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    newly diagnosed & loosing my insurance coverage
    bettyboop71 posted:
    I was on Medicaid but now I do not qualify since my daughter turned 19 yrs old. I have been diagnosed w RA & connective tissue disease for about a month, but I have had symptoms for yrs, just getting worse led me to get investigated further. I had testing done when my daughter was 4 & the doc told me that I had carpal tunnel & that is as far as that went since he gave me splints that made my wrists stiffer & told me to stop doing repetitive tasks. I worked in the food service industry at that time + having a small child I could not do that. over the yrs my symptoms have gotten worse & also my ankles have gotten bad, so bad wrists, ankles, fingers, shoulder, knees. the pain was so bad that I could not write or walk very well. my knees & shoulders are not severely affected just somewhat, but as for my feet, ankles, hands, wrists & fingers are severe. showing some signs of distortion. at 1st I went for treatment to a foot doc for my ankles, he made me special shoe inserts after taking xray only of 1 ankle. 1 yr later I was referred to a ortho surgeon for my wrists. a few tests later he referred me to a rheumatologist that has done test after test after test. finding that I have connective tissue disease & RA. I have seen him once a wk for 2 mos for testing & now treatment. now I have lost my Medicaid due to my disabled child turning 19 yrs old & me working 82 hours a month. I do not make enough to buy insurance, but can not qualify for Medicaid or anything such as a spend down program. I have thought about discontinuing my meds & treatment seeing the doc, but I am just now getting the pain & inflammation sort of under control.
    I do not know what to do from here since I can not take on anymore work since it is entirely to much on the pain aspect. also my doc wants me to reduce manual labor hours & that is mainly what my job is ( I take care of 2 elderly ladies). what to do? I can not get a different job at this time since the economy is causing layoffs in my area, not hiring. I do qualify to go to the university clinics about 200 miles away under a program, but that is the last resort since I do not drive & I have to arrange a ride for the day & it will take the entire day.

    any advice will be appreciated thanks
    xperky responded:
    Gee bettyboop, it kind of sounds like you are becoming disabled from these diseases. Your doctor wants you to do less manual labor, but that's what you are trained for. Can you ask him if he thinks you qualify for total disability insurance?
    KariannsRACuresx3 responded:
    Hi BettyBoop!, sorry to hear about your insurance issues! Do not despair RA angel! I, have regained my health after a similarly long trial of meds that only wreaked havoc on my body. I just posted a tip, but want to share with you how I cured my RA through Natural Methods. You can read about it at:

    Let me know how you are doing, especially if you get to try any of the methods that have worked for me. I just want to help others understand that they don't have to live w/ RA & that they CAN get their amazing health & life back!

    Blessings, Kariann
    bettyboop71 replied to KariannsRACuresx3's response:
    thank you for the info, while I am awaiting my appointment at the university clinics I am going to try some alternates to meds since I will have no refills or meds to get me through. although the rheumatologist that I have seen locally is going to give me some refills I don't think that it will be enough til the new rheumatologists see me. a long process including establishing with their primary docs at the university clinics and then maybe a referral or not (they will decide when I get a physical there). although I just had one (about 2 mos ago) with the referral to the current rheumatologist I had been seeing. I have the approval of the rheumatologist that I had been seeing here locally to use some herbs and natural meds to my surprise. even before he knew I was no longer going to be his patient. he said that my swelling and other issues I could use the extra help if I wanted to try natural methods.
    thanks so much for the help
    KariannsRACuresx3 replied to bettyboop71's response:
    You are welcome & I look forward to hearing if you get to try any of the methods that have worked for me. My Rheumatologist is amazed to see how well I'm doing on NO meds & using only the alternative & natural healing tools I do. He's even reading up on it all.

    We have to take control of our own bodies & become our best body detectives since the medical community doesn't have answers to the cause or cure for autoimmune disorders.

    I know better & so can you! Hugs, Kariann
    bleeski replied to KariannsRACuresx3's response:
    So, Kariann, are you trying to sell your products to us?
    KariannsRACuresx3 replied to bleeski's response:
    Hi, I sell no products & have no affiliation to the sites/ links on my blog. Just want to share what worked for me & give others choices that they can decide on for themselves. Sorry you got that impression -- just trying to reach out to as many folks as possible in sharing alternative/ natural ways of healing that have worked for me.

    To you Health! Kariann
    bleeski replied to KariannsRACuresx3's response:
    No, I am sorry if I got the wrong impression.If you're just sharing, that's what we need-ideas and opinions to help one another.Please accept my apology.
    KariannsRACuresx3 replied to bleeski's response:
    No problem We are dealing with such a lot of tough issues with RA. And I've received so much great input from other people's blogs ie, MyRADiary is a great example. So the more of us that do this, the better. Then we can make our own choices from what others have shared, since our body's respond individually to different things.

    Blessings, Kariann

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