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    Elbow pain
    pamzd posted:
    I have been having elbow pain in both arms ever since I stopped taking methotrexate, it hurts on the outer elbow bone, the inner side of my elbow, the outer side of my wrist and into my little finger. My R.A. Dr. said the elbow isn't typically an area affected by R.A. It just seems that since both arms are having this same pain what else coulld it be?
    xperky responded:
    Hi Pamzd. I get tight elbows which complain. I also get the pain all the way from the pinky, the outside of the hand on the pinky side, and the wrist area. My pinkies are pointing up and out this year.

    My RA diagnosis was last July and I started mtx a few months ago. Did you have trouble with the mtx? It is hard on many.

    I have read that RA also affects tendons and muscles. Do you think your tendons along that path are inflamed or tight?
    pamzd replied to xperky's response:
    I think the tendons and muscles hurt and are inflamed too. See I was on mtx injections because the pills upset my stomach and the RA Doc took me off of mtx my last visit. I was doing very well on the mtx, but I guess he thought it might be too hard on me. I have had the elbow/forarm pain ever since. Of course when I went to him last my arms didn't seem to hurt that day, he had me push, pull, and twist and I didn't seem to have any issues that day, but the pain isn't getting better, its actually getting worse.
    crystalscats responded:
    I have had R/A since I was a teen. I am now 51. It has gone it and out of remission at times. However I have never had it bother me in my elbows until now! My right elbow is in constant pain for the last two months. In fact I am going to my Rheumy on the 21st for it and other areas suddenly giving me a lot of pain.

    I also have FMS and I think it has increased the R/A pain and brought in out of remission with a vengeance! It hurts to make a fist either hand and my left pinky finger is way curved out now. Between my hands and the elbow now I have a very hard time carrying or picking up anything. I've stopped writing as much on here too, as my hand will freeze around the mouse and get very stiff. Plus I guess the way my arm is positioned it makes my elbow hurt even more!

    Hope you are feeling better and know you are not the only one.

    pamzd replied to xperky's response:
    Thank yo for replying. I have had RA for 3 years, hard to believe. I supposedly have low grade RA, but at times I think, if this is low whats down the road : (. I was basically ok till I was taken off the MTX and thats when the elbows gradually started hurting and in the same way yours do. The Nurse Practitioner put me on the injections, but the Dr. took me off of it, I think he thought it was too hard too soon or something, but now I'm back with pain. It does hurt in my mucsles and tendons. Weird disease, one day its worse on the left arm, then it goes to the right arm. Sorry I'm sounding to gloomy, kinda wears on you after a while.
    pamzd replied to crystalscats's response:
    Thanks for replying Crystal. I guess I am just out of remission right now. I was diagnosed in Feb. 2010 and it started in the palm of my right hand just below the index finger, so they put me on Plaquenil, then about three months later both arms started, my jaw and ankles, so thats when they put me on MTX. I was good pretty much pain free for most of the three years I've had it,then this last December my RA Dr. took me off of it. . .guess he felt it was too strong or something, now here I am with this nagging elbow issue. I have used voltaren gel on them(from Dr.), Aleve, Ibuprophen, and acetametaphin, but not much helps, dulls the pain a little. Boo hoo, lol!!! I need to adjust, because right now I supposedly just have low grade RA. Thanks for replying. . .just needed to vent : )

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