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    Weekly Updates 8-20
    korin81 posted:
    Korin and Khloe Madison!


    w/g: 22 lbs (down 2 pounds)

    s/c: So I did end up failing my 3 hour GTT, which I figured just based on my own readings at home. Ticks me off that my MW did not take me seriously and I had to push so hard to even get the 3 hour test. Anywho weight went down a bit due to the GD diet.

    Other: I ordered the crib and bassinet this week yayyyy!!!! Finally starting to get things in order!

    Next d/a:
    8/28, MW
    Korin(31), DH(26), DS(3), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
    Zaysmama responded:
    Heathir & Blue Team
    Zakiyah Logan


    w/g: 17lbs

    s/c: Exhaustion has really been hitting me, seems like I will have a few good days and then one really bad one where I just want to lay around all day. Other than that things seem pretty normal, and although I'm super tired of being pregnant, I don't feel this close to EDD.

    other: Finally got the rooms switched (YAY) Plan to set up DS's bed today and will have the crib up by this weekend! Once those two big things are done, will wash all baby clothes, toys, & blankets... pack bags for the hospital and be ready! Finally feeling a sense of relief!

    next appt: tomorrow 8/21/2012 - every week with reg ob

    Korin its a good thing that you have been keeping track and taking care of yourself and the baby with your GD, sucks that the MW wasn't willing to take your word sooner!
    nikndan13 responded:
    Nikki & Blue team baby

    30 weeks 2 days

    Weight : still around 30 lbs

    S/c : still having this same pubic bone and lower back pain .. Sometimes getting up I feel like the bones are separating and it's not until I'm up and about that they pop back and I get som relief ..

    Other : had a small shower with just family for my lil guy this past weekend as well as my bday . It was a really awesome time and I'm so thankful for my family getting together to celebrate my lil guy especially my older girls who planned and cleaned and were beyond helpful <3 my girls now it's time to get organized , get the room painted and get everyone settled : )

    Next appt... 8/27 reg OB
    beckie_33 responded:
    Beckie and Blue Team

    31 Weeks

    w/g: At prepregnancy weight.

    s/c: Having contractions on and off. Last night they were 10-15 min apart. Extremely exausted and ready for the next 6 weeks to go by faster.

    Other: Had an ultrasound today and baby is measuring 4 days ahead. Baby is in the head down position and facing back so couldn't get a profile picture of him today. Start non stress test next Monday and will have them twice a week.

    Next d/a: Today for follow up from the Labor scare I had last week. Aug. 29th, ultrasound Sept 17th.
    korin81 replied to beckie_33's response:
    Beckie seem's like you will def not make it to your EDD!!!! Hang in there girl!
    Korin(31), DH(26), DS(3), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
    korin81 replied to Zaysmama's response:
    Thanks Heathir! Ya the MW in the beginning was awesome. I had HG and she was a HUGE help! Not sure where things went sour. Anywho I hope we don't run into any other snares!!!
    Korin(31), DH(26), DS(3), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
    Zaysmama replied to korin81's response:
    Well thats great that she was good in the beginning, hopefully this is just a small snag & since you were watching it, atleast you know that her delayed response wont hurt the LO... Now that you are in the home stretch hopefully there are no more issues & shes great when EDD finally comes!
    beckie_33 replied to korin81's response:
    No not likely. My doctor has already told me that she'll induce me at 37 weeks and is going to do what she can to prevent my baby from coming earlier than that.

    I really want an October baby because my birthday is in October and my family has too many birthdays in August and September.
    mwhite80 responded:
    Madeline and Baby Mathew

    39w2d (hopefully my last update)

    w/g 20lbs

    s/c My hip and groin pains are getting unbearable, I just want this baby out already. My belly is always hard as a rock anymore and his kicks have slowed down. Thursday I see my doctor and hopefully he will put me out of my misery, lol.

    other: All ready for baby, we just need him to come out

    next d/a : 8/23
    Madeline(32)DH Nathan(31)-DS Paul(5), Angel baby mc @ 6weeks 8/2008, DD Isabella (17 months), New Baby Boy Mathew Charles EDD 8/25/2012
    korin81 replied to mwhite80's response:
    Sending some labor vibes your wayyyy!!!!
    Korin(31), DH(26), DS(3), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
    jedmonds12 replied to korin81's response:
    Julie & Little Dude


    w/g: 11 lbs

    s/c: My desk chair at work HURTS my hips. I can only sit for half an hour and then I have to get up and walk for a few minutes. It's seriously hampering my productivity. Lots of BHC, and they're kind of painful now, where before they just felt tight. Occasional nausea, when I'm not starving. Belly skin hurts above my navel where it's stretching

    Other: Got the 3rd bedroom set up as an office finally! And bought a crapton of baby clothes hangers. Am planning to spend an evening unpacking the teeny clothes and hanging them up. I still need some of those canvas box-type things for drawer organization. Will likely hit up IKEA this weekend!

    Next d/a: 8/27, routine OB check
    Julie (28), DH (35)
    DS Kawika 4/25/11
    Due 10/7/12 - blue team!
    happymoe responded:
    Monique and team yellow


    w/g: about 10 lbs

    s/c: Horrible hip pain, tailbone feels like someone hit it with a hammer, stronger braxton hicks.

    Other: Had a pre-op appt today for my c-section booked for Aug 29th. (Provided I haven't VBAC'd by that time) Have to go to a different town/hospital if I do go into labour, because my small town has closed the OR for a week so staff can go on holidays. We have to have OR back up for the VBAC. It's always something......

    Next appts:

    Mon 27th: regular OB appt, crossmatch bloodwork, test poke of morphine to test for allergy.
    Wed 29th: 6am c-section
    Zaysmama replied to happymoe's response:
    Hopefully you go into Labor on your own but either way, Best of Luck with the labor and delivery whether it be VBAC or another C-section! Sounds like with your hip and back pains you are ready to go either way!!!
    capriciousangel31 replied to mwhite80's response:
    I will keep my fingers crossed that this is your last update and that the next time we hear from you, you will be telling us your birth story. I remember just feeling so miserable those last 2 weeks before my little one came
    thebirdisblue87 responded:
    Mary and Blue Team, Eian Craig


    w/g: 16Ibs

    s/c: Starting to have braxton hicks contractions and lower back pain.

    other: We are finally moving next weekend so we can start working on our little guys nursery. So excited!!

    Next appt: Sept. 19th....start testing and than I will see OB everyweek for ultrasound and testing.

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