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    Hospital Stay...
    sdadkin posted:
    My second DS is almost 6 months old and I just requested the detail billing for my labor with him. They charge for every little single thing you use! They even charge by the hour for each hour you're in labor. It's ridiculous!

    Most hospitals charge you like 3 times the cost amount for the medical items they give you. I.E. hemorriod cream, tucks pads, dermoplast spray, prenatal vitamins, tylenol, etc. My suggestion is that you go the store and buy a few of these items and bring them with you and refuse theirs! I was even charged $18 for a breast shield thing to help with breastfeeding. You can buy one of those at Babies R Us for only $7.

    The things I suggest you buy and bring to your labor: Tylenol, prenatal vitamins, hemorroid medication (if you don't have any now you more than likely will get some with all of that pushing during labor!), breastfeeding accessories and breast pump, etc.

    And I also suggest requesting a detail of the billing to make sure they charged you right. I was charged for 14 cans of Dermaplast. Who in their right mind would use 14 cans during 2 days of stay? Crazy! I didn't even use one. I was also charged over $100 for breastpump kit which I was never given!
    Me (26) SO (26) DS (7/22/09) EDD (5/10/11) Blue Team!
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    rubygirl82 responded:
    Lurking--when I had my first child, the hostpital billed me for a circumcision....for my DAUGHTER!!!!!

    One thing I will say, take everything you can get your hands on at the hospital, you are paying for it anyway, might as well take all of it.
    fiannakyn replied to rubygirl82's response:
    Lurking (expecting via adoption) and I work in an health insurance company and I have to agree with you 100% on the cost and the mistakes! My department is actually called "Corrected claims" and run into these daily! I still giggle at circumcisions for girls, labor and birth for the husbands, prostate exames for women, etc. : )

    I STRONGLY recomend getting a detailed itamized bill. you WILL find mistakes.
    KenziesMom12 replied to fiannakyn's response:
    Wow!! that is really interesting. That is exactly what I am going to do when my LO is about to arrive!!!
    fiannakyn replied to KenziesMom12's response:
    oh and I just learned that a lot of hosptials automaticly charge for cerc on EVERY boy, so if you're not going to have that done, be sure you're charged for it anyway!
    Violetrevolution replied to rubygirl82's response:
    lol...that's crazy
    Violetrevolution responded:
    thanks it really helps...last time we had insurance so we didn't have to pay anything..but this time we're self every little bit helps...I will definitely buy those things and take with me and will make sure to check the detailed billing also...thanks again
    KBratt responded:
    I do recommend you use their GIANT pads & undies!! They are like HEAVEN! lol, when I had DD I snuck like 3 packs of each out in my bag from the nurses station down the hall. They are so stretchy & those pads are wonderful for making you feel like you aren't "falling apart" lol.
    22; DH 21; EDD1 8/24 Kelsey Paige or Mackenzie Denae
    AAgradillas replied to KBratt's response:
    I SO agree with this!! Those pads and undies are AMAZING after you just had a baby and the hospitals don't care at all if you take some with!! I had a csection and loved the hospital granny undies

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