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    Weekly Updates 12/10
    BeautifullyBlessed posted:
    Beautifully Blessed and Baby Canaan!

    31w 1d

    W/G: 36 lbs!

    S/C: indigestion / heartburn / braxton hicks - I can't seem to tell if it's the baby balling up or actually braxton hicks.

    Other: I have my 4D ultrasound scheduled for Friday. I found a good price that includes the teddy bear with the baby's heartbeat recorded. YAY!!!

    Next Appt: OB Fri 12/14
    kj121 responded:

    wg: 10 lbs

    heartburn all the time, baby's feet are in my ribs, and I'm totally done with being pregnant. I'm tired all the time, my back hurts constantly and I can't even change positions in bed without my pelvis popping, which is a killer in itself.
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to kj121's response:
    oh wow! that sounds horrible!

    I'm sorry to hear that...I wish I was 34 weeks already. When did your heartburn start?
    reb_hun responded:
    31 weeks even

    w/g: i think is at 15 lbs

    s/c: hearburn, hips hurting every night (possibly sciatic), baby
    likes to pick on mommy by pushing up into my ribs and kicking my bladder... a lot...

    other: youngest is sick so sleep is well, just like having a newborn at times...

    next appt: midwife fri 12/14 and new ppc 12/14, busy friday!!!
    Laur1981 responded:
    Lauren and baby Dylan.

    36w2 d

    w/g 8 lbs

    s/c hmm. issues controlling the gestational diabetes, lovely sciatica, have given up trying to get out of bed without rolling (which my 9 y/o finds HYSTERICAL!) and cant shower without getting dizzy and fearing I will fall. DH and I have been showering together... which he sees as a sign to try to have sex with me. HA! OB has given an eviction notice of 1/5/13 unless I go on my own due to the GD. Strange thing is, without having GD, I had DD at 37w3, DS at 38w2, both uncomplicated natural labors... so I hope to not make it to the 39 week mark lol

    Next appt monday with sonogram to measure growth (last check 3 weeks ago was 5lb 14 oz) and BPP, NST and then to OB for the lovely group B strep test.
    kj121 replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
    I've had heartburn this whole pregnancy. Tums worked at first, for the most part. Now I'm taking Zantac and Tums, and nothing is helping, but it's much worse if I don't take either.
    BeautifullyBlessed replied to Laur1981's response:
    I think it is great that DH is showering with cute! But men are a could be in the worse situation and they will still try

    You are almost done though! I so wish I was 36 weeks...uuhhh...make that 40 if he's going to take that long, but if he wants to come at 37 weeks, I think that will be safe.
    Laur1981 replied to BeautifullyBlessed's response:
    Doc has moved eviction date to 12/29 due to abnormal lab values and the GD. was diagnosed with BV today so sex off limits which DH made a face at. Lol
    reddawn75 replied to Laur1981's response:
    I hope and pray for you and your family that all goes well! Best wishes!

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