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    Fine to OMG Severe RA
    retired9207 posted:
    Hi there, new to this and looking for answers/help. Not yet two months have gone by since I went to my GP doc complaining of hands feet (well u know the drill) hurt. Blood test said something like RA factor of 498. Started laflunamide and not working at all. Saw RA doc again, wants to start injections that my blood work is getting worse. Two months ago I was in the middle of a complete house remodel, today I can't even hold a hammer. I am 43 yo male and I can't even figure out what to say to myself about why this is happening so fast much less my wife who is confused too. RA doc said it doesn't happen all the time so unsure. Well I was just writing in my log of pain days and thought I would vent here. Thanks all for listening.
    xperky responded:
    Wow, that came on fast and severe for you. It sounds to me like you need to really rest until you and your doc can turn it around. I know it's frustrating to put the remodel on hold, but I imagine the hammering is horribly painful! Heck, today it hurt to hold a cup of coffee just because I did a little yardwork yesterday. Good wishes your way.
    mike201 responded:
    Hi Retired9207. My severe whole body RA came on suddenly too - Christmas Day. Life has been a mess ever since although things are better now. The first year or two is a complex, painful and a difficult journey for you and your wife. Read and research all you can about the disease. Make sure you have a rheumatologists and not just a GP. For eighteen months I saw mine every two weeks!! Rethink your physical life as you may well have to slow down. My RA factor was over 1,100 and still is!! I am on biologics now after two failed attempts and things seem more stable. Unfortunately the drugs are big, complex and with side effects. These have to been considered too. Going forward consider pacing yourself, keep close to your wife, be kind to yourself as much as you can, consider changing your diet and use the support groups like WebMD. Happy to answer your direct questions. Mike
    morgan789 responded:
    Hi retired9207. I feel for you and your pain. I also understand the sudden onset of this disease. The first time RA presented itself suddenly was after the birth of my daughter 12 yrs ago. My symptoms were controlled with methotrexate and Remicade. 7 years later I stopped meds (for health issues due to my suppressed autoimmune). All was fine until hormones changed again with menopause. I'm not sure if men have hormone changes, but thought I'd let you know. Currently I am finding great relief through diet change. You may want to check out this article by the Physicians for Responsible Medicine "Foods and Arthritis" I hope this helps you. It seems dairy, wheat (gluten) and sugar are my biggest triggers for pain.

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