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    Diagnosed & Confused
    annekia73 posted:
    I was just diagnosed yesterday (12/6/13) & my doctor doesn't want to put me on any R.A. med's even though I hurt so badly it kills me to work. Then on top of that I am told that it is in my head yet not???? Talk to my man about it and he agrees with her perspective. So I ask are you telling me that because of my thoughts I made myself sick?..yes was the reply.
    Ok let me also tell you that I suffer from depression, bipolar,colitis & now R.A. and my mother was just diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.
    I think I have a few validated reasons to be a little not right in the head & to tell me that I made myself sick like this??????
    I am in so much physical pain that all I wanna do is curl in a ball and cry. BUT...I have to somehow manage to pull a 10 hour shifts for the next few days....So lost.
    volusiagirl responded:
    If your blood tests were positive for RA and your SED rate was high, you need to see a rheumatologist who will work with you, not against you on this. The sooner you get started with good meds to help combat this disease, the better.
    My onset hurt so badly for over a MONTH that everyone around me thought I was nuts too, but it was proven by the SED rate and others that I had RA. That was 12 years ago. Good luck to you. Try real hard to put those naysayers behind you !!
    annekia73 replied to volusiagirl's response:
    To be honest I am not sure what SED is and if it was tested. My problem is I do not have insurance and everything is out of pocket which is sometimes very very difficult.
    Every where I read says that it needs to be taken care of or it will get worse; at the moment I am hurting so badly that just functioning makes me want to cry. I on my own have tried so many over the counter medications that I think I might be immune to them cuz nothing there really seems to work. I use tons of muscle rub, and I am on Voltaren (Diclofenac) for a bulging disk and bone spur in my neck.
    Are you a part of any support groups? Doc. told me to find some and join. Are there any other good tips you might have as well. Diet, exercise? That's basically how I am supposed to treat this. So frustrating that noone seems to understand and I have been feeling this way for sometime now.
    Thank-You for listening to me vent. It means a lot.
    dominostreet responded:
    Annekia, I so sympathies iz's with you. You did NOT cause this to come upon yourself, so push that out of your brain right now. What I have experienced about this disease is that it is weird. I started with symptoms a year ago, had elevated R factors, pos ANA, but no inflammation markers like SED etc. I was put on plaquinil, but not diagnosed. A year later, sx much worse, show pos for CCP and I finally get a dx. For a entire year I'm thinking I'm losing it because of all the weird sx going on in my body. I was relieved to finally get dx, because it knew I wasn't crazy. You have so much w/o the RA, it's a wonder you are functioning at all, so give yourself a big pat on your back for doing so well. From my research and from my rheum. Every time you are in pain, damage is being done to your joints. Is it possible to get another rheum.? No professional who I Has an ounce of ethics should make such a statement to you.
    pharmageddon responded:
    Despite what you have been told RA is cureable. It is caused by leaky gut and inflammation of the colon. The drugs would make it worse. Use sodium bentonite and probiotics. Eliminate all alcohol from the diet, white flour sugar etc. Add amino acids to the diet start juicing alkalize the body. Eat only easily digested foods, take digestive enzymes. HCL if needed, and be very careful about food.The gut will heal in time maybe a year but you will notice less pain with each passing day.The heart of this is the bentonite and the probiotics.
    good luck to ya and do not believe those that say you need the drugs because the drugs ease the pain and feeds the disease as the disease still rages. You have the chance to cure please do so for your sake before your mind gets all twisted like those with the disease.
    pharmageddon replied to volusiagirl's response:
    The drugs hide the symptoms and feeds the disease making it even worse.The disease is curable despite the lies you have been told.
    bereza responded:
    You can take from me, who was miserable for a year. You know what it is. I could not do anything. Doctor wanted to put me on methrodexate, I refused. To have chemotherapy drug is to poison myself. I have tried everything. Nothing helped.. Then I decided to try dr. Brown's therapy. 100 mg of minocyclin ( antibiotic). Mon, wen, fri. Google it. Read it and do it. It took me 4 month until I started to feel that my life is changing . I live ones again. I alsow take borax. Very little amount. Helps tremendously . Link to Read it an believe it. I tested it and it works miracles . Good luck.

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    Dry eyes and dry mouthExpert
    Patients with RA may develop dryness of the eyes and mouth due to a condition called secondary Sjogrens Syndrome. The dryness is due to ... More
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