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    Treatment options?
    JohnPM posted:
    I'm 56 diagnosed with prostate cancer. Three of twelve samples positive with a Gleason score of 6. My doctor recommends Hormonal treatment to shrink my very large prostate (150 cm) before surgery . Is this the best option?
    bogie11 responded:
    I researched all of the treatment options before deciding, and I chose proton radiation rather than surgery or other types of radiation. Three years later i'm delighted with my choice, because i've had no side effects, no incontinence, and no impotence, as is a concern with other options.
    billh99 responded:
    I don't know how the size of the prostate affects the surgery.

    But FINASTERIDE, which I had been taking earlier for BPH also helps shrink the prostate. Basically it blocks the action of the hormones directly on the prostate without all of the side effects of hormonal treatments.

    Since I was on it before I was diagnosed with PC I decided to stay on it. My urologist did not think muck of it. But my surgeon thought that it was worth a try.

    At the time, about 2 years ago) there was a trail starting comparing those that got finasteride and did not before surgery.

    Worth asking about.

    BTW, I had no problems with the surgery and or after affects. My prostate was on the small size when removed. I have no idea if ti would have been large without the finasteride or not.

    Also if you could lose a little weight now is the time to do. And get in shape. Exercise helps. Sprecially things like walking/running. And practice the kegel exercises before the surgery.

    Studies have show that people at normal weigh and good fitness levels have much much less problems after the surgery.
    JohnPM replied to bogie11's response:
    I guess I should look in to Proton Therapy When I was working on the Hampton University Proton Center's sign there were a lot of satisfied guys coming there. I just don't know what the insurance and I can afford.
    JohnPM replied to billh99's response:
    I'm not sure what hormones the doctor is going to use. But he said the size of my prostate limits some options. I also have to lose weight from the stomach before the operation
    Dwhit32 responded:
    I had proton radiation seven years ago with a wonderful result. PSA is down from 6.2 to .4 with no side effects. Medicare and my secondary insurance covered it all except for my living expenses while I was away from home for 2 months. If I had written a script for my treatment and result, I couldn't have done any better than what has occurred. I urge you to give proton radiation strong consideration
    JohnPM responded:
    Well we tried the hormone injection to try and shrink the prostate. It came down to about 100cm but my psa showed increase to 6.2 from a 3.75 Doctor said it should have been at zero after the hormone so he retested that and my testosterone PSA was 4.75 He wants to try a different faster acting Hormone. Ready to get this thing out and get on with life
    RichardA replied to JohnPM's response:
    I just had my first of two 3mo. hormone injection 2 wks ago. Going for gold markers in mid Dec so they will assess the prostate size while implanting the markers. Will let you know if the size is an issue. Not scheduled for another psa until completion of 8 weeks of IMRT. Thanks for the information and I will pray that your psa and prostate return to what is expected.
    jameshodge responded:
    I feel that any procedure (invasive or not) should always be the last option to take into consideration when all else fails. My husband has been having prostate problems for the last 10 years and was told to try hormonal therapy. Not happy with one doctors prognosis, we went on to another one who suggested we try natural nutritional supplements first. We read up first and came across positive reviews of Super Beta prostate supplements . Decided to give it a shot and it worked great for him. It has no side effects, which was a major plus point and provides all the nutrients your prostate needs to be healthy. Give it shot, only after consulting your doctor first.
    jameshodge responded:
    I'm sure you're doing research and may be you've already found the right option but I'd recommend getting a second opinion from a doctor. In the Super Beta Prostate review that I read, even prostate supplements have had some success in improving overall prostate health.
    JohnPM responded:
    Finally had the da vinci prostatectomy March 15 First couple of weeks were a little rough. But I went back to work after two weeks on light duty. Some bladder leakage but i'm doing a little better every day
    olderbutnotbetter replied to JohnPM's response:
    Did you ever give Cryotherapy treatment a thought? Just asking..Had biopsy and got the PC news yesterday! I need to make a choice between Da Vinci or Cryo...My Urologist keeps pushing the Cryo route, but did leave it up to me to decide. AT 56, he did NOT recommend radiation or Proton treatment. Had Gleason score of 6, 3 of 12 samples came back positive with less than 10% of each sample showing cancer, and a PSA of 4.0..

    Cryo sounds less invasive, but not a sure thing to eliminate PC down the road.. Thoughts from those who did the surgery route?
    JohnPM replied to olderbutnotbetter's response:
    Hey Olderbut notBetter Your Gleason score and all looks about the same as mine and we're about the same age I went with the surgery because I felt young enough and healthy enough to recover easily. I still have some leakage and ED but thats getting better. Try to see if there is a Da Vinci Prostatectomy Fraternity in your area. I went to a meeting here in Hampton Roads VA area I learned a lot. Good luck there's a lot of guys going though what you are.You're not alone

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