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    Weekly Updates 9-3
    korin81 posted:
    Almost forgot it was Monday lol!

    Korin and Khloe Madison!


    w/g: 22 lbs

    s/c: ECP and pressure has been terrible all the sudden. Also it seems I herniated my L4/L5 but on my right side this time...oh joy!

    Other: MW checked my at my 32 week appointment and I was a dimple dilated, very low and soft! Had an elective u/s on Saturday and they told me Khloe was very low to the point where it was very difficult to get a 3d/4d face shot! She took measurements and has me measuring a week ahead and baby's weight is ~5 lbs 1 oz! Fasting levels still range from 97-106!!!!!! No matter if I have a snack or not! I don't see the GD doc till the 11th!!!! Oh and my fluids seem to be low, not sure what would be causing that. Hoping to get some answers at my next appointment.

    Hope everyone had a nice long weekend

    Next d/a:
    9/10, GD consult/u/s
    9/11, MW
    Korin(31), DH(26), DS(4), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
    korin81 responded:
    Oops should have been 33w4d!!! Not 32w
    Korin(31), DH(26), DS(4), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
    melb1121 responded:
    joining the 3rd tri!!

    Melenie and Christopher Michael

    w/g: was 20lbs 2 weeks ago havent checked since

    s/c: horrible hip pain and discomfort, and little man is constantly on my bladder

    other: cant believe i am in the 3rd tri already!!....only thing left to worrie about is i had a post-terrior low lying placenta at they will be doing another u/s at 32w so hopefully the placenta has moved up.

    next d/a: 9/18 ob
    ChristinaTT responded:
    Christina and Yellow Team Baby!


    W/G: 10 lbs

    S/C: BHC getting more frequent and a little ouchy sometimes, trying to keep my feet up more!

    Other: Looking forward to NFL kickoff on Wedn! Missing my family / friends up in Washington who are excited too, none of our friends here in Wyoming seem to be football fans! Oh well

    Next d/a: 9/7 OB and size / position u/s

    --Christina (30), DH (30), DD #1 (7), DD #2 (5), DD #3 (2) and #4 EDD 11/4!
    nikndan13 replied to ChristinaTT's response:
    Nikki & Blue team baby

    32 weeks 2 days

    w/g- 30lbs

    s/c - serious amount of pubic bone pain I have to be super careful how I get up or else I'm almost in tears it hurts so bad , lots of heartburn and BHC to boot .

    Other - mostly set for this lil guy just need a few of the bigger things and to keep getting more organized and try and get my girls fully prepared and set too lol : ) Can't believe the summer is over ! Not sure why but I'm super emotional this week too crying about every dang thing you can think off geesh these hormones !!

  • ************Christina I'm soooo excited for football on Wednesday too lol !!
    beckie_33 responded:
    Beckie and Blue Team

    33 weeks

    w/g: As of last doctors appointment 1 lb

    s/c: Contractions aren't as bad as before due to keeping my self hydrated and staying off my feet. Legs and feet are really starting to swell and my boyfriend is great at massaging them for me. Baby keeps kicking so I know he's doing well. I even got to see him breathe at my non-stress test on Thursday.

    Other: Doctor says she'll induce me at around 37 weeks so i've got at least 4 more weeks to go. I'm ready to have this little guy out.

    Next d/a
    Non-stress test Thursday
    OB: Sept 10th
    U/S: Sept 17th
    GD consult: Sept 21st
    ChristinaTT replied to nikndan13's response:
    I feel your pain on the pubic bone pain! I know I always start getting antsy for the baby to come around now (even though I know baby needs longer to cook) -- but I was telling DH that I feel like I'm going to be holding myself in another week or two b/c it feels like baby will fall out! He suggested a girdle...I think he meant chastity belt? Oh well, we're just about in the home stretch!
    jedmonds12 responded:
    Julie & Little Dude


    w/g: Not sure, didn't weigh myself this morning. I'll add 2 lbs to last week's total due to my diet while camping though, so 16 lbs. LOL

    s/c: Soreness in my hips, back, and butt if I stay in one position for too long, shortness of breath, heartburn, nausea, headaches, and constantly feeling like I have to pee due to his position DIRECTLY on my bladder. I know this little guy needs to stay put a little while longer but I can't help but wanting to be done.

    Other: Feeling pretty stressed out lately. Counting down the number of work days I have left and dreading each day care drop off, as DS1 is NOT happy when I take him there Had a fun weekend camping at the beach though; very relaxing and it was nice weather.

    Next d/a: 9/13, the first of my weekly appts!
    Julie (28), DH (35)
    DS Kawika 4/25/11
    Due 10/7/12 - blue team!
    thebirdisblue87 responded:
    Mary and Eian


    w/g: 16Ibs

    s/c: Been having leg cramps and some swelling in my feet and ankles. The swelling goes down during the day and sometimes gets kind of bad at night.

    Other: We finally moved this weekend so we can start on the nursery now. I am so excited to finally start getting things together.

