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    this not a ressource
    dem124 posted:
    ................ This has been all too much and can't take it anymore. It's bad enough having to deal with have to deal with on an every day bases. But now there the once again of my medical needs. Last week I went to my medical doctor for my folllow up. I told him that I had not been feeling well. He ordered lab work ups which turned out to be negative. So now I need to go back again . Almost everytime I go they find something else wrong. And that's the truth. My body is slowly attacking me I have had enough, my attitude sucks miserably. My therapist does know all about it. That's why I get away with calling his voice mail . I do try my hardest every day to do the things that right, but I am so so tried. I am sorry but this is how I feel
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    dfromspencer responded:
    I'm sorry you don't feel good today!!!

    I hope you get better super fast!!!

    Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD responded:
    I'm sorry you feel this way, too. Have you ever talked with your therapist about finding a support group? -- something like what you get from here, but in person? I'm wondering if this could be an extra help for you. If you haven't talked with him, you might want to consider doing so. Also, you can check the Self-Help Clearing House for groups.
    An_260595 replied to Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD's response:
    ......................mmbig triggers ,I didn't want to say this. I went for the longest time not wanting to but some people think it I should . If some people recall I said that I needed surgery to remove some cysus from my ovaries. Itv is now a year later and I still have not had. I been a really need to get done,and I just can't. I really am such an emotional trap. I just I cant do it. Oh god forgive me
    dfromspencer replied to An_260595's response:
    Now, now, relax, take a few deep breaths. Better? Okay, so what if you have put it off, today is a new day, one filled with promise? You have listened to my scary surgery problems, and hey, guess what? I'm still here!!! If I can do it, anyone can!!!

    Oh, and here is the good part, this surgery you need, only hurts a little compared to mine, it is as wind through the willows! When I had my appendix taken out, I wanted to go back to work the next day! This surgery on my neck, well, lets just say I am in a holding pattern?! The pain in my neck is a pain far worse than the one you will have!!! Trust me on that!

    Nope, no more excuses! Get yourself in for the procedure, listen to your doctor, ask him questions, do not leave until you are satisfied you have all the information you need on this procedure! Then, you set up the surgery date, and be there for it! This is ho-hum to your surgeon, he has done this more times than Carter has pills!!! DO NOT BE AFRAID!!!

    I will be right there beside you, all the way!!! You were/are there for me, now let me be there/here for you!!!! Go on, call that number and get the ball rollin! If at any time you feel scared, just think about the surgery I went through, on my neck? Come on, if I can trust the Dr. to get that close to my spinal collumn, you can let this Dr. get that close to your ovaries!!! Come on now, take that deep breath, blow it out forcefully, then make the call!!!

    I'll be right here,


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