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    Advice/Input please...Met a young lady.
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on posted:
    About a month or so ago i met a girl, it started out as us just hanging out over a couple drinks. We decided to hang out on saturday and we spent the entire day together and we had a great time. We would text occassionally and talked on the phone some. We hung out a couple more times after that, dinner and a movie kinda thing, nothing to crazy. But we always seemed to enjoy each others company. We both work and our schedules have been a bit crazy over the past month. A few weeks ago i had a project going on at work that consumed me, but i would still send her the occasional text to see how she was doing, etc. But it would take days to hear a response, where before it was instant or it would take a couple hours. So i made the decision that she didnt want to see/talk to me anymore but she didnt have the fortitude to tell me to my face. Well i went on vacation and when i got back, i ran into her. She was all smiles and was really excited to see me and i wont lie, it was good to see her to. She kept telling me how happy she was that i was back in town and now that work has slowed down a bit that we need to hang out again, and i agreed. So a few days later i sent her a basic text asking how work was etc. its been 3 days and no response. Thankfully, this time i was prepared not to hear back from her. My gut, mind, heart are telling to just keep moving on...I have brought up the topic of her not getting back to me and she just kind of let it go. Am i over reacting? Personally i think if you are interested in someone you would atleast respond to them. So with that logic, thats why i tried to write her off, until i saw her a few days ago. Any advice input would be much appreciated.
    HeavenlyWeather responded:
    I would not necessarily assume that she doesn't want anything do do with you anymore. She could be having issues with her phone or maybe issues in her personal life where she doesn't have much free time to be on the phone. There may be a multitude of reasons.

    The only way to really find out for sure is to ask her. Maybe call her instead of text if you can get ahold of her. If you really like her and want to keep hanging out, then don't lose faith until she actually tells you that she doesn't want to see you or she stops putting 100% into the relationship that you guys have together.

    Don't give up hope yet!
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on replied to HeavenlyWeather's response:
    I appreciate your input. Still havent got a reply to the text i sent, i saw her at her work on sunday and we talked briefly, just usual banter, no talk of hanging out or why she didnt respond. I know she can get busy at times, but when we have hung out and someone texted her or what ever, she was fairly qucik to respond. So that is why i got upset when she didnt respond, I was assuming that she didnt want to see me. Which is perfectly fine, just be a decent person and tell me, so i can stop wasting my time.

    I was going to reach out to her yesterday to hang out, i had the day off, but decided against it. My reasoning for that is because i do not want to ask her out and not get a response, i agree that i do need to bring up this topic to her. And just get a feel for where her mind is and basicially just put it out there, that when she wants to hang out, she can get ahold of me. Im not going to text/call if she isnt going to respond, and leave the ball in her court. Once that is said, im pretty sure she wont contact me. If she does ill be shocked and this entire process can start over again lol

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