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    Social Security Disability Approved!!!
    HuskerKittyCat posted:
    Just wanted to share the news with my fellow RA'ers. My application for disability for Social Security has been finally approved. I know its not what we all have planned for ourselves, but at least its something when you find yourself unable to work. This has been a long haul with denials and more paperwork. What a headache, but now its over. I can't help but feel some relief, as now I will have medical coverage and a little bit of cash to pay for those everyday needs. Good luck to all those of you out there who are still waiting for your approval.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Congratulations! I am absolutely delighted for you. Hopefully you can breathe a little easier knowing you'll have some income and medical coverage.

    If you wouldn't mind sharing, could you let your fellow RAers know how long it took you to get approved?

    Thank you and congratulations once again,

    Sharbear50 responded:
    That is awesome. Congrats! I am still fighting with them. Wish me luck. I have been denied twice. ALJ next, probably a year or more away. I've been trying since Oct. 09
    baytan2 responded:
    I received notification that my SSDI was approved around six months ago. I applied in October 2008, denied January 2009, appealed in March and won my case in July 2009. However I must wait two years for medical coverage to kick in and I think this is just ridiculous. I was working when I became ill and I kept my COBRA insurance coverage when I had to stop work. However in December I was notified that my payments will now be 799.00 plus a few cents every month. I am taking prednisone, methotrexate, humira and numerous other meds for high blood pressure. Just had visit with rheumatologist last week and forced to stop mobic due to abnormal labs. I want to drop the insurance coverage due to the high cost but am afraid to do so especially now that I may be beginning to have problems with meds and such. But I really cannot afford these outrageous premiums. I feel that it is just unfair to work and dedicate my life to helping others (I was a nurse for thirty years) and become ill and still have to wait for insurance coverage when I would still be working if I was able. I am grateful that I did get my approval but the system is very screwed up that works this way. I was instructed not to take any motrin or tylenol until my labs are repeated in one month and I have had severe pain in my knees today since I assume I am not supposed to take my vicodin since it has tylenol in it. I'm sorry if my post got off topic. In summary, I was close to a year in receiving my SSDI notice and it seemed like a terribly long time. Congrats, HuskerKittyCat, glad you were awarded and you are correct, it does make everything a little easier just having a few dollars in my pocket to pay necessities and I wish all our fellow RA's on here the best with their fight to receive what we worked and paid in. Good luck, all.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to Sharbear50's response:
    Sharbear50--I hope the third time is a charm, as they say. I'm sorry it's taking so long and please keep us updated.

    Baytan2--I'm glad you finally got approved, but sorry to hear about the cost. If you look to the right of this page under "Tips," you should see one called "Affording Your Prescriptions." I hope it helps.

    Best wishes to you both,

    HuskerKittyCat replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    it took 21 months for me to get approved. When I started my process, i was denied right away, so with that I got a good disablility attorney and appealed the decision. Got turned down so the third time I requested a hearing in front of a Judge. But instead of having the hearing, they sent my info to a 3rd judge and he approved of it right away. My attorney said I was lucky I didn't have to appear, but I really think It was her help that made the difference. I get medical coverage right away, and also for my minor child till he's 18. Getting an attorney means giving a percentage to them for their assistance but in the end it was all worth it. Just getting the letter of approval was such a relief and knowing that I'll have medical coverage now is a big big relief. When i applied the first time the state made me see a dr of their picking and a psychologist of their picking, But that Dr didn't know his head from his behind. But thats what the state counts on so they can turn you down. Thank god my RA dr and my GP were good enough to be quite detailed about my condition. For everyone who is even thinking of filing, i say do it, it will take awhile, and get a good disability attorney, one who has a proven track record.
    gatorgirl8900 replied to baytan2's response:
    Very sorry to hear about your ordeal. I too am a nurse, (20 years this year) and I really feel as though I am not being taken seriously. 5 years since my dx, and though I understand the goal of treatment is to reduce the inflammation and that will relieve the pain; nothing has controlled the flare ups and so for 5 years, I have dealt with the pain. I have no history of dependency issues, but feel that doctors assume I want pain meds. The only pain meds I have taken was morphine that was administered during a bout of vasculitis that affected my entire leg and felt like gasoline pouring through my vessels. I was begging for solumedrol.I'm educated, and understand the effects of pain medications, and also the dependency issues; even though I have never requested pain med even when my neck was broken after a patient attacked a colleague and threw me like a rag doll. I too feel like I have dedicated my life to caring for others only to be left to suffer physically, emotionally, and financially. Over the past 5 years, I have spent thousands of dollars on splints, paraffin baths, OTC meds, massagers, and whatever else I thought would help. RA has certainly made me a better nurse, in that I have more empathy for my patients, but I really regret choosing a profession that I feel is discriminated against.
    Good luck to you and thank you for letting me vent my frustrations about the care the nurses receive.
    tobadsosad responded:
    that is GREAT!
    judymurphy replied to HuskerKittyCat's response:
    Glad to hear you were approved. I have one question you may be able to answer. Why are some folks given medical coverage and others have to wait two years? I really don't know much about the process. I don't know how anyone can afford the high cost of the meds! I am lucky to have health insur. Presently I am on Humira and it is crazy expensive. Good Luck to you. Thanks for any info you can share.
    rubydoll responded:
    Congratulations! on getting your case approved. How long did it take for you? I am still fighting for SSDI. I was diagnosed with RA back in 2001 and tried to get the RA under control, then got carpel tunnel and had 2 surgeries and then lost my job in 2003. I then applied for SSDI in 2005 & was denied and never hired an attorney or appealed it. I was so naive about this process and didn't know what I could do. Then in 2012 I applied again and was turned down after about 9 months. This time got an attorney and he sent my appeal in and it took almost another year to get denied again so I am going to request a hearing now and see how that goes. What an ordeal. On top of all this, I have not worked since 2009 and can't find work.
    acefree responded:
    Congratulations! If you have a free moment, please read the information at There is a petition and if you agree agree after reading it you can sign and share with others. You may know others that are receiving SSI. I receive SSI and SSDI and am the author of it. Already 2,283 people have signed from all over the country. Our Most Vulnerable Get Back On Their Feet.

    Thank you and God Bless.
    tennesseegirl1955 responded:
    How long did it take you from start to final approval? What were some of the extra paper work, and or hoops you had to jump through ????
    Blue_Belle replied to tennesseegirl1955's response:
    For those of us who have just been diagnosed, do you recommend applying now or should we wait until we have a long record of Doctor's appts to "prove" the RA and to see if the meds help us? So far I have tried tramadol and meloxicam which have helped me minimally if at all.
    tototucky69 replied to gatorgirl8900's response:
    Not only nurses, my dr makes me feel like a druggy and I feel he does not understand the pain I'm in, I don't want to take drugs and the Drs don't want to give them either! But I'm tired of having to deal with the chronic pain!

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