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    Age 41 with a psa of 5.9 and not so smooth prostate :(
    Plumber1970 posted:
    after bloodwork saying psa 5.9 and rectal exam with the doctor saying my prostate wasn't smooth I am having a biopsy in the morning. He says I have a 25 to 30 percent chance that it is prostate cancer. This is some scary stuff. For one I am scared the biopsy will hurt and how I will feel after its done and then ofcoarse getting the results back. I am only 41 years old any feedback on this would be much appreciated. Thank you.
    ttwood52 responded:
    I'm 59 and just went through this last year and know of the anxiety you are feeling. When I had the procedure done, my urologist, first used something to numb the rectum, prior to beginning the procedure. Hope you get this prior to your procedure, ask your urologist for that prior to getting the biopsy, it really helps.
    My urologist took 16 samples, because of abnormality on the right lobe of the prostate. Only two of the samples were sensitive.
    Some of the things that will happen after the biopsy, is possible blood in the urine, only had a little bit for the first day, possible blood when you have a bowel movement, I had a little for two or three movements after the procedure. The other thing is blood in your semen which can last for a couple of months. My first time after it was blood red but this cleared up within a month. My main problem was a swelling of the prostate after the biopsy, I had this treated with acupuncture which really relieved it. No they don't put more needles in your prostate, but on your stomach area and few other places on your body and they don't hurt at all.
    The best thing is after the biopsy results came back it was totally negative. Had a PSA done 3 months after the biopsy, it rose some, my urologist wasn't sure why since the biopsy was negative. Will have another examination in about 3 months and another PSA done then.
    The whole area of PSA & prostate changes seems to be a bit cloudy, but it's better to keep up on things, so I'll follow the urologist's suggestions. One thing I would suggest is to read as much as you can and when you go to your urologist bring in your written questions. Have a friend, partner/spouse with you to write down the answers. You may not remember the answers because of anxiety. If you don't understand something, ask the urologist to rephrase it another way until you have a good understanding of what he is saying. Hope this helps.
    Best of luck Plumber, let the other men on this discussion know how things went.
    Plumber1970 replied to ttwood52's response:
    Thanks for the feedback and knowledge. I just had my biopsy this morning and that was NOT fun. The probe and the doctor moving it around hurt more than anything. The actual needles taking the samples didn't hurt at all. I will get the results next week. until then i will do more reading and post my results when i get them. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post i really appreciate it and it helped me get thru this test.
    marinemustangpa replied to Plumber1970's response:
    My advice to all is find a doctor who does the biopsy under anesthesia. Mine does - I had four biopsies and no pain. I think it is easier on the doctor and patient if they use anesthesia. Propofol is what my doctor uses and an anesthesiologist administers the drug.

    Good luck with the results.

    techworm replied to marinemustangpa's response:
    I am 56 my PSA was 5.5 and my prostate was normal and I got a prostate exam evey year,
    Had a biopsies and it was cancer had the surgy prostate was 330% cancer.
    Plumber1970 replied to techworm's response:
    Wow happy to report that my test came back negative. Going through this really changed my life realizing I def need to take better care of myself and exercise. But I still want to deal with my testosterone which is only 250. And I am only 41. I have sexual problems Ed, always tired lack of motivation etc.... My doctor says all my other tests check out ok. I am happy I do not have cancer but I am so un happy with myself as far as the other problems I am describing this has been going on for years and I just don't feel like a man if that makes any sense. I am not looking to feel like I am 20 again but but I am 41 and feel like I am like 60. Pluse all of this has put a tremendouse stress on my marriage and i am hanging on by a thread.I decided to go with getting the shots only because I am afraid of the gell coming into contact with my child and mike thru physical contact. I think it's work a try as long I get bloodwork every 3 months to check for irregularities and spikes in my psa. I don't know does any of this make sense ? I would love some feed back on this. This community has been great and I thank each and everyone for you feed back and support.
    Plumber1970 replied to Plumber1970's response:
    Sorry for a few typos not that it matters But I am married to a beautiful woman name iris and I have 3 kids 5, 18, 20.
    fishing1971 replied to Plumber1970's response:
    Congratulations on the negative result. Did your doctor say why your PSA level is so high even without cancer? Did he recommend further testing to find out why?
    Plumber1970 replied to fishing1971's response:
    Thanks for the congrats i appreciate it. he said my prostate was slightly enlarged. and lots of things can cause high psa. he said its just an indicator test that something might be wrong. I have totally changed my diet eating healthy no red meat. 2 weeks now and already lost 12 pounds. i have decided to get testosterone injections because i am afraid my 5 year old will come in contact with it when its applied to my body. i have been def feeling not normal for a very long time if that makes any sense and my ed is so bad right now its one of the big factors thats ruining my marriage and my sexual needs. i want to at least try for 3 months and get retested full blood work if results are ok then i will continue getting the shots. i have accepted that i will have to stay on top of this and get regular checkups and testing. I am really hoping this is going to increase the quality of my life. my testosterone level is 250 and at 41 it should be between 600-800 if i am not mistaken.

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