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    What should I do?
    An_249954 posted:
    I am a current prostate victim. Ther is a little about me my current condition. Hopefully with some helpful suggestions from the doctor and community.

    Age 80 1/2, 5 ft 8 inches, 150 lbs, exercise regularly(walking jogging, hiking, on NO medications. overall good health except for the cancer. Here are my test results:

    PSA - 1997 1.5 and very slowly rising to 2009, 6.9 and then accelerated 2010 11.8, 2011 12.0, 2012 19.9

    Recently had a 12 sample prostate biopsy with 11 of the samples with cancer. Here are the results:


    Right Apex 4 + 3 YES 1 OF 3 2 15 NO GRAY 3 0.2-1.2
    Right mid 4 + 3 YES 1 OF 3 2.5 16 NO GRAY 3 0.1-0.7
    Right Base 0 + 0 NO 1 0 0 NO GRAY 1 1.5

    Right lat. Apex 4 + 3 YES 2 OF 3 3 30 NO GRAY 3 0.1-1.2
    Right lat.mid 4 + 3 YES 1 OF 2 4 25 NO GRAY 2 0.7-1.1
    Right Lat.Base 3 + 3 YES 1 4 30 NO GRAY 1 1.3

    Left Apex 4 + 3 YES 1 OF 2 1.5 10 NO GRAY 3 0.1-1.2
    Left mid 4 + 3 YES 2 OF 2 5 50 NO GRAY 2 0.1-0.9
    Left Base 4 + 3 YES 2 of 2 6 50 YES GRAY 2 0.2-1.2

    Left lat. Apex 4 + 3 YES 1 OF 2 2 12 NO GRAY 2 0.3-0.8
    Left lat.mid 4 + 3 YES 2 OF 2 4.5 50 NO GRAY 2 0.7-1.2
    Left Lat.Base 4 + 3 YES 1 7.5 70 NO GRAY 1 1.3

    The Urologist scheduled me for a CAT Scan and Bone Scan. Results are NOT in yet. Now several questions have occurred:

    1.) Should I even do anything at my age?
    2.) Should I just do a watchful waiting?
    3.) How effective are radiation pellets compared to a regular radiation treatment? And are the side effects of both methods?
    4.) Should I go through the pain and suffering of a operation and its after effects, IF that is the doctor's recommendation?
    5.) How effective is a good solid vegetarian diet to combat Prostate cancer?
    In the last 3 months, I have given up 100% of alcohol consumption. I was not a big drinker. Two glasses of wine or beer per day.
    Also reduced my sugar, fats & oil consumption by 85%. Very little red meat, mostly salt water fish. Prior to the last PSA test and
    many years before, my diet has been rich in whole grains, vegetables and fruit.
    bogie11 responded:
    I am your height and weight. I excise daily and eat a healthy diet. My PSA rose gradually until my urologist did a biopsy and found six positives. I was 82 at the time and decided to watch and wait rather than have seeds or IMRT, both of which have unpleasant side effects. My doctor said that I was too old for surgery. A year later I heard about proton therapy which has minimal to zero side effects. I checked into it further and decided that it was the choice for me. Four years ago I was treated at Jacksonville Proton Therapy Institute. It was a thoroughly wonderful experience, and I have had no side effects since. There was no pain involved, and I continued my regular routine during the treatment. And my insurance paid the bill. Check it out.
    Donone replied to bogie11's response:

    Thank you for yor valueable input. I certainly will discuss this option with the Urlogist the next appointment.
    nick712 responded:
    Hey again An_249954, Thats a lot of questions you've listed there. I hope that you're able to get your answers. I have prostate cancer too (recently diagnosed) and there has been a lot of confusion since then. I found this interesting app that I've been using to ask questions whenever I think of one: I really hope you are able to find it useful!!
    Donone replied to nick712's response:

    Thank you for the input. I'll look into the site.
    I also found the site VERY usefull. Try it.

    jameshodge responded:
    It's very good to hear that you do exercise. I really do think that most of these questions should be answered by your doctor but if you ask, I'm all for watchful waiting, all things considered. I'd also recommend reading Super Beta Prostate supplement reviews which I personally prefer to the other prostate supplements. Hope you find the right answers.
    steve523 responded:

    I am much younger and have prostate cancer and need to make a decision on what course to take, the radical method or natural method. My gut tells me that you feel the natural method is for you as I feel its best for me. The suggestions that you are making are excellent and I'll add a few more to your list. Drink a 4 ounce glass of pomegranate juice another great antioxidant and actually inhibitor is tomato sauce like in the can. This has been shown in studies to do great things. I'm also taking a lot of essential natural oils like frankincense. The problem with all these treatments that they provide is that they weaken our immune systems which allows other things to kill you besides the prostate, good luck

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