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    RA free - change your diet!
    morgan789 posted:
    If you have Rheumatiod Arthritis, please change your diet. I'm 48 and began symptoms of RA after 1st child (12 yrs ago) then developed severe RA over the next 3 yrs. Finally, I was diagnosed w RA and prescribed Methotrexate. The drug helped tremendously, but still swollen feet in the morning and couldn't jog comfortably. Next prescribed Remicade. Great results, but constantly sick due to compromised immune system. Stayed on Remicade for 5 yrs then missed several "infusions" due to illnesses. I decided not to resume Remicade treatments. I had some RA return in my feet and knees and occasional flare-ups throughout other joints, so I decided to try a last ditch effort of changing my diet before beginning medications again. I took all wheat out of my diet (VERY hard to do, but gets easier after a month). I also took most dairy out of my diet and eat mostly organic fresh foods. Processed, packaged foods are no longer in my diet either. I no longer have RA symptoms at all and it's been almost 3 years. PLEASE try changing your diet! It's a hassle but worth it. I can't tell you how great I feel. This is huge coming from someone who couldn't snap her baby's clothes, had to walk down the stair backwards due to unbearable foot pain, and couldn't turn the ignition on the car with one hand (wrist pain). My entire body was laden with extreme pain. Now, I have no symptoms what so ever! What do you have to loose? Try this healthy diet for at least 3 months (it takes about 2 months to get the toxins out of your body). No cheating. Remember: no gluten, no diary - yogurt is ok, eat only organic - it's expensive, but less expensive then the cost of RA, I eat lots of fish and chicken and stay away from red meat and pork. Just try it, you have nothing to lose. You'll have more energy, you'll lose weight and hopefully you'll find that your RA symptoms have lessened or better yet, gone away completely. P. S. If you're religious at all, Lent is good time to start this diet. It really helped keep me in check when I was having those bread cravings! Also, I have my whole family on this diet. Occaisionally they'll have some wheat or dairy here and there, but not much. My husband has lost weight too. We feel this is the way we should be eating even if an illness wasn't involved. I just wanted someone to know this story. I think there are many more like mine and it's going to take time to change the medical communitiy's way of thinking.
    isabel86 responded:
    Hi, I'm currently trying an elimination diet. Wheat, meat and alcohol are the easiest to eliminate so far. I don't feel better yet (been about 3 weeks) but suspect I need to cut out dairy and eggs as well. Have mostly eliminated soy, but there is soy lechithan in my fish oil supplement. I'm pretty sure part of my problem is solanines, but am testing if I can eat fresh tomatoes vs canned. I've been in a flare for a couple of weeks, and NSAIDS don't help at all right now, which is disappointing. My wrist slammed into someone's luggage on the bus a week ago when the driver had to slam on the brakes, so I'm hoping the worst pain is from that :)
    For the people who have tried Plaquinel, did it take long to get over the stomach pains? I was miserable for the two weeks I tried to take it. Trying to get off methotrexate, also on Leuflonomide. My doctor agreed that I could test my diet, I don't want to go on the immuno-suppresants.

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    help with methotrexate side effectsExpert
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