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    Need Clarity : RA Symptoms but Dr Says its not RA
    An_249007 posted:
    My wife had a fever in Mid December 2012 and following that I was having On and Off Fevers, feeling tired and fatigued, suffered with constant join swell and pain in ankle, wrist — fingers and other joints such as knee and shoulder (symmetric). She was not active like before. On hard days with long walks or too much physical activity (which she normally does before December) she becomes much tired, develops fever and joint pains. Sometimes she couldn't lift her arm or walk.
    Seeing these initial symptoms, Doctor (A general physician, he is not a Rheumatoid specialist) suspected to RA and made my wife undergo series of blood tests (details and results below). And then seeing the result the other Doctor (An Ortho, he is not Rheumatoid specialist either) said this is definitely not RA and gave us couple of tablets. He said this is due to viral infection due the fever that she has contracted in Mid December. And he mentioned as "IMP: Post viral soft tissue phenomenon".
    I came here to WebMD for an opinion. Kindly review the Lab results below and let us know if we need to visit a different doctor or this Ortho Dr is correct that my wife don't have RA. Thanks in Advance for this great help!
    Lab results:
    Anti Nuclear Antibody/Factor (ANA/ANF) — 8.63 Units
    Anti CCP (Cyclic Citrulinated Peptides) — 0.70 U/ml
    ANTI-ds DNA Antibody, Serum — 5.57 IU/mL
    Total Cell Count — 8000 /µL
    Neutrophils — 57%
    Lymphocytes — 40%
    Eosinophils — 00%
    Monocytes — 3%
    Basophils — 00%
    Hemoglobin — 12.0g/dl
    PCV — 36%
    RBC Count — 4.4 x10^6/ µL
    Platelet Count — 3,05,000 /µL
    MCM (Mean Corpuscular Volume) 83 fL
    MCH — 27 pg
    MCHC - 32 %
    RDW - 15.15 %
    ESR (1 Hour) — 10 mm
    Glucose (Random) — 95.7 mg/dl
    Urea — 22.8 mg/dl
    Creatinine — 0.86 mg/dl
    CRP 5 mg/L

    Medication Prescribed (For around 2 weeks):
    xperky responded:
    It's nice of you to inquire for your wife. You seem supportive.

    There is a type of RA that is the result of a virus and is something short-term, unlike regular RA. Hopefully that is the case here.

    A rheumatologist would be my next doctor to see if the symptoms remain or come back after going away. It can take a long time to get an accurate diagnosis!

    I hope someone else on this site can offer more educated advice than I.
    GoodFriend replied to xperky's response:
    Thank you xperky, Appreciate that. Yes, I will always take care of my dear Wife, no matter what happens. I will be there for her.

    I would like to hear an expert opinion, Million thanks in advance!
    An_249007 replied to GoodFriend's response:
    Hello Friends, Any advice is greatly appreciated on this!

    Helpful Tips

    Dry eyes and dry mouthExpert
    Patients with RA may develop dryness of the eyes and mouth due to a condition called secondary Sjogrens Syndrome. The dryness is due to ... More
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