you with the contractions and everything!
    If not can't wait to see your birth story update & hoping you and LO are healthy!
    Harely replied to Zaysmama's response:
    Hi, Nope nothing yet! Still contracting some, lots of pressure in my bottom and back. Almost to the point the pain is more then I can take. I know she is worth every little bit, but this is the most pain I have ever experienced!! I guess I should know some cause this is #8 and I am getting older, but the dislocated hip and the pain and pressure in my back has been so bad, can hardly walk. Kids are back in school, did not realize just how much I depended on my daughter's! Hope you are doing well!
    Zaysmama replied to Harely's response:
    Wow seems like you are still pretty miserable. Hopefully it gets better or you have LO soon so that you can be comfortable again. I have had the same issue with my hip going out but I have hyper flexability (double jointed) so mine seem to go in and out much easier. When the baby settles low into my pelvis my right hip goes out and its somewhat painful to walk or try lifting that leg as I can feel everything rubbing and I have limited movement with that leg as well. But When LO decides to give my pelvis a break its like I can't breathe because he is in my ribs. I know I am ready for this baby to be here so I can get my body back to normal and with this being your 8th I'm sure you are ready also.
    Thats great that they are back to school, but seems like you are a little lost without your helpers... nothing wrong with that! Hopefully they are just as helpful when you bring baby home! ....

    Well I'll be sending labor vibes your way and praying for them to come my way so that we can both get back to normal and be holding our LOs in our arms!... Hope things get better for you!

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