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    Honey & cinnamon cure arthritis???
    mommyuvgirls posted:
    Hi everyone!
    I have yet to receive a diagnosis to my chronic joint pain and swelling, but today I received an email from a friend about the powers of cinnamon and honey on your health. One claim was that with 2 teaspoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of hot water drank 1-2 times a day, it could relieve or CURE arthritis pain. While I know that RA is auto immune and such a thing may not work, has anyone tried this??? I'm up for anything but I heard someone with Lupus say her joints were infinitely better after only 2 weeks consuming this little recipe. I guess it can't hurt, right?
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear Rachel (mommyuvgirls),

    I agree with you that having a positive attitude about anything you try is a good thing. Those chain e-mails are usually exaggerated, and I would encourage you to discuss it with your doctor.

    If you look at it logically--if cinnamon and honey did everything claimed, could any store in the universe keep it on the shelves? I know I'd sure be hoarding it! Once again, that is not to say that there aren't possible benefits, but you also need to consider risks and possible interactions.

    Here's an article on Cinnamon that may help. Here's another on the Best and Worst Herbs and Supplements for RA . Here's another article on how Honey Kills Bacteria .

    Best wishes,

    Mrsbonnie replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Read article on honey killing bacteria and wondered if you apply it to nasal area or take it internally.
    egret106 responded:
    Dear mommy,

    I also have no diagnosis as yet, but am willing to try anything. I plan to try this remedy. I've tried several over the counter things which give relirf for a month or two and then the misery is back. I read somewhere that cinnamon is a healthy product.

    mommyuvgirls replied to egret106's response:
    It is true, IF it did all it claimed, honey and cinnamon would be a hotter commodity. But really...have you tried this combo?? It's ICKY! I tried a few cups and if it worked, I'd gag down anything but I imagine most people would take it and abandon the idea. Yuck!
    sheffelf replied to mommyuvgirls's response:
    I don't think it would hurt to put a tea bag tea? Any guesses?
    Shehanan replied to sheffelf's response:
    Try Cinnamon and Honey on your oatmeal in the morning. It might make it more palatable!
    MOSurvivor09 responded:
    You might find reliable up-to-date info by going to . There are free, informative e-newsletters and updates. There is a toll free #: 800-283-7800 which can provide answers to questions.

    There is also a magazine subscription they do: Arthritis Today. You can order it on that website. I just received my first issue and provided along with it is a 2010 Drug Guide.

    I hope you find answers.
    Mike_SanDiego responded:
    If you do not mind sharing... How did the treatment of honey and cinnamon do against your RA?

    I only ask because I too have RA.

    Thanks in advance,

    majurice responded:
    i was skeptical as i usually am but i tried this...kept it well documented for a full 2weeks and it seriously helped.
    pain gone and back to normal.
    bellabond replied to majurice's response:
    I had pain all the time, but have recently put honey into my morning oatmeal. Really helps drastically. Pain free most days. When I don't use honey, I am in pain. I would recommend honey for anyone. Try it and see if it works for you. You have nothing to lose.
    HanDiana responded:
    If the underlying cause of your RA is in fact due to pathogenic infections or the like, then honey (manuka honey with stronger potency) is good anti-bacterial for that purpose. Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is another good yet natural alternatives.

    Personally, I think that RA is a multifaceted condition; and often require one or more approaches towards addressing the underlying causes and getting well in the end. I'm now sharing my personal journey of getting well the holistic way. If you are interested, you can visit my blog at
    vernajane replied to HanDiana's response:
    Be careful of Manuka honey. I had a severe allergic reaction to the face cream, probably due to the pollen count in the honey. My throat closed up and I could hardly breathe 'til I washed it off.
    Kalelane responded:
    I am starting Honey and cinnamon today. I do believe after research its possible. Cinnamon and InflammationArthritis is not the only condition that is driven by inflammation. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's dementia, cancer and many other chronic illnesses are inflammatory disorders. Inflammation is a complex process which involves the production of chemical messengers called cytokines, and tissue damage which results from immune cell activity. A 2008 study in "Bioresource Technology" demonstrated cinnamon oil's ability to suppress the production of inflammatory cytokines by macrophages, a special type of immune cell. Similarly, in 2007, Korean scientists showed that extracts of cinnamon bark slowed the cellular processes that contribute to aging and inflammation.

    Read more:
    MiryamB replied to Kalelane's response:
    I also started the cinnamon & honey treatment today, for chronic RA pain in my knees. For the past five months - since the beginning of this recent flair-up (I have suffered from mild RA in my hips and knees for the past 40 years, but until now have managed to get rid of it within a few weeks, following slight changes in my diet and the stabilizing of the weather) - I have been doing several things concurrently, which have alieviated some of the pain, but I want to get rid of it altogether.
    I will report back to this forum in a week or so.
    The very first thing I would suggest to RA sufferers is a change in their diet. #1 - don't eat nightshade family vegetables: potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and peppers #2 - stop/reduce beef intake (poultry is fine). My diet restrictions also include: no gluten (wheat, oat and barley and their products), no dairy, no white sugar, no roasted nuts (fresh are okay and are in fact essential, as they provide more easily digestible protein and essential oils). Once I am pain free I will start eating dairy and gluten products again, and see if the pain comes back. For now I'm eating lots of whole grain rice, quinoa, walnuts, almonds, the permitted vegetables and home-grown sprouted lentils and mung beans. The sprouts are good for all sorts of ailments, as they contain protein, vitamins, minerals and all sorts of enzymes that promote healthy cell growth and healing.[a style="color: rgb(0, 102, 153); cursor: pointer;" id="exchange-post-enabled_A1" class="template-reply-post" onclick="LoginCreatePost(this,'rheumatoid-arthritis-exchange','3'); return false;">

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