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    Includes Expert Content
    Just received the word - "PC"
    jpc64atc65 posted:
    i'm a 48 yr old male and just got the word this week from my Urologist that I've have prostate cancer.
    Sounds like caught early and just beginning the journey to discover best solution to treat. A little scared right now.
    Doctor is recommending surgery given my age and relatively good health.
    Curious on others views on going this route (if you are in mid/late 40's).
    Thanks for the "virtual" support!
    krieb responded:
    Hey jpc-

    I am not in my 40s, but it is sometimes reassuring to hear from someone who has been there.....and recently. It isn't often that men in their 40s have prostate cancer. I am 63 and in excellent health....walk 6 or 7 miles a day at the wildlife refuge with my black lab.

    I too was shocked and scared. I decided to go with the Radical Prostatectomy. It seemed to me to be the best solution. If you elect a different method, then you can't decide to have this surgery later. You're done. I had the surgery and home the next day. Fishing in Canada 6 weeks later. Recovering nicely. Only drawback after only 4 months is I haven't had an erection, but taking inhibitors. Many of my friends have had the surgery and are back doing everything they were prior to surgery. So they tell me. My neighbor had this surgery 20 months ago, started taking Cialis a couple of weeks ago with success. My doctor says to give it time.

    Go with the di vinci surgery. Good luck.
    bogie11 responded:
    I recommend researching all of the options before deciding on surgery. Most urologists recommend the treatment that they perform for obvious reasons. In my case, after comparing choices I chose proton therapy, which has minimal to zero side effects, and four years later i'm delighted that I did. The procedure was painless and my life has continued as before with no side effects.
    Basir U Tareen, MD responded:
    It sounds like you're doing your due diligence and taking all the correct steps to get the information you need. I always tell my low risk patients (based on Gleason score, PSA, and clinical staging) that there is no wrong answer. Weigh all the options, get all the opinions from various experts and then confidently make your decision. It will be the correct one.
    jd_day1_rev1 responded:
    Hi jpc,
    I was diagnosed with PC last year. Type 2, Stage 1. My urologist said at my age(63) and being in good health, I had many options (radical prostatecomy, brachetherapy, radiation, etc). I was very concerned about the various side effects mainly impotence and/or incontenance.

    My wife's cousin had the radical surgery a few years ago and he had no problems. He chose the surgery because he
    wanted it out right away. He ended up going to Johns Hopkins
    about an 1-1/2 hr from his home. He said it was one of the
    leading PC surgery centers in the East.

    My daughter's father-in-law had brachetherapy a couple of years ago and he is fine. He said he wanted something that
    was less evasive and still had a high success rate and
    minimal side effects.

    I never considered radiation because I did not want multiple
    trips to the clinic for treatment.

    It turns out that there was an excellent radiation oncologist in my area (supposedly one of the best on the East Coast).
    I scheduled a consult with him and really liked him. He
    specialized in brachetherapy so I decided to go that way.

    Because I had a large prostate, I had to get Lupron shots to
    shrink it. It took two injections to get it small enough to allow
    for swelling afted the procedure. It ended up being about 1 year from diagnosis to treatment.

    The procedure was simple and painless. It has only been a
    month since the seed implants. So far no problems and I am relieved at that. I still am having some residual effects from
    the Lupron (mainly hot fashes, low libido). My urologist said
    it may take another month or so for the Lupron to wear off.

    So, ask around like you are doing. Do you own research
    and find the best doctor you can to do the procedure.

    Cancer is a scary thing to talk about. But the advancements
    in PC treatment in recent years has been incredible. Thankfully you got an early diagnosis so you should do fine.

    Good luck with whatever treatment you decide.
    robhmaurer replied to jd_day1_rev1's response:
    JPC, this is my first post. I found out a week ago that i have PC. I am 43 and an avid marathon runner. My local dr has referred me to the cleveland clinic. His suggestions were active surveillance or removal but said i should get a second opinion. My gleason score was 3 3. My father had it and had radiation but doing fine now. I am really scared at the moment. My appt at Cleveland clinic is December 7th and for me, not knowing is tough. I am going to do lots of research in the meantime.
    paulohio1947 replied to robhmaurer's response:
    Hello...65 here from Sandusky Ohio. I had my prostate removed May 2011 at the Cleveland Clinic. Had a great Dr. His name is Fergany. Also had 39 external radiation treatments. All went well.. The only thing I have been dealing with since, is loss of identity and feeling like I'm less of a man now. I have scheduled an appointment with a Therapist for help on this. I wish you well on this most "powerful journey that we men face in our lives. Feel free to send an email if you like to. My name is Paul Bock, and my email is: PBock518@AOL.COM
    jameshodge responded:
    You are definitely not alone. Take a quick browse through Super Beta Prostate testimonials and you'll see that thousands have been exactly where you are. Whatever course of action you take, consider prostate supplements as well.

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