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    Water Birth
    Anon_125277 posted:
    I want to know if anyone has experienced a water birth. This is something that I really want to try.
    If you have done a water birth, mu question is, how did it go? did you like it? If you have had a 'regular' birth (in a hospital bed), how do you compare the 2 and which would you choose again? Did you have a Mid-Wife?

    scperdomo7 responded:
    I don't have much info for you - sorry. I had wanted to try a water birth as well, but my husband wasnt too keen on the idea.
    You probably won't get much of a response here, after they changed the format, a lot of the population moved to other message boards. Try - they have a lot of boards and quite a few members.

    Good luck!
    Anon_125277 replied to scperdomo7's response:
    thanks, I will try that site
    reb_hun replied to Anon_125277's response:
    also if you are giving birth in a hospital, i would ask them if they can even do it because when i asked for my last birth they said they don't do it there. good luck!
    hgreenwood7058 replied to reb_hun's response:
    this is very true. In the hospital we delivered at, when they remodeled they took out the birthing tub and made huge showers you and your partner and others could sit in, attached with a toilet and all that. I agree with cafemom theres a lot of good people on there. I labored 90% of the time in the hospital. I had a routine check and my bp was high so I had blood work and was told to go in the next day. Well they decided to monitor me since my bp was still on the higher side. I started having contractions every 3 minutes. And I had progressed from the day before so off to the hospital I went. I started out well and then my body completely stalled. Even with heavy contractions that were every 3 minutes for the first 24ish hours and then every minute after my water broke. And even when my contractions would sometimes last up to 6 minutes. Ouch I tell ya (I made it with no meds the first 30 or so hours and got an epi that wore off on my left side completely so I still felt everything).Was having complications (I ended up on complete bed rest after about 16 hours because everytime i got up to go to the bathroom my son would decel). Well after 36 hours because I started running a fever, he was deceling, i was tachycardic and some other issues I ended up having an emergency c-section. I wasn't afraid of the c-section as I was mentally prepared in the event it needed to happen because my mom had to have 3 (also for not progressing). What I wasn't overly prepared for is being told I was going to do a spinal and then husband could be in there during the c-section. Well it turned into more of an emergency aparently because after a minute of being in the OR (which they had already prepared about 2 hours before) they decided the safest route was general anesthesia so I was knocked out completely so I didn't get to hear my sons first cry or see him till he was 11 hours old. My husband (after about 5 minutes or so), mom, grandma and a few others got to see him about 30 minutes after delivery. I was wheeled in at 2:03 and he was born at 2:10am. The nurses and dr's said I basically had gone through a vaginal and c-section because I had the swelling and all that from laboring so long. Oh and I ended up with a severe tear on my uterus because he was stuck in my pelvis so when they were getting him out I got the tear. So yeh long story short be prepared for anything. I was told from here on out I should have a c-section. Oh I didn't mention he was 17 days early and I was told my entire pregnancy he was going to be a regular size baby (like around 7lb at 40 weeks and that the reason I was so huge is because I am short at 4'11 and I was small framed) yeh umm he was 7lb5oz and 21 inches long even being that early.So just imagine how big he would have been had I still had the 2.5 weeks to go. Funny thing is I had told multiple people that I had a gut feeling he was going to be about 2 weeks early. Just a feeling. Some people said wishful thinking because of it being my first birth. Others said oh your going to be late. Others said "are you sure you aren't going to pop now" (even at 28weeks). I was right! lol. He was actually early than I thought he would be. I was 37w4d (barely mind you since it was 2:10am and I started the labor process at 37w2d) Okay I am done with my long story ha lol. I am curious what you find out about the water birth and if you do it let us know how it goes!
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