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    new patient of methotrexate
    An_249135 posted:
    was diagnosed with polymyalgia 3 yrears ago; osteoarthritis 1 year ago and now RA. I went from 30 mg prednisone 3 yrs ago to no prednesone to 60 mg prenisone to 0. Now on methotrexate. I have been taking it for 3 weeks without notice. What i don't know is what to expect from the
    RA and/or methotrexate. I
    This weekend after taking my 3 once a week pill dose, i have been in a lot of pain--sort of all over my body and extremely tired. I am still working in a managerial position. Do I need to begin making arrangements for someone else to do my job? From reading other posts, it seems that this all gets worse before getting better. Please tell me your experiences as I do need to know what to expect from all of this. My Dr. just said "this is going to be tough"-- no details.
    xperky responded:
    I'm in my 4th week of mtx. Like you, I feel pain all over and extra tired for the first couple days. This afternoon was different in a way. I had more energy! Plenty of my usual pain but enough energy to shop in WalMart and then make soup and sandwiches for dinner. I hope the trend continues.

    I don't know what to expect either. I just hope you can begin to get your life back soon.
    Born_to_be_blonde responded:
    Dont worry. What your going through is compleatly natural. I only felt a lot of pain after taking the methotrexate a couple weeks at the begining. It seemed to simmer down. I did contact my HR department and let them know the situation - which was that I had no clue was was going to happen week by week - and we decided to train someone to keep my department running while I was out. I recommend not pushing yourself too much... you will feel awful a couple days after and its just not worth it. I also take a nap 2x a week, usually on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. That really helps with the fatigue.

    Im 27 and started on 6 pills 1x per week. I suffered ALOT of side effects from those little guys and ultimatly decided 7 weeks in that I couldnt take them again. I called my doc and asked for the shot. Im not (AS) tired anymore and the other side effects and been reduced greatly.

    I chose to take my pills on a Friday night and would get really pampered before. I would give myself a manicure and pedicure, shave my legs, put fresh sheets on the bed and put on a comfortable silk sleep shirt. I would even do my hair! It really seemed to help when I was the sickest and/or was in the most pain. Its silly but it made me feel good and when you feel as bad as we do, anything is better than nothing. I hope this helps!
    gma74 replied to xperky's response:
    thank you. I have had less pain the past 2 days; still tired but staying optamistic! Hope you are too.
    gma74 replied to Born_to_be_blonde's response:
    Boy your experiences really does help. Thank you so much. I'll try some of your "pampering" tricks for perks. Thank you!

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    help with methotrexate side effectsExpert
    I recommend all my patients on methotrexate take at least 1 mg of Folic Acid daily to help decrease the risk of side effects. In those ... More
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