    Next appt. Sept. 19th then weekly to test little guy everyweek. I get to see him everyweek and I am so happy about that.
    iceechic responded:
    Since I work 3rd shift with Tues, Wednes, off this is my Monday lol (its actually my Tuesday now)

    Christina and Sydney Addalyn


    w/g: 19lbs.

    s/c:Continue to go to physical therapy for lower back, hip pain, and pelvic pain twice a week. Lots of RL pain, hurts to move,walk,sit, or lay. LO is always pushing under my ribs so there are sharp pains there alot too. Everything gives me heartburn. Having dizzy/lightheaded spells. The BHC are sporadic but becoming more and more. If this was the first pregnancy instead of the third I would not have done it again lol.

    Other: Still working 40 hours a week (I am a Correction Officer and overtime is MANDATORY ugh) trying to hold off as late as I can, but getting harder and harder especially with all the pain. My normal shift is fine, dont do much on third and dont have to deal with the inmates, but when I get mandated shewww its rough, the inmates are out and about, and the last time I was mandated for a full 8 hours, there was a inmate on inmate assault (happened 20 ft. from me) a inmate hit another inmate with a lock in a sock, causing blood spill crew to clean the mess up, and a emergency trip for the assaulted inmate. ugh cant wait til my 6 week break from this place.

    Next d/a: 9/20/12
    Me((Chris(29)DH((David(35)DS((Cain Michael(11)DD((Harley Reyne(7)EDD of DD((Sydney Addalyn(11/30/12)
    Love My Family
    jessi2056 replied to iceechic's response:
    Jessica and Zoey Christine Renee


    w/g: 19lbs

    s/c: She is putting her foot/arm under my ribs and i feel like I'm going to Squish her... I can't get comftorable at night... I've been waking up and throwing up in the middle of the night if i lay on my side... I have to prop my uper body up like sitting in a chair to sleep at night w/o throwing up or feeling sick.

    Other: I get to quit my job next week on the 12th to be a stay at home mom! I'm excited about that! Today I got my RhoGAM shot b/c my blood type is RH- and I got blood work done today to check my thyroid and iron levels!

    Next d/a 9/19/12
    Me(24) DH(25) expecting our first 11/27/2012 Pink Team= Zoey Christine Renee!
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to jessi2056's response:
    Jessica, I'm only 18 weeks and I also find if I sleep on my side I feel nauseous. I have been sleeping sitting up too.

    I'm not sure if it will make a difference, but I'm thinking of trying a boppie pillow to help with sleeping on my side.
    dadslilhrlygrl responded:
    Well I'm a little late but here it goes

    Brandy and Nevaeh Ann

    31w 2days

    w/g: 5lbs

    s/c: Test for the pre eclampisa came back decend.. little protein but nothing to be concerned with right now. Having BH alot and not hardly sleeping. Lil mamma is mostly up and down so I have her on my bladder and in my ribs all the time.

    other: Been stressed about everything and emotional and mood swings like crazy. I think I have scared off most people talking to me for a little bit until it calms back down lol. trying to get more organized but it has been hard since I have to stop alot to rest and take care of the other 2 kids.

    next appt: have to reschedule suppose to be 9/10
    BridgetBurke responded:
    Sorry I have been MIA lately. I have been crazy busy with work and getting everything ready for my baby girl. Also, thanks to pregnancy brain, I forgot my password for a while. Glad to see all of you ladies are doing well. I can't believe we are getting so close to meeting our little ones!

    Bridget and Caitlyn Elizabeth



    s/c: What doesn't bother me at this point?! I am so over this pregnancy! I can't wait until she is born. Between the rash, bug bites, peeing, and acid reflux I think I will get more sleep with a newborn. I just can't get comfortable. My poor hubby is a sport to not complain about the mountain of 6 pillows I need to be able to get semi-comfortable.

    Other: My last day of work is the 14th. Excited to meet my baby girl, but a little sad that DS won't be my baby anymore. He is 2 1/2 and has been wonderful this pregnancy. He tells everyone he's a good big brother and gives my belly hugs and kisses all the time. He also insists Caitlyn is bringing him a toy - a big, blue tractor. LOL. (She is btw.)

    Next d/a 9/11/12 @ 38 wks - hopefully my last appt.
    BridgetBurke replied to jessi2056's response:
    It's so great to see you here! We are both having little girls. How fun!

    I wanted to tell you to talk to your dr about the vomiting. I had bad heartburn all pregnancy and it turn out that in the 3rd tri it turned to acid reflux. If I take a Zantac 75 (as dr recommended), I am fine all night. If I don't take it . . . (shudders) I don't even want to think about it.

    I also am RH- and I am hoping my DD is as well so I do not need anymore RhoGAM shots. (My DS was RH-.)

    Also, congrats on becoming a full time SAHM next week. That's wonderful. You will enjoy it. I work part time and will not be going back until after the holiday. I am spoiled because my mom watches my little guy while I work. He has a blast with "Gram-Gram" and "Digger Pop" and I get to make a little extra $ to throw in the college fund. It's win-win. I don't think I could leave him in day care. I am not saying it is bad to leave your kids there if you have to, but I live in a small community and the ones close by would not be where I would feel comfortable dropping him off for the day.

    How have you been? Did you get the nursery ready yet or are you waiting for your baby shower? I have been thinking about you often. I am so glad Zoey is doing well. LOVE her name btw.

    Take Care.

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