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    Weekly Updates 10-1
    korin81 posted:
    Korin and Khloe Madison!

    Wow, Hello October!!!


    w/g: 23 lbs

    s/c: Pre-labor all weekend!!!!! BH and pressure still kicking my butt and its very difficult to walk! Induction is set for 12 October!

    Other: Everything is pretty much ready, just need to sterilize the pump pieces and wash some bottles in case! Hospital bag is just about ready.

    Next d/a:
    10/1, GD
    10/2, MW/NST
    10/4, NST/Growth U/S
    Korin(31), DH(26), DS(4), DD(1), Khloe Madison EDD: 10/18/12
    nikndan13 responded:
    Nikki & Blue team baby

    36w 2days

    w/g- 35 lbs

    S/c - I second that Korin just plain uncomfortable .. I had so much pressure and contractions last night I was starting to time them ...just uncomfortable to walk ,to sleep ..just about everything !!

    Other- GBS test this week ( ugg) and seeing my OB weekly now .. Starting some extra meals and such to freeze to help out my DH for when this lil guy is here . ( did muffins and banana bread today already) just have baby clothes to wash before I can pack his bag and mine ...then just a few more things to get ready for DD's 3 rd birthday ...super emotional this week .

    Next appt.. 10/3 and weekly
    Me (30) DH (33) DD (13) DD (10) DD (2) Repeat c- section for me 10/23 can't wait to meet my lil football player !! Yay Blue team !!
    jedmonds12 responded:
    Julie & Little Dude


    w/g: 10 lbs as of Thursday's appt... guess being sick for the last 2 weeks made me drop a few lbs

    s/c: Was dilated to 3.5 cm at last Thursday's OB appt!! Lots of BHC, back, hip, and butt pain. Feels like the muscle soreness after a great workout but I've been doing more laying around than working out... lol

    Other: Feel like he's coming this week. Trying to get everything wrapped up at work but having trouble concentrating... imagine that

    Next d/a: Thursday afternoon, routine OB Check
    Julie (29), DH (36)
    DS Kawika 4/25/11
    Due 10/7/12 - blue team!
    Taylove11 responded:
    Taryn and Cameron Ryan


    w/g: 17 lbs

    s/c: sore hips, insomnia, and shortness of breath

    other: Passed the GTT I'm getting really excited to meet this little guy. We are finally getting started on the nursery now that BIL has moved out.

    In my last appointment, my OB said we would look to schedule the repeat c-sec the week of 11/26 or 12/3. I can't believe I'm 2 months away already.

    Next appt: 10/3 reg OB
    Taryn(24), DH(31), DD (2) Expecting again! Blue team. EDD 12/7.
    beckie_33 responded:
    Beckie and blue team.

    37 weeks

    w/g: 9 lbs

    S/C: I've been having labor for the last 3 days. Contractions are getting more painful but stay between 6-15 min apart. Can't sleep at night because of pain and contractions.

    Other: I was in L&D early Sunday morning but didn't dialate in the 3 hrs I was there so they sent me home although contractions were getting closer together and more painful. At my doctors apointment today I was dialated to a 4 and very stretchy so my doctor thinks I could have my baby tomorrow. If my baby doesn't come by next week then she'll strip my membranes.

    At my NST this morning they had to shock the baby awake because he wasn't moving like he normally does. He typically tries to kick the monitors off my tummy but today he decided to sleep.

    At least I have all the baby's clothes and blankets washed and my bag packed for the hospital. As for a crib it's still in my mom's garage and needs to be set up.

    Next d/a:
    10/5 NST
    10/8 if I don't have my little guy before then
    jessi2056 replied to beckie_33's response:
    Jessi and Zoey

    32 weeks

    w/g: 27 lbs.

    S/C: Nothing really to report besides it being hard to sleep and these swollen hands and feet are killing me sometimes.

    Other: Got all of Zoey's clothes washed this week. Had the baby shower Sunday and received everything I needed! I def. felt blessed!

    Next d/a: today: regular OB
    Me(24) DH(25) expecting our first 11/27/2012 Pink Team= Zoey Christine Renee!
    AmandaDanielleBrown replied to jessi2056's response:
    Amanda & Addisyn
    30w 3d
    w/g: 14 lbs

    s/c: feeling"full" like theres not enough room in my stomach for this little girl, moody, a lot of back pain, my doctor put me on flexerill but it isnt helping much. urinating a ton, its really annoying me since my job has limited bathroom breaks, and its disrupting the sleep i do get.

    other: besides that im just wanting a 3rd ultrasound to check on babies weight sooner to EDD and also to see position but i think i may have to pay full price for it since ive had 2 already since they didnt think i was pregnant at first due to very low levels.

    next D/A: oct 15th
    WantAnother2012 responded:

    w/g: 22 lbs

    s/c: BHC, LOT'S of pressure, back pain,hip pain

    Next d/a:
    10/5 checkup
    10/5 ultrasound
    dadslilhrlygrl replied to WantAnother2012's response:
    Brandy and Nevaeh Ann


    w/g 9lbs- lost 1 lb from being sick

    s/c: wasn't able to keep anything down so doctor put me in hospital this week for 24 hrs. It sucked but at least she is still cooking and healthy and I am almost back. Low blood pressure and LOTS of back pain.

    Other: Hoping to go back to work for a few more weeks starting Monday. So far I am clear to go back then. Both of my daughters can't wait for me to have her so we can actually do stuff again. While in hospital youngest got really scared so I'm nervous how it will be when I go in to actually have her.

    Next d/a Today to get officially cleared to back to work
    ChristinaTT replied to dadslilhrlygrl's response:
    Christina and Yellow Team Baby!

    35w 6d - sorry super late this week!

    W/G: 11 lbs

    S/C: just feeling more pregnant! The BHC are picking up, I'm more tired, emotions are all over the map...typical last month stuff!

    Other: Setting up the newborn stuff this Sunday, the pack and play and changing table will go in our room. Taking inventory of the newborn gender neutral stuff, doing some wash, just getting ready!

    Next D/A: Thurs 10/11 - GBS, last size / position U/S, and first cervical check - I'm honestly really curious to see how things are looking!

    --Christina (30), DH (30), DD (7, 5, 2), EDD #4 11/5/12!

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