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    New to RA
    jensen posted:
    I was just diagnosed with RA my doctor put me on MTX 6 pills once a week. I take them on Friday night and I am good Sat. and Sun. but come Monday morning I wake up so tired. Tuesday morning I wake up feeling better. Does anyone else have this occur with this medication. Also I can't bend my little finger without it popping and when it pops it hurts like crazy. Does anyone know what this is. I never can get hold of my doctor to ask these questions.
    lex16420 responded:
    If you look at the bottom right of this page you will see hundreds of reviews for all the meds. I've read them all!! Seems like everyone has different reactions to each including no reaction but for me its comforting to know that someone understands what I'm going through. I haven't tried this med yet but have read it can definately make you tired. I believe they call it 'the met fog'. My knees pop all the time. I have osteo in addition to RA. Good luck to you on your journey! i would also ask my doctor the next time you see him/her how best to get in touch. You have to have that life line.
    singingbear responded:
    I was having a lot of trouble with being wiped out the day after my MTX dose and hair loss. My doc already had me taking 1 mg of Folic acid daily to help with possible side effects. Now I am on 2 mg daily of Folic Acid as well as Leucovor once a week. It has taken a few weeks but the hair loss is finally reduced and not as much exhaustion.
    Born_to_be_blonde responded:
    I am taking my 2nd dose of MTX tonight and I am dreading the "fog" everyone talks about. About 2 hours after taking it I was in and out of it. I didnt feel like that "fog" lifted until about 2 pm the next day.
    jensen replied to Born_to_be_blonde's response:
    My fog has gotten better the longer I take MTX. I have a problem now with what is called trigger finger. The little finger on my left hand is stuck straight if it is bend accidently to straighten it out it has to pop and that hurts like crazy. I don't have an appointment with my RA doctor until next month I just hope she can do something about it, I can't do anything with my left hand.
    RADBA3317 responded:
    I was just diagnosed with it last week, I am on 6 2.5mg weekly, I am home sick today. Not sure if I am liking this MTX.
    Maxwell1965 replied to RADBA3317's response:
    I was diagonosed about a month ago, after having suffered for two months with the initial symptoms of severe pain, fatigue, and depression. I'm taking the methx now, on 8 tabs a week. Just spent the entire weekend sick with stomach upset and fatigue.

    I sleep so much, my dog calls me lazy.

    RA sucks! but there's worse things to have I suppose.
    RADBA3317 replied to Maxwell1965's response:
    I called my doctor and he is having me split my doses up 3 one day then wait a couple of days the 3 more. Maybe its too much for you all at once?? Hope you feel better soon!!

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    Dry eyes and dry mouthExpert
    Patients with RA may develop dryness of the eyes and mouth due to a condition called secondary Sjogrens Syndrome. The dryness is due to ... More
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