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    Tendonitis and RA
    Srbradshaw posted:
    For the past 6 weeks my elbows have been killing me. If I keep my elbows bent to long it hurts to straighten them, its like they lock up. If I have them straight to long I cant bend them. This pain wakes me up at night and I only sleep two hours or so at a time. When I went to my Rheumatologist today he said it is tennis elbow. I asked how did I get tennis elbow in both elbows at the same time and it last this long? He said that tendinitis can happen with arthritis flairs. I looked it up on line and found the same answer. Has anyone else had these spontaneous bouts of tendinitis? If so what did you do and how long did it last?
    NE_Rosie responded:
    Yep :neutral: get them, got them :angry: I have yet to figure out how to prevent them. Rest, rest, is all I get. I'm seeing my Rhummy next week and will see what he recommends. I did get some pain meds, but have decided not to take them. Addictive and scary. I do find a nice hot bath seems to help. Read my previous blog about arm pain, I got some info about tendons being effected by RA. Here's hoping we find some pain free tendons soon! :goofy: Take care...Rosie
    Srbradshaw responded:
    Thanks! I thought I was the only one. When my dr told me that the RA hadnt spread to my elbows I was happy :grin: , When he said that it was tendonitis I was confused :confused: He suggested I use the OTC elbow brace which I did this weekend and now my elbow bones hurts. I will call today and see what they say. I bought a heated mattress pad this weekend :sillygrin: :grin: It is now my new best friend and I would highly recommend one to everyone with RA or chronic back pain.
    NE_Rosie responded:
    Yeah, Yeah :sillygrin: Love the heat! I also bought an electric blanket and since it has dual control my hubby can get any heat he needs, without it being too hot for him. :sheepish: I also find when I use a brace to help with the pain that it worsens. Believe me I have every arm brace they sell-from the hand to past the elbow-and nothing seems to work. :angry: I see my Rhummy this week and hoping he can give me something more to do for the pain. I am always awaken from the pain. I've tried different sleep positions, but nothing is working yet. Here's hoping for an answer this week! :wink: Take care...Rosie
    gwjlmj3333 responded:
    I just went to the doc and I told her my thumb on my left hand totally freezes up around 10 am. When I wake up I can move it freely then it gets really hard to bend, then gradually I can't move it. If I accidently try to use it I have shooting pain. The doc thinks it tendonitis. I go to see the hand doc in two weeks. It is always something!!!
    Cornflakey responded:
    Same thing happened to me, my rhummy said tendonitis when I spoke about my elbows. I actually asked him how I could possibly get tendonitis I don't do anything to get tendonitis. My ortho doc says its tendonosis, which is chronic tendonitis from the RA swelling. It is rather painful and bothersome. I found these "heelbow" sleeve pads. they are very cushy and fit like a sock on your heel or elbows. It keeps me from bumping them especially on my desk and chair arms at work and it acts like a brace too for support.
    1966nikki responded:
    I have tendonitis in my wrists,elbows and shoulders. My Rheumy did say RA can cause tendonitis all over and that it is very common...... :sad:
    Magic1213 responded:
    Dear Srbradshaw, Please go get a second opinion. Had the same symptoms that finally required surgery. To keep it short I was misdiagonsis, wasn't tennis elbow wasn't RA. Its much worse. The disease I have is RSD or CRPS. I'm not a professional but all the signs and symptoms show you too may have this. It is very important that you get tested ASAP because it is a very progressive disease and time is of the essence. Any questions or concerns please check out these sites: RSDSA org Good luck and god bless, Stacey Pisciuneri e-mail: Feel free to e-mail anytime, we have a wondrful support group.

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