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    food additives
    dudleybowl posted:
    Recovery from food additives

    In the last year I have discovered that health is a balance of the immune system.
    People with a good immune system that try's to fight off bacterial infection's, that eat
    food's that are made with food Additive's like xanthan gum, MSG, aspartame and meat glue products are all fermented with bacteria.

    When these products are eaten your body see's them as bacterial infection and try's to kill the bacteria. Your immune system goes wild it thinks that you have eaten food that has went bad and is full of bacteria.

    Every body has had the flu or a cold the same process's that fight this type of infection. Start happing when you eat foods that are made with food additives. But, if you eat them every day, your immune system stays in over drive and that means you will develop autoimmune disorders. Most people have at least one autoimmune disorder and by the time you reach age 50 you are suffering from many more.

    In the last year my family and some of our friends have started eating food that don't
    Contain fermented additives. It was hard to do at first, but with a little time reading labels in the store, we soon figured out what products we can eat. When it come down to it if it is not caned or cured in salt water, dried to preserve it, frozen or fresh straight off of the farm we try to not eat it. I only drink coffee, water or milk.

    The results of this has been very good, most of the people that have stuck with it have found a lot better health. It's is easer to have a smile on our faces when we feel good.

    If you are trying to be health through life be careful on what you put in your mouth and you know all good things in moderation.


    Oily skin and pores full of white gunk that I could squeeze out of my pores.
    I had this condition as fare back as I can remember it turns out that my kidneys were inflamed and not removing waste products out of my body. My skin was allows very light in color and I would sun burn very ease. When I changed my diet now my skin tans and I do not sun burn so ease. Now if I squeeze the skin on my nose all that come out of my pores is clear liquid.

    Also as I got older I develop skin tags, arthritis, lot's of pain swilling, sinus headache,
    Stiff neck, bumps that suck off of my joints, thick skin on my hands feet elbow and knees, floaters in my eyes, pore balance, could not eat salty foods would make my ears ring so bad that I could hardly hear and make my lag swell, large vanes that stuck out on my lags, gas pain on left side of my belly, hemorrhoids that stayed swelled up and would
    Bleed part of the time, the filling that some one was poking me with pins, shouting pains, tingling and numinous, muscle spasms, win my wife would touch me she sad that my body was humming, could only sleep about 4 hours a night would be hurting so bad I would have to get up and get moving. If I brush my teeth about 2 hours later people would say my breath smelled bad this happens if I use tooth paste with xanthan gum in it, life was hell.

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    dudleybowl responded:
    When I figured out what was making me sick and changed my diet and my kidneys have started working and removing the waste product out of my body. My health problems have gone away. In the last year my skin tags started itching and then they fell off. My skin is no longer puffy, the thick skin on my hand, feet, knees and elbow has gone away, my hearing, balance, pain and muscle spasms have stopped the bumps that I had on my joint have went down, my hemorrhoids, large vanes on my lags have went down.
    I can eat salty foods and it doesn't make my ears ring or make me swell up.

    About the only think that has not gone away all the way is the tingling and numinous in my upper back and around my neck.

    If I eat something that set off my ammine system this is what I go through.

    About 2 hour's after I eat something I should not have eaten my heart start to beat
    faster that normal, I feel like I have drank to much caffeine, I feel weak,
    These septum stop after 5 to 10 minutes, then through the day I'd brake out in sweets then at night when I would sleep then I sweat all night, my ears ring, joints, hands, feet get stiff, mid back pain comes on after I have been sleeping for more that 6-7 hours. When I get up the pain gradually subsides and later on during the day it is almost gone.
    I would describe the pain as a dull ache but the pain sharpens and gets worse when I twist my torso or flip from one side to another when I have been in bed for longer than 6-7 Hrs.
    My urine turned clear this normal last for 3 days as this food go's through my intestine. Then when I got ride of it the sweats stop. Then during the night I would wake up with my side aching and I have to go pee my urine will be dark in color smells very strong, then over the next 2-3 days I will get to filling better and my urine get lighter in color.

    I hope this info will help people that have been in pain like I was.
    Life is a joy compared to what I whet through since I was in my 20,s. I am 51 and loving life.


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