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    Fashion & RA?
    Born_to_be_blonde posted:
    I am 27 and was recently diagnosed with agressive RA. I have noticed an increadable market oppurtunity. There is absolutly no fashionable, cute, uplifting, fun & easy items to aid us with our daily needs. I see tons of pill containers that are all labeled for days of the week but some of my meds are to be used as needed. What about a pill container that doesnt come open in your purse, has an area to label what drugs are in the container and their strength? What if it could and would stay shut until YOU opened it. I would love for people to not know that I am carring a pill container with me. That is one sure way to make you feel old fast.

    Another thing is that I ordered compression gloves for my hands this past week and my only options were nude, black & grey. I am a huge fan of those colors but I would love to see some fun colorful options. Just because our bodies are trying to fight a war doesnt mean that we should succumb to generic looking medical aids. I was also thinking about a rhinestoned cane.

    We go through so much everyday between pain & medications. I dont want to sadly look at my nude glove wondering how my hands will be in a couple years. I want to look at a glove that inspires me and feels me with hope. A glove that can be a conversation starter with people who dont know about RA, somthing to spread the word. I want to have accessories that make me feel fun and vibrant, not sad, old & in pain. How do you feel about this? Would you buy more aids if they were more fashion foward? What aids would you like to see with more options? Surely it cant be just me who wants change?
    Born_to_be_blonde responded:
    Eek... sorry about all the spelling errors above.... I was on a rant and compleatly forgot to check spelling. Spelling has never been a stong skill of mine.
    xperky responded:
    I agree! One thing I'm enjoying is crocheting and knitting some of my comfort items. I've made some cute fingerless gloves, a pretty wrap, throws, slippers and some soft, colorful bed pads for my feet. I like using color to cheer me up.

    I've been wanting to buy one of those colorful canes I see. It must be true that other people feel the same, or those canes wouldn't be on the market.

    Get crafty, and perk up your stuff! Maybe you could add some rhinestones to those gloves to match a rhinestoned cane.

    I really need to find some nicer, comfortable shoes that don't cost an arm and a leg. I'm discouraged that the only shoes I can wear are running shoes. Ugh.

    By the way, I noticed some clear plastic zipper pill bags at the drug store where they sell those pill boxes - that seem to fall open at the worst times.

    I think there is a market for happier aids. Maybe as the population ages we will see more selection.
    xperky responded:
    I was searching for colorful canes online when someone pointed me to this site full of different canes. I thought of you, born to be blonde, when I saw these "classy canes."

    Here's the link:
    crystalscats replied to xperky's response:
    EBay also carries a fair amount of colorful and different canes at reasonable prices. Also Walmart online has several kinds online they do not carry in the store and at very good prices. You can usually have them ship to store and pick up at your local Walmart or ship directly to your house.

    As for handbags I no longer carry heavy or bulky bags. I carry very small hand bags with a long strap to keep the pain off my shoulders as much as possible.

    Had to chuckle at the pill boxes and coming open. I just the other day grabbed my bag and my pills came tumbling out and down the sides of my recliner. Don't know if I recovered them all or not. lol

